The Best Bath Towels You Should Buy On Amazon

best bath towels

It’s not everyone’s budget at five-star hotels for these pricey Frette towels but you won’t want to be awful either. You still want comfortable towels, albeit just at a low beach towel price. You can still sleep on them. We’ve screened Amazon to offer you the finest towels, praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers, to help you discover all your towels, from plaster to luxury to fast drying for only $75 a set. And after your bathroom is prepared, we have towels, towels and bathrobes to cover you as well.

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Best-rated bath towels

Amazon Basics 6-Piece Fade Resistant Bath

“This bundle of towels can compete easily with any towel retail until I have to deal with the crowds,” said one reviewer from the AmazonBasics Set of Six. Another reviewer who confesses that she “had not great aspirations,” changed mentality and said, “very beautiful. They’re attractive enough to show, yet cost-effective enough to use every day.” One pleased buyer feels that those towels are the “best we ever have,” adding, “they are thick, soft and of the highest quality.” Many worried about the price how long they would last after washing, yet one reviewer tells you they could survive: “Last month they were wonderful. No fading or bleeding on our white dish towels and no black lint from our lint trap in the dryer.”

Best-rated (less expensive) bath towels

Amazon Basics Cotton Hand Towels

“These towels reflect the conclusion of a protracted quest for fast drying and high-quality towels. You don’t have the mildew smell that we have and that we have incredibly lightweight other thicker towels. They are nevertheless the most absorbent towels we tried,” comments a reviewer who tried three alternative “fast dry” towels beforehand. At least one reviewer states that this cotton drops as fast as microfiber, “but without any scratchy feeling on dry skin.” Much more, especially given the price, was pleasantly pleased by the quality. “Tools like the ultra luxury ‘resort hotel’ cost $50 every year are significantly more absorbent,” a critic adds. Another one is calling them “Towels of Goldilocks,” since they are “real,” not overly thin or thick.

Best Egyptian cotton bath towel set

Amazon Brand – Pinzon 6 Piece Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set

Tens of thousands of reviews praise this towel in Egyptian as “soft.” One likes these towels not just being “soft to touch,” but also “looking fantastic and highly absorbent.” But someone else observes that they “are not so thick that they dry in the dryer forever.” Many reviews highlight the quality of these towels. “I only received this, but I first washed it and it held up better than my towels I received as a wedding present from Bed Bath & Beyond,” a journalist says and adds, “They are far higher in quality than my own.” A few worry about the fumes of such towels, particularly in the dryer, but one says, “Towels that I have bought don’t give out more fumes than ordinary towels. The first few times you dry all towels shed a lot of fluff. It’s nice, silky, and beautiful.”

Best Turkish cotton bath towels

“To allow towels to dry between usage, I required Turkish rather Egyptian cotton. That was a score,” one Florida reviewer comments. “These are really Turkish towels,” says another non-Turkish critic. It was the greatest I ever seen.” You think that these thinner Turkish towels are hotel-friendly and say “I really like the craftsmanship and professionalism that produced this towel.” And, while many reviewers are dubious about a lot of fluff, one reviewer reassures the reader that “they are puffy and extremely long lasting. Didn’t throw anything out.” One additional shot to say that “these towels still run strong after five years.” She even says she “never had towels for so long, and they were frequently cleaned with hot water and bleach.”

Best waffled cotton bath towels

Onsen Bath Towel Set

Waffled cotton is a lightweight and quick-drying alternative, which is resistant more to melted cotton, which is why hundreds of reviewers are confident that this set of texture will be permanently changed. One reviewer just bought “plush, thick towels” for his bathroom, but he adds “I’m a true convert after trying it… I LOVE they’re dry fast! I don’t have wet towels about, I have a thing. It’s a little expensive but it’s worth a nice towel.” The late night shower habit left her with moist towels in the morning, another reviewer bought them. “Towels onsen don’t have a problem… I appreciate how fast they dry, however I don’t softly like our prior hotel/resort towels.

