The Top 17 Best Cities to Visit in Spain

cities in spain

The Spanish cities of Murcia are a treasure trove for adventurous travelers. With so many historical sites, fantastic monuments, and beautiful architecture it’s hard to decide what should be your first stop! The nightlife never sleeps either; with lively bars dotted all over this magical destination, you’ll have no trouble seeing some amazing sights in one place before settling down at an outdoor table overlooking both sunsets AND silky sand beaches!

Map of cities in Spain
Map of cities in Spain

Discover the best Spanish cities for cultural tourism with their plethora of museums and galleries, or join in on kick-ass local events. Whether you’re looking to celebrate your heritage or just do some serious locals-only exploring; Spain has everything!

Top 17: A Coruna

A Coruna

A Coruna is a small city in Spain, which has been home to many different cultures.

The name comes from “corn” (ancient Celtic) and ur(elementary). This suggests that there was once cultivation here on farms or near irrigation systems where farmers grew wheat as well other grains such barley millet rye oats triticale sorghum Sorgente etc., around 2000 BC. Visitors can enjoy tapas, live music clubs vibrant nightlife festivals beach cycling horse riding shopping olive groves views over the ocean while exploring this beautiful town by day UNESCO World Heritage-listed site

Imagine sitting on the edge of an isthmus, with a view that includes both ocean and port. You can see waves crashing against shorelines while you enjoy your meal at one of A Corunas many restaurants or stroll through town browsing in stores like El Sur retailers offering designer wear for less than half price!

Top 16: Pamplona


Pamplona is a picturesque town with many great dining and drinking options that are perfect for travelers looking to get away from the hustle of tourist attractions. The Running of the Bulls festival isn’t what you come here for though, as this small Spanish city has much more going on in its medieval alleys or leafy parks where pilgrims stop along their Camino de Santiago walkings!

Top 15: Salamanca


Salamanca is not just a city, it’s the perfect place to get lost in. You’ll find yourself captivated by its cathedrals and Renaissance palaces – both filled with beauty that will make any daydreamer happy! To top off your adventure at this magical destination you can enjoy all sorts of entertainment options or relax on one of many beaches while taking advantage of their warm sandstone tones.

Top 14: Las Palmas

Las Palmas

In the heart of Andalusia, Las Palmas is a bright and vibrantly colored port city. Diversity abounds in its cuisine as well–from African to Chinese dishes with plenty more on offer for your taste buds! The oldest part has upmarket bars that cater mostly from Europe while other parts are hidden amidst tangled streets housing only exceptional restaurants waiting just beyond them; ready to make this sun-soaked destination all yours.

Top 13: Cadiz


One of the oldest cities in Europe, Cadiz’s ancient heart is almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic. A wealth of riches once poured into its port from America and it’s a captivating mix: decadent mansions lie next to decaying warehouses with churches dotting them as little cafes line winding streets where you can find delicious seafood restaurants or sandy beaches if that suits your fancy more than anything else does right now!

Top 12: San Sebastian

San Sebastian

San Sebastián is a city of grandeur, with many cultural attractions and lush hills. Formerly favored by the Spanish monarchy for its luxurious lifestyle it’s no wonder that this former favorite would offer an idyllic setting alongside beautiful beaches which make up much about why tourists continue to flock here time after time again. Its rich Basque culture shines through during music festivals throughout the year as well- making San Hipolito one destination you simply cannot miss out on!

In addition, there are endless dining options available so visitors can take their taste buds on vacation too; some restaurants even provide gratis wine tastings every Friday evening – what more could anyone need?

Top 11: Alicante


The old quarter and picturesque waterfront are not all that you will find in Alicante. With an international airport, numerous resorts along its coastlines, this bustling Mediterranean city welcomes scores of tourists every year with open arms – but it’s more than just about beautiful beaches for those who visit! A lively place where great eating options can be found alongside legendary nightlife like nowhere else on Earth make the bars here someplace one should consider staying awhile if possible; maybe even finding oneself at home among so many others equally as passionate or different from themselves after only a few days…

Top 10: Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

I have a hard time deciding what place in the Balearic Islands is my favorite because they each have something different. For example, while Palma de Mallorca has an old cathedral that towers over its waterfront and numerous historical sites dating back to Moors & Romans with Talayotic influences, it’s not without some modernizations like parks filled with palm trees as well restaurants galore! It may be more touristy than other areas but if you are looking for culture there will always be plenty going on no matter how many people visit so don’t worry about getting lost – I’m sure someone can show you around town who speaks English!

Top 9: Zaragoza


The Basilica del Pilar is a must-see for any traveler to Zaragoza, Spain. The city’s most famous landmark and imperiously rising above the Rio Ebro with its magnificent colors against an orange sky always draws in crowds of tourists wanting their picture taken next to it or just awestruck by how beautiful this church truly is.

