Top 10 Guitar Brands for Acoustic Guitars

best acoustic guitar brands

Acoustic guitars have been around for centuries, and are known to be some of the best instruments in the world. They produce a warm sound that resonates with many people. Unfortunately, they can also be quite expensive! That’s why it is important to know what brands are best before you make your purchase. In this blog post, we will go over the top 10 best acoustic guitar brands so that you don’t end up paying too much or getting an instrument that doesn’t meet your needs!

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Epiphone is a brand of guitars that produce high-quality, affordable instruments.

The brand, Epiphone is a very unique and popular guitar. It has been around for many years since the early 1900s in Greece. Over time it became one of the most well known brands ever made by Gibson guitars today. The price varies depending on what type you choose to purchase whether an acoustic or electric version both are inexpensive compared with other similar types out there making them fairly affordable as far as quality goes!

The brand, “Epiphone“, is a very unique and popular guitar that was first produced during the early 1900s from its originating country of Greece . As time went along this company gained popularity among players through all genres including rock stars like Joe Bonamassa who plays his own signature model called ‘the Blackbird


Yamaha is a Japanese company that produces musical instruments and devices for concerts, movies, computers. They produce motorcycles as well!

Yamaha brand focuses on producing music related products such as pianos or drum sets to help their customers have an enjoyable experience with the Yamaha product line-up. The company also caters towards those who are looking into purchasing items like speakers or turntables which can be used in homes or other public areas while having fun listening to songs of different genres through the use of these stereo systems . In addition they manufacture motorbikes (motorcycles) too !


Ibanez is the #1 guitar brand for metal and rock musicians.

Ibanez guitars are known as one of the best brands out there, especially when it comes to heavy-metal music like death metal or symphonic blackened thrash which uses a lot of downstroke power chords. Whether you’re looking for an electric guitar with humbuckers (those who play in hard styles usually go this route) or perhaps even something that has active pickups on it so your sound can cut through any type of mix onstage then Ibanez may be right up your alley! Having been around since 1987 they’ve established themselves not only as one of the most respected global companies but also have become famous across continents because their instruments are just killer!


Taylor Guitars is a guitar company that was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug.

Taylor Guitars, located in El Cajon, California began as an offshoot of the engineering department at Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. It quickly grew into its own business with two employees who were dedicated to building fine acoustic guitars for both professional musicians and beginners alike. In 1997, Time magazine named it one of America’s 100 best products because not only did they make great instruments but also all their wood came from sustainable forests where trees are replanted after being harvested through environmentally friendly harvesting practices (Source).


Martin guitars are well known for their quality. They have been around since 1833 and were the first to use a metal truss rod in an acoustic guitar neck, allowing greater tension which prevents warping of wood over time. The brand is still owned by C F Martin & Company today who manufacture musical instruments at their facility in Nazareth, Pennsylvania as they did originally on South Street Philadelphia from 1833-1894 when production was moved to New York City where it remained until World War II forced them back out west briefly before settling down permanently during WWII with current location being now just 10 miles outside of Pittsburgh PA off Route 30 (a highway that runs practically across America).


You have probably heard of Fender guitars, and if you haven’t I’m sure that your favorite band uses them. They are primarily known as a rock n’ roll guitar company but they make many different types including electric basses, ukuleles (which is technically not the same), pedal steels for country music players etc…

Fender Guitars You’ve likely heard of Fender guitars at some point in time or another even if it was just through one of your favorite bands playing on stage with one! Founded by luthier Leo Fender out California way more than half a century ago their signature sound can be found across genres from blues to alternative so long as there’s an instrument involved. Although mostly recognized for making electric guitars and basses they also manufacture many other types of string instruments including pedal steels for country music players, electric ukuleles which are technically not the same type of instrument (but can still be used in place) as well as acoustic steel-string models too!


Seagull Guitars produce high quality, hand-crafted acoustic guitars. They are popular within a wide range of musicians and genres from classical to jazz as well folk music due to the great sound these instruments make because their wood is dried at low temperatures for 3 years before being crafted into beautiful pieces.

Seagull Guitars produces high quality, acoustics guitars that are made with craftsmanship care by skilled luthiers who pay attention to detail during production in order create each guitar’s perfect sound unique shape body style according customer specifications Seagulls use different types woods depending on intended genre or preference but typically feature Canadian cedar which is known for its warmth and full mid range tone even when played hard . The company was founded sixty three years ago by a man named Joseph N. D’Agostino who originally worked for guitar makers Fender & Gibson before striking out on his own and building instruments in Canada where they remain to this day!


This guitar company is one of the oldest, most famous American companies in existence.

Gibson guitars have been used by many influential musicians such as Bob Dylan and Jimmy Page whose work it would be impossible to replicate without a Gibson guitar. These instruments are handmade with quality materials that produce superior sound when played compared to other brands for an affordable price making them popular among professionals and beginners alike who want a rewarding musical experience from their instrument purchase!


Jasmine Guitars creates custom guitars that are all one-of-a kind. They use the highest quality wood and can craft your guitar in any way possible to make it unique as you are! The artist, Sam Jasmine, is a very talented person who enjoys creating beautiful masterpieces for people to benefit from. I feel many of my friends would enjoy owning such fantastic instruments because they’re exceptionally good at what they do!

Jasmines Guitar’s builds customized guitars using high quality wood which means each instrument will be completely different than another made by them; there won’t be two identical looking ones even though some may have similar features like pickups or neck types etc.. Each creation has been handcrafted with utmost care so customers get exactly what they want. The artist himself, Sam Jasmine, is a very talented man who enjoys creating beautiful masterpieces for people to benefit from and I feel many of my friends would enjoy owning such fantastic instruments!


Ovation guitars, an acoustic guitar company founded in New Hartford, Connecticut and based in Nashville Tennessee was once the biggest competitor of Gibson. Ovation has a unique design that is rounder on bottom with more rounded shoulders than many other acoustics creating what is called “the waterfall” or seamless body to neck transition giving it uniqueness among others but also making manufacturing process very difficult which led them close their doors before being bought by Kaman Music Corporation who still produces these high-quality instruments today

Ovation Guitars are known for having uniquely designed bodies as they have a curved top and back plate while most brands create flat surfaces so this makes customization easier when altering shapes/designs. The brand originally began from one man named Charles Fox who was a jazz musician who created instruments for his own use and then a company that produced them to benefit others. Today, Ovation guitars are best known for the unique body shape design which is called “the waterfall” because it’s seamless from top/back plate to neck giving an aesthetic appeal; however, this makes manufacturing challenging as there is no flat surface to work with so this makes them best suited for customizations.