Best textured cotton bath towels

100% Cotton Quick-Dry Bath Towel Set (30 x 52 inches) Highly Absorbent, Textured Luxury Bath Towels

The design and feel of these lattice-woven cotton towels, more than the one above, are enjoyed by hundreds of reviewers. A reviewer was seeking for a towel for baths that “was not too thick, nor too thin or too soft.” They are thick enough to thoroughly dry, they have sufficient texture to absorb water, rather than just spread over your body, and they retain well after several washes… In my book A+.” Another examiner writes that they are just what they wanted in their bathroom, because they’re useful and pleasant to look at. The quilt texture “adds to the towels a bit more flair. Recommended highly!”

Best organic cotton bath towels

Delilah Home Sustainable Living 100% Organic Cotton Bath Towels

“Extremely soft, we regularly wash our towels and hold up our organic cotton towels,” according to one reviewer who has a set in every shade and adds that each of our towels “simply feels better/softer than my non-organic Egyptian towels.” It is the “ideal density” and “cozy without dryness”. Another five-star reviewer tells us that all boxes are checked for an appropriate bath towel: “Sharper, larger and convenient,” they write. You also like the fact that the towels are made of cotton not treated with chemicals in the USA: “Finally a towel manufactured in the United States of organic cotton that does not break the bank’s account.”

Best extra-large bath towels

Utopia Towels - Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheet (35x70 Inches, Electric Blue)

Many remark that these extra wide towels create a good balance between soft towels and thin, fast drying towels. “I don’t like fragile thin towels or unbelievably thick towels. That’s wonderful,” one says. Another one believes the thinness of these towels is indeed the trick, noting that they’re “not the really thick and over-plush type, they’re the kind that quickly absorbs water and stays wrapped up.” One reviewer agrees, adding that if it was really plush “it would be heavy and difficult to wash and dry.” There are also several fawns above the very huge size. “When you’re interested in an extra big light-weight fast-drying towel with vivid colors and an extremely low price, it’s the towel for you,” one praises.

Best luxury bath towels

“Want your life’s a little luxury? These towels are: sumptuous,” a reviewer compliments these bath towels, whom he terms “a tiny sky… I stayed at high priced hotels (back in “good old days”), when towels weren’t as lovely.” At least one other reviewer had a religious experience, saying, “They are honest to God, with a fancy car or prestigious champagne right up there. I can probably think of the finest value to spend a year or two. These towels represent a wonderful joy of life, comparable to a single malt scotch, a dry-aging steak or a Cuban cigar.” Dutzens of other reviews liken these towels to the greatest luxuries of life, including one client who states that “The best hotels and spas are amazing.” Another replies, “Nothing is comparable. Remember me a hotel towel from Ritz Carlton.

Best plush bath towels

Luxury White Bath Towels Large - 700 GSM Circlet Egyptian Cotton

Dozens of reviews describe these towels as ‘flacky’ as if they are ‘soft and thick,’ as if drying out in an inviting and warm fluffy cloud. No other towels compared. None other than these towels shall I use.” They are also described in a review as “the most soft and water absorbing handtouches that I have ever possessed during my roughly a half hundred years’ worth of existence.” “Luxury five-star hotel towels”. Many people moan that their dryers are full of lint, but one sets the record straight: “The lint trapper has lint on them, but my old towels, all but fluffy, have done the same. After a wash, I felt that they were ready to use,” they didn’t drop, nor do they come apart.

Best bamboo bath towels

Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

“Bamboo/cotton mixture I never used before, and wasn’t certain what to anticipate. Wow – these towels are fantastic,” one reviewer says. “They’re really soft and absorbent on my skin,” they said, adding that over a quarter of the reviewers agreed on the texture. Another person says, They’ll not just sprinkle the water about you, they’re big and extremely absorbent, but they’re not very big and plucky, but they’re okay, since they’re doing the work. According to a reviewers, bamboo cotton also implies “that they don’t have a foul scent like towels.” And although the box may not be lint-free, according to one reviewer, “After the first laundering, there was virtually no lint.” They added: “Tools are soft, highly absorbent, neither stiff or burdensome after they have been washed away.”

Best microfiber bath towels

Polyte Microfiber Quick Dry Lint Free Bath Towel

This very absorbent microfibre material has five stars for more than 60 percent of reviewers. “Microfibers operate like a vacuum that pulles molecules into them and makes the surface clean and dry” says one reviewer. “They need not be thicker, as they are meant to draw water molecules in, so the towel is dried quicker, which limits the chance of bacterial development.” Douzens of reviews really characterize this towel as light or thin. One even writes, “I never thought ‘thin’ was a word that I used to describe the advantages of a towel, but I never got that dry even for the most fluffy towels.” A reviewer writes, “I definitely would recommend this if you’ve got curly or wavelengthy hair, as it’s not going to mess with the integrity of your strands,” and also “They’re good to dry the dog after a bath, because they’re so soft and absorbent.”

