The Best Body Pillows you should buy on Amazon

body pillow

If you are pregnant or merely sleeping beside, a body pillow is likely to help you in a great world. It may cover the back as well as your stomach if you are tumbling over (or carrying an acht-pig baby) on your side, and customers may feel especially comfortable to embrace anything in their sleep. We have examined hundreds of Amazon opinions and selected some recommended by the most enthusiastic reviewers to assist you discover the best corporeal cushion. We’ve got roundups for pregnant pillows, pillows for travel and bamboo pillows to check out if you’re choosen to need more while you’re here.

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Best-rated body pillow

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow

“Made by Narnia’s elves and lined with downy fluff and unicorn skin fibers, this cushion must have been,” writes a reviewer, and many others agree that this is comfy. Although many non-pregnant owners are present, more than a quarter of them come from pregnant women, the U-shaped body cushion has about 14,000 good evaluations. “It supports my legs and tummy perfectly; the headrest is excellent and it is lovely to move across to my other side without four cushions needing to rearrange,” one says. Another adds, “I can’t sleep throughout my pregnancy without this pillow which is really soft. It makes you feel safe and comfy. It’s wonderful to roll all night long and not have to rearrange the pillows.” According to one user, it even helps after birth, who says they have used it to relieve back discomfort “even when you sat or laid down in bed.” The three sizes are available to assist you get the optimum fit for optimal comfort. A 55-foot-tall customer took the 55-inch and called it the “ideal fit.” “I bought the 61″ long pillow and am happy that I did” comments a user who is six feet, seven inch. “The size of 65″ is great for me since I’ve got 6 feet tall,” a third reviewer comments.

Best-rated (less expensive) body pillow

Soft-Tex SoftLOFT Body pillow

It is said by customers to value this body pillow completely, especially for the price, which according to hundreds of five-star revisers is “a fraction of that of other body pillows” and “quite affordable.” It is said to as “softer than clouds” and “excellent, because it is also suitable to support the neck while you lie on my side watching TV.” He’s not the strongest one, thus, he doesn’t offer it the most help, but he’s unbelievably soft and cuddly and hey! A second reviewer, who is pregnant, considers it “ideal” for resting on his side, supporting his tummy and legs. “It’s soft and not too strong, yet it still has a lot of support,” they write. “My lower back pain helps with my leg cramps!”

Best firm body pillow

Utopia Bedding Soft Body Pillow

“I can’t believe this pillow’s softness and backing,” one reviewer comments. And tens of more reviews applaud the support provided by this pillow, particularly for side sleepers, with a customer saying, ‘It offers support when I sleep and gives me something to keep in the night.’ She claims that it prohibits her “to sleep like a coal bear on her partner,” yet it’s just as comfortable. Much credit for how firmly it is is supported. One client described it as ‘soft and comfortable enough to provide adequate support.’ It’s also quite big, which is ideal for people who are searching for something overdimensional. It arrives in disgracefully little vacuum-sealed box, but one reviewer says “It takes a few hours to reach a nominal size once you remove the package and hear the air escape, but when you do it practically quadruples the packed size.” Another one even compares it to “comfortably wrestling in bed, but once I am in a place I have to sleep as if I were baby all night long.” Once things have been resolved, the reviews mention the softness of this cushion. One even adds “I feel like I am currently in the cloud,” and 10% of reviewers also remark that for side sleepers it is pleasant. Many also like the washing machine that can help how long it can last: “Thirty months have elapsed since I bought this. And it’s still fantastic and incredible.”

Best hypoallergenic body pillow

AllerEase Compressed Body Pillow

Allergy shoppers turn into this hypoallergenic body cushion of AllerEase. As an examiner explains: “I was doubtful as to whether this would truly work if I was a person with terrible allergies. It does to my astonishment! Superb investment,” he said. One thinks it’s “comfortable, comfortable and wonderful, not to mention amazing dust mites, mold, pollen and particles allergy protection.” Many highlight the inexpensive price and the overall comfort of the cushion, while some simply cannot disguise their passion for hypoallergenic things. “Pollen and pet dander barrier is a must have in our houses, said a reviewer who purchased this for a daughter who has allergies. I believe she utilizes it somehow every night. She can’t be more happy.

Best shredded-memory-foam body pillow

Coop Home Goods Full Body Pillow

The shredded memory foam of this body pillow offers a distinctive flavor, according to buyers. “You sink into it, like any other pillow, but it doesn’t feel like a stone since the memory foam is practically rubbed inside of it. It’s kind of weird, so you want to knead it, like a cat,” an inquisitive critic comments. The inside substance, as described by others, is “more like magic fluff than what you have seen in other shredded spray pillows,” and because it is created customizable, “you can [some spray] simply remove if you want less filled.”

