Alienware Aurora R5 Review

alienware aurora r5

The Alienware Aurora R5 is a gaming desktop computer that has an Intel Core i7-8700K processor, up to 64GB of RAM, and AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB graphics card. It also includes 16GB of memory with the option for adding more if needed. The system comes preloaded with Windows 10 Home Edition.

This article will cover all you need to know about the benefits and drawbacks including how it performs in comparison to other computers on the market today. This article is geared towards people who are looking into buying a new PC for gaming purposes but don’t know what’s available or want advice when making their purchase decision.


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Alienware Aurora R5 Overview

For the last 20 years, Alienware has been a gaming PC brand that’s etched its name into our hearts with some of the best systems for playing games. We had been eagerly awaiting a successor to their previous model and almost couldn’t believe our luck when they finally announced it at CES 2016: The Aurora R5 is here – leaner but no less extraordinary than ever before.


The Alienware Aurora R5 Design is a cutting-edge, high performance laptop that delivers the ultimate in power and performance.

The sleek exterior features an LEDlit keyboard with perforated leather padding to keep your hands cool during long hours of intense work or gaming sessions without any added weight on them thanks its magnesium alloy body construction for strength where it counts most–the hinges! And when you’re not using this bad boy as both mobile entertainment center AND daily driver? Just fold up those speakers and AlienFX lights into a sleek, understated tower that’ll shine only when you need it to.

The Aurora R5 is a breathtaking case, but it’s surprisingly small. Measuring just under 1 foot tall and less than half that in depth, this system has the size down-pat as far as Mini ITX cases go. What will take your breath away next though are its angles; all around you on each side there are sloped surfaces which add an interesting modern flair to what might otherwise have been some straight edges or blunt points sticking out from every corner – not one single thing about their design feels routine at any point!

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The design of the Alienware Aurora is more industrial and less extraterrestrial than its predecessors. It doesn’t have the same kind of magic that other gaming PCs seem to possess, but it’s still an amazing looking machine all-around thanks in part from its uniquely asymmetrical shape which has never been seen before on any other device besides this one.

Like its gaming laptops, the Alienware 17 has an edgy design with defining features like glowing alien head and tri-beam accent lights. You can personalize it through the company’s software for Xbox One or Windows 10 devices!

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The Alienware Area 51 R5 features a different design from previous models, but still has many of the elements that make it recognizable. The most notable new feature for this model is its thin front end and glowing logo which can be seen when looking at either side or backlit by an LED light panel on top near where air flows into/out through venting slots (as seen in pictures). A rear handle makes transportation easier as well!

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When it comes to building a gaming PC, there’s no better place than Alienware. The new Aurora R5 is designed for maximum performance and power with its innovative internal layout that saves space without sacrificing accessibility or upgradability!

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The new PC design is a work of art that washes over your desk, slimming the height down to just 15 inches. The power supply assembly doesn’t interfere with other components and can be pivoted away from graphics cards when not in use – you’ll never need an external case again!

The sleek arm also slides forward easily without causing any strain on cables running through its nook cut-out at center stage; this prevents clamps from tightening around them thanks to careful engineering decisions made during development before cutting anything out for extra space..

Cooling your computer is not an easy task, but our Intel Core i7 chip and Nvidia GTX 1080 kept cool as a cucumber while gaming. That said we had the optional liquid cooling system so it was easier on them!

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It’s a big upgrade from the usual CPU fan cooler, though it partially blows hot air directly into your hand. This means that some of this heat travels only inches before smacking into an easily scratched plastic panel!


  • CPU: 4GHz Intel Core i7-6700K (quad-core, 8MB cache, up to 4.2GHz with Turbo Boost)
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 (8GB GDDR5X RAM)
  • Storage: 256GB PCIe SSD, 2TB HDD (7,200RPM)
  • Size: 8.35 x 14.19 x 18.6 inches (212 x 360.5 x 472.52mm; W x D x H)
  • Connectivity: Intel 3165 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2
  • Ports: 7 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.1 Type-A, 1 x USB-3.1 Type-C, 6 x USB 2.0, Ethernet, 4 x DisplayPort, HDMI, optical out, headphone jack, microphone jack, 7.1 surround sound out
  • Weight: 32.67 pounds (14.82kg)
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4 RAM (2,133MHz)
  • Optical drive: Tray-loading dual layer Blu-ray reader
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Don’t let the Aurora R5’s size fool you – it packs a full-fledged gaming desktop and can even be VR ready, depending on your configuration. The base model costs $799 (about £599), which nets out with an Intel Core i3 CPU paired up to Nvidia GTX 950 GPU for Graphics Processing Unit resolution games at 1080p@60fps in medium settings detail before upgrading RAM or storage space as needed!

The Aurora R5 is more affordable than the Lenovo Ideacenter Y900 and Acer Predator G6 – with cheaper upgrades to boot. That being said, it would be wise for gamers on a budget to keep their expectations low when playing demanding games like Overwatch or GTA V at high settings; otherwise you may end up disappointed byframe rates which can take an already great experience down into “just good” territory instead!

The upgraded power supply and liquid cooling system are a few extras you can find in the nearly maxed out $2,529 (about £1,899, AU$3390) configuration of our favorite Alienware Aurora R5. Unfortunately we won’t be able to buy new ones on store shelves but if they were available? You bet your sweet bippy’o would heartily recommend checking them out!

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You’ll be able to take your gaming system up a notch with the newest trends in power supply design. Plugging-in a second GTX 1080 doesn’t even feel like an upgrade! With Aurora’s limited chassis, we were impressed at how Alienware has made room for two SSDs and easy expansion slot access without thumbscrews or tools — it makes upgrading as simple (and affordable) than ever before.


The Alienware Aurora R5 is a high-performance gaming desktop that offers gamers everything they need to play their games the way they want. The system scored well in all our suite of benchmark tests, with scores below average for its class on 3DMark and Cinebenchmark applications as well!

  • 3DMark: Cloud Gate: 30,764; Sky Diver: 32,393; Fire Strike: 15,315
  • The Division: (1080p, Ultra): 91 fps; (1080p, Low): 201 fps
  • GTA V: (1080p, Ultra): 78 fps; (1080p, Low): 176 fps
  • GeekBench: GeekBench: 4023 (single-core); 16,067 (multi-core)
  • PCMark 8 (Home Test): 4,563 points
  • Cinebench CPU: 865 points; Graphics: 132.5 fps
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The latest and hottest Nvidia Pascal GTX 1080 graphics card with an Intel Core i7-6700 processor on board easily put up some of the best scores I’ve seen from a gaming machine. In fact, it even managed to outperform our previous champion Maingear Shift in certain respects!

With a single GPU, the R5 was able to play GTA V at 78fps on Ultra. With two Nvidia GTX 980 Ti cards in SLI mode, we achieve an even higher framerate of 73 fps! Pascal offers so much more performance than Maxwell that it easily outpaces every gaming desktop powered by nVidia before-hand
despite having less CUDA cores and lower clock speeds.

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The Alienware Aurora R5 is a revolution in gaming desktop design. Putting the power supply on an articulating arm and having it float over the motherboard to reduce overall height of case while minimizing unused space, this innovative approach makes sense when you put it into practice!

The Alienware Aurora R5 is a gorgeous and well-planned system light on in space, but heavy on power. The $1K price tag might be prohibitive for some – luckily you can get your hands (or rather mouse) dirty with DIY components so it doesn’t seem too daunting of an investment!


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