Best 6-piece microfiber bath towels

JML Microfiber Bath Towel Sets, 27" x 55" -Extra Absorbent, Fast Drying

This microfiber towel received high scores from users searching for a soft, fast drying towel. “I would want to have thought sooner about utilizing microfiber towels. “I can’t believe I used conventional cotton towels all my life,” one reviwer laments, adding, “Basically after a week or more, I can use these towels, and after a couple of days I couldn’t even start to feel the way the traditional towels would.” Another customer who intended to “cut down” the washing towels particularly is excited with them, and explained, “I anticipated to chuck it extremely quickly in the wash, like all the other towels we had. It dried up in about one hour on the shower curtain bar.” It is recognized that they “felt strange to use that initially,” describing the sensation as “trying to dry up with velvet,” but finally she came up and said, “If you can go beyond it, it’s rocking.”

Best 8-piece bath towel set

Utopia Towels Grey Towel Set, 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels, and 4 Washcloths

Many reviews acknowledge that they are skeptical about this towel because of the low price, but after receiving it they realized that, as one says, they were “quite wrong.” “It is really soft and absorbes quite well. It dries fast and is long lasting.” Others are similarly amazed, however more than 10% advocate first cleaning them for the greatest outcome. “They felt harsh and scratchy when I had these for Christmas,” one says. “I’d be somewhat deceived, but I thought I’d give them anyhow a chance. I threw them in the laundry, and the softest things I’ve ever felt came out of them.” Another person who at first believed they were thin adds that after the first wash they “fluffed up.” And maybe the most interesting evidence that these investments are beneficial is that many reviewers are planning to buy more. One adds, “I already have two more towels on order and intend to purchase the next four-pack towels.”

Best bath sheet

Cotton Paradise Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheet

“The phrase ‘jumbo’ is not good – they are HUMONGOUS towels,” comments a reviewer for this bathroom sheet, whose sized is highlighted by many other reviewer. “I’m a female of a plus-size, and I can wrap this sheet twice practically,” one said. “In less time I get completely dry than with smaller towels, and the towel seems as if it has hardly moistened” is another six-foot 4-inch reviewer. And this bath sheet, according to a few, is so large that it may be used not just for everyday bath. Other one thinks it is really great, “I use it for our loveseat as a protective seat cover. The sitting and armrests are long enough to cover and wash well.” A third even writes, “To protect it from our dog who enjoys sleeping in a good area rug.”

Best bath towel wrap

Orrpally Women Bath Spa Wrap Towel Lightweight Terry Cloth Wrap Bathrobe Yellow

This TowelSelections cotton choice was a popular preference among reviewers as far as towel wraps were concerned. “What I like about this wrap can’t be expressed by Words. The velcro fits easily and is available in a range of different colours. What I appreciate most about this towel is that it has the same warmth and softness without the added weight of a big towel,” comments someone who purchased it since it is said to be lightweight. The towel is “thick enough to be comfortable, absorbent, but not bulky and scratchy,” adds another towel. One of the reviewers was “fed up” to repair her towel continuously but the towel wraps were unfit: “I hesitated that it could be too large for me, but I’m 4’11” and 95 kg, to reference, and the XS absolutely fits.”

Best bath towel for travel

Frequent travelers enjoy this Turkish towel, but over 80% of reviewers are five stars. It’s “my travel bag’s favorite item,” since it’s “a wonderful fast drying, very light towel along the trail, a big bucket on the airplane, a magnificent beach covered, and finally the city’s scarf.” Another reviewer loves to “pack extremely compact” while many others enjoy that even after lengthy trips this towel doesn’t begin to smell. “We have always had the musty, mildew aroma after continuous usage, no matter how new our conventional towels are. What I like most about it is that the foul scent is no problem — possibly because of the thin cloth,” one says. Someone else loves “it’s not smelly as fast as a thick towel,” yet it’s “absorbent and good and huge, so I can dry up fast.”