To add onto all these great qualities about this site are some ancient Roman remains found within its grounds as well as an old castle not too far off from where Goya was born which houses many galleries showcasing fantastic art pieces made locally while you’re there enjoying tapas at one our local bars!

Top 8: Cordoba


Córdoba’s Mezquita testifies to the city’s former prestige and grandeur. The incredible mosque has a lavish architecture with beautiful arches, making it a highlight of any visit to Córdobes historic area – just be warned that its immediate surroundings tend towards being extremely touristy!

A charming place full of history where you can get lost for hours on end exploring all there is before realizing how much time has passed by: this makes up part one (or two) worth seeing when visiting Cordova.

Top 7: Malaga

The city of Malaga is quickly reinventing itself with a new art scene and revitalized port area. Along the Costa del Sol, you’ll find high-rise buildings that hide an old town dotted full historic sites such as Picasso’s birthplace or a Moorish fortress from Roman times! But don’t worry if this sounds too sleepy because there are plenty more things than just these two attractions worth seeing in addition to some great clubs for those who want their hair up while they let loose on some dance floors–or prefer lounging by pristine beaches instead (though we think both offer unforgettable experiences).

Top 6: Bilbao

Lying alongside the banks of Bilbao’s iconic Guggenheim museum, you can marvel at a mix of traditional and contemporary styles that line this lovely city’s waterfront. Numerous architectural wonders highlight an interesting blend for those who visit; there are plenty more things to see in addition!

In the heart of Basque Country, you will find that there’s plenty to see and do. With world-class restaurants as neighbors in leafy parks or atmospheric plazas; fascinating museums & galleries waiting with brilliant artwork from local artists for your enjoyment; theatres housing performances all year round – this small city has something special on offer!

Top 5: Granada

A journey to the Alhambra is an adventure in and of itself. The city’s beautiful architecture, exquisite gardens and romantic history will leave you feeling like a queen or king for your stay!

The historic city of Granada is a place where you can lose yourself in the winding alleys and beautiful architecture. The old Arab quarter has charming streets lined with shops, while high above on top floors are even more fascinating sights to see!

Top 4: Valencia


Valencia, located on the Mediterranean and often overlooked in favor of its neighbors Barcelona and Madrid has plenty to offer visitors. It’s a vibrant cultural scene with great nightlife as well as fine beaches for all ages that will keep you entertained from sun up till sunset! The city center contains many beautiful parks meandering through old quarter streets lined by historic buildings which have very interesting museums inside them if one is looking for something more than just sightseeing opportunities when they’re in town-or searching out delicious food at any time during their trip 🙂

Top 3: Seville


Seville is a gorgeous city with its historic center sitting at the heart of an ancient and picturesque cathedral. The streets in this part of medieval-town blend old world charm to new, as life courses through them during both Feria de Abril (April) or Semana Santa festivals. For those who love exploring cultural heritage, there are many palaces, churches sacred sites which offer fascinating insights into what life must have been like for centuries ago here – when Jews were still living among Arabs!

Top 2: Madrid


Lying at the heart of Spain, Madrid is a dynamic place brimming with life and energy which one can’t help but feel. The city’s architecture reflects this multicultural environment beautifully: palaces stand next to modern skyscrapers on its avenues; old churches rub shoulders gracefully alongside Benedictinas colleges or monasteries – all blending together in perfect harmony for an unforgettable experience!

Madrid is a city that never sleeps. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the best food, drink some wines amongst masterpieces in one of Madrid’s many palaces or find your way through its labyrinthine streets while listening live to tango music played by amateurs on their guitars – there seems no end to what this Spanish metropolis has for those who love exploring every inch!

Top 1: Barcelona

The capital of Catalunya is an incredible town, thanks to its amazing architecture that spans centuries. The old Gothic quarter provides for some intriguing alleyways and huge cathedrals while other neighborhoods are home time-wise with Gaudi’s inspired creations such as La Sagrada Familia – a popular landmark in this stunning city!

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Lying next to the sea, there are some great seafood restaurants you can try. Not only does it make for a tasty meal but also provides an unforgettable experience with its beautiful beaches that offer water activities such as sailing or surfing (both popular). The culture in this city drips off of every Street Corner; walking along anyone like Barcelona’s famous Ramblas makes your day even better!

For those who love the great outdoors, there are many hills ready to be climbed in this city. Hiking enthusiasts will find themselves at their peak thanks to all of these mountains that surround it–just make sure you pack your hiking boots! Football fans can go watch a match between Barcelona FC and locals; they’ll enjoy lively nightlife with boisterous bars around town too (and if not then head over some place else).