The Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in Arizona

best cities in arizona

Arizona is a state of contrasts that offers something for everyone. From its gorgeous natural landscapes to bustling cities and warm people, there’s no shortage in this veritable haven on American soil!

Experience Arizona’s famous Route 66, an old west atmosphere in some of the state’s saloons and reservations. Stop off at one of these places on your journey through this beautiful land for something different than what you would find along any other route!

Top 10: Yuma


Yuma is a jumping-off point for adventure seekers. It’s close to both Mexico and California, so you can go anywhere in either country without having to backtrack! There are tons of pretty little parks here too – the best part about Yumas? The year-round blue skies make it feel like paradise on Earth (and not just because we’re talking Arizona).

Top 9: Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City

The city of Lake Havasu is a planned community that was built on the banks of this beautiful lake in Arizona. The original London Bridge, which can still be seen today and made famous for being put up for sale back in 1967 because it had become too rundown to maintain any longer by itself; they bought all eight spans together as one unit! Nowadays there are two attractions you will find at their end: “The Original” or more formally known as “London Bridge”. It’s home not only England Village Market but also has shops & restaurants galore where visitors come from far away just so they might enjoy what we have done here.

It’s hot and there are few things to do in Lake Havasu City besides enjoy the lake. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some fun! I recommend going out on boat rides for a relaxing day trip or trying your luck with watersports like jet skiing if it suits your taste better than sitting around drinking margaritas at sunset every night-knowing full well how beautiful Arizona has been so far this year (not too shabby).

Top 8: Prescott


Flanked by mountains, Prescott is a friendly place to visit. Its historic downtown is home to some lovely old Victorian buildings and will make you feel as if time has stopped for a while when strolling through this small town’s center with its leafy streets lined by welcoming cafes or stepping into one of Whiskey Row’s lively saloons (well known across America).

Located in the beautiful mountains of Arizona, Prescott is a perfect location for exploring by horseback or on foot. The fresh mountain air feels like it’s a million miles away from searing desert heat found throughout many other cities within this state!

Top 7: Mesa


Mesa is home to some of the most interesting museums in Arizona. Built by Mormons, it has great natural history and youth-focused museums that will make you want to explore Mesa’s incredible art scene as well!

Mesa Arts Centre houses theatres plus galleries for your viewing pleasure with many different types of shows throughout each month; there’s always something new around every corner when visiting this place so be sure not to miss out on all that Mesa has offer simply because she might have been a little less crowded than another city nearby during your last visit!

Mesa is a city in Arizona that should be on your list if you’re looking for something more than arts and culture. There, visitors can go kayaking or swimming at one of its lakes as well explore the nearby Tonto National Forest – which has over 3 million acres!

Top 6: Tempe


Tempe is a youthful, vibrant college town that’s home to Arizona State University. There are lots of restaurants and shops in the area as well as fantastic sporting facilities for all types – from basketball fans to baseball enthusiasts! This adds an exciting nightlife scene on top of everything else going around here; you won’t be bored anytime soon with what Tempes offer when it comes down to right partying.

Tempe is a fashionable city that has many research-based industries and attracts people from all around for one of the conferences, shows, or events. The thriving culinary scene will make your mouth water while sampling it at night can be just what you need before tiring out on an evening downtown!

Top 5: Sedona


Stunning red sandstone formations surround the city of Sedona, which is a delight to visit in large part due to its magnificent scenery. There are loads of outdoor activities on offer ranging from hiking and mountain biking (among other things) as well as swimming or camping for those looking for more relaxing options when they’re not indulging their adventurous side.

A New Age feel can be felt throughout this beautiful area – many people come here seeking spiritual enlightenment while others just need some time away from life’s stresses at one spa/medical supply store after another!

Sedona is a bustling metropolis in the summer, but it’s well worth checking out for all that Sedona has to offer. With its amazing art galleries and delicious restaurants, you’ll find something great no matter your tastes or age group!

Top 4: Flagstaff


If you’re looking for a laid-back, yet authentic experience in Arizona then Flagstaff is your place. The city has that Western feel with an abundance of old architecture and atmospheric coffee shops to keep things interesting!

With its beautiful nature, there are many opportunities for skiing and mountain biking. The town is also home to a bustling downtown area which makes it perfect if you’re looking to spend some time exploring Route 66 landmarks while enjoying Arizona’s delicious cuisine or on your way towards the Grand Canyon!

Top 3: Tucson


Tucson, Arizona is home to many cultures and attractions. From its fantastic restaurants to museums that showcase history of the area it’s no wonder why this second-largest city in Arizona has such youthful feel thanks largely due UA university students who contribute greatly toward a great nightlife scene too!

Tucson’s streets are a vibrant part of the city and it’s fun to explore. However, there is so much more waiting for you just outside your comfort zone: Saguaro