Best shredded-memory-foam body pillow with bamboo cover

EnerPlex Body Pillow

Like the pillow above, it is littered with shredded memory foam that can be added or removed to personalize firmness—but according to a reviewer this is provided with a bamboo cover that is “excellent quality” and “cooling.” (More recently EnerPlex will give you the free queen-size shredded-memory-foam cushion if the pillow isn’t fluffy sufficient to fill yourself.) The cushion was rough and stiff, while another reviewer “was nervous. But it’s sweet and sooooooooooo.” They said, “The spray-memory is little, which makes it soft and certainly not lumpy. The deck like soft butter.” And a pregnant reviewer who found other body pillows flattering between his legs, claims that one has not the same problem: “The memory foam is soft sufficient that I may cuddle my pillow close up without disturbing my pregnant lower body. Actually, they really enjoy body pillow, “I believe I’d purchase ordinary pillows.”

Best microfiber body pillow with bamboo cover

Decroom Full Body Pillow

“I am some sort of a pillow freak and sometimes my friends have fun at me as I can’t fly anyplace without taking my body pillow,” one reviewer says. Typically she travels on a cotton cushion and considers the cotton pillow “something gentler.” She loves to have microfiber filling, so the bamboo cover is particularly soft, yet it is still breathable and comfy. “To hold this in the night, I sleep so much better. Not to be too heavy, but to embrace a cloud.” However another client — who claims that “nobody likes more than me a comfortable cushion” â believes that the refrigeration bamboo cover is “a great addition.” “Throughout the night it doesn’t become heated and causes me to wander around like most pillows.” He adds, “While it is SUPER-fluffy,” which “may sound like an additional man is in the bed if you cuddle him with you,” but he likes that. After few applications, it even “stays fluffy.”

Best cooling body pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow

The cooling characteristics of this body cushion are mentioned in hundreds of reviews. One buyer comments, “I must still wake up in my six weeks with this pillow, sweaty and overheating. It happens during the warmest portion of the summer these six weeks also.” According to a reviewer, “I’m 20 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy cushions’ unpleasant holding heat like no other, it even makes an excellent pregnancy pillow to anybody extremely sensitive to heat. This man stays extremely chilly all night, a blessing.” Another one characterizes the cover of the bamboo as “very soft and breathable,” while another one adds, “Your sensation, if you really feel heated, is not unpleasant, hot and moist.” This body pillow really stands out to keep sleepers cool, but many buyers just like how comfy it is. “It is like bowling to a gooshy guy,” he says. As you say.

Best pregnancy body pillow

Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow

“This thing is huge, and my wife is in complete love,” writes one of the buyers of this pillow who gave it a five-star rating with almost 4,200 reviews. Another cheerful customer says this cushion “has done an enormous job” to assist her feel comfortable and supported in the bed. Something else comes to the point: “Mummies, I say to you: buy it! It enables me to be comfy and prevents me away from sleeping flat on my back (I kept wakening and finding myself moving around as I tossed and turned around).” As one customer says: “First night with this pillow, I truly passed as though Angels arrived from heaven and made myself sleep.” It’s also “very soft and comfy,” as one purchaser adds.

Best body pillow for back pain

Leachco Back 'N Belly Pregnancy/Maternity Contoured Body Pillow

Two categories of individuals adore this circular pillow: those who are looking for a supportive pregnancy and who require treatment from back discomfort (in some cases, these two groups overlap). One buyer writes, “[I] have a pregnancy of 27 weeks and slept finally all night long. Last night I slept better than I ever did, but after the pregnancy, certainly.’ Another reviewer who has worked on “years in back pain” wrote, “In general, when I sleep, I build a small cushion around me, so somebody suggested this. It’s awesome. It enables you to cave and support, so you’re all in line with your back and hips. Only a few days ago I got it, and my back discomfort immediately improved greatly.”

Best U-shaped body pillow

Moonlight Comfort-U Total Body Pregnancy Support Pillow

One pleased client likes to be “sleeping in a cocoon” with this U-shaped pillow, “ideal to sleep.” The Leacho Pregnancy cushion is similarly U-shape but it’s considerably larger and it seems to be very much appreciated by reviewers. One claims the cushion to be “the finest thing I’ve done for myself during the year. This cushion transformed my life, I suffer from hip problems.” However, in contrast to its size, it “covers all sides, so I do not have to fight the bulk of a big pillow.” Apart from the size, however, a major benefit of U form compared to other body pillow kinds. Many bought that full-bodied cushion as a joint pain alleviation. A reviewer describing “sick back and leg discomfort,” said this pillow “gave the greatest sleep in 10 years.” “It’s all you could want in a body pillow – soft, conforming and incredibly comfy,” another customer said. On nothing else, I couldn’t sleep. This is the third time I’ve purchased in the last 15 years.

Best boyfriend body pillow

Boyfriend Pillow

Purchasers say that they discover a broad range of use for this “pillow for boyfriends.” While a few people comment that it is a “great gag present,” many journalists claim it is not only a joke. One writes, “It’s SUPER comfy to sleep. Great to see TV on the couch as well.” Other bought it for “first journey without me” for their five-year-old daughter, adding: “Now it’s not just a big vehicle cushion, but with her grandparents it allowed her to sleep in a sound at the hotel. Her mummy arm, she calls it.” ” (This reviewer also points out that “the garment is easy to wash.”) Another buyer described it as particularly important after a breakdown: “It is a fantastic cushion! Boyfriend left me for his ex and I was looking for True Blood and the Game of Thrones to snuggle with. “