AgencyScale Review

AgencyScale review


What Is AgencyScale?

Agencyscale is the first of its kind cloud-based software solution that allows users to build a scalable business around all they have purchased in recent years. It not only provides them with an easy way find new leads but also manage projects, invoices employees and customers as well through this robust platform! In is AgencyScale Review article I will show you everything you need to know!

With AgencyScale’s dedicated blueprint module, you can integrate and make money with the top 32 products in our marketplace.

  • It includes everything one needs to manage leads and customers.
  • You can track client projects, invoices, and proposals/estimates.
  • There is no limit on the number of clients or leads.
  • AgencyScale even works with agency/commercial and Whitelabel licenses you already own.
  • The AgencyScale platform includes blueprints to integrate and make money with the top 20 products in our marketplace, as well any other product on a niche level.

AgencyScale: Features

AgencyScale offers many features that are unique to its platform:

  • Client Finder is a Facebook app that allows users to search for business clients.
  • Agency CRM is a business management tool that helps you track customer projects, invoices, and proposals/estimates.
  • This will allow you to manage many clients effectively within your Agency.
  • The complete business dashboard allows you to manage your entire business with detailed information and controls.
  • This app is for business managers to track their company’s financial information.
  • This software allows you to add employees, track their attendance, and manage their leaves.
  • This app helps you easily create and manage invoices, proposals, and estimates.
  • The task manager can be used to manage and distribute tasks efficiently.
  • Use e-signatures to create contracts with clients for fast and easy closing and paperwork.
  • Rich Tracking is a program that helps you see all your project numbers clearly.
  • A Product and Service Manager is responsible for creating products or service packages that can be used in invoices and purchased by clients.
  • Tickets are raised by employees and clients to resolve them.
  • Collect and Manage Payments – Paypal, Stripe, RazorPay, PayStack,, Mollie.
  • Our software supports different regions and languages.
  • This app supports 16 languages.
  • Commercial License is included

The new “Plug and Play” integration makes it easier than ever to integrate 32 of the most popular products on market. Now you can scale your business with just a few clicks, instead of hours or days worth work!

Each Product Module Includes The Following....

  • A product overview class and product positioning guide.
  • Step By Guide to Getting their First Client, Also includes Guides to Use Cold Outreach.
  • A well-structured agency pricing guide for each product is available, with DFY pricing packages.
  • Fiverr Profit Setup – A one-stop shop for all your Fiverr gig needs. With this handy guide, you’ll be able to set up 10 different services in less than 5 minutes!
  • Demo Data Config for Agency CRM helps find profitable use cases for the software.
product features

AgencyScale: Benefits

Here are 10 ways in which you can utilize AgencyScale……

  • This tool will help you find business leads from around the world.
  • This app has inbuilt features that allow you to manage multiple projects.
  • This app helps you keep your client files organized and accessible.
  • Track and easily report on agency performance.
  • Collect and Manage Payments (Paypal, PayStack, Stripe, RazorPay,, Mollie).
  • Onboard and manage clients by keeping track of their progress.
  • Create and manage multiple projects with inbuilt project management.
  • Control communication between the team and clients.
  • Get access to well documented actionable steps around building an agency and finding clients and earning from freelance sites.

AgencyScale: How It Works

AgencyScale is a platform that helps with the growth and management of agencies.

Step 1: Find Your Leads: We give you a powerful lead generator.

Step 2: Close and Manage: Use our robust CRM to manage all your clients incl collecting payments.

Step 3: Repeat: As new leads are added, our CRM continues to produce more clients and more success.

AgencyScale: Who Is It For?

It’s perfect for:

  • A video marketing agency can help you find buyers who are willing to pay for your videos.
  • Affiliate marketers find leads and send them to affiliate offers.
  • Social Media Experts finding clients to sell social media management service.
  • Digital marketers can add services to their repertoire to earn additional income from current clients.
  • A new product creation tool helps business owners model their products to better fit the needs of their local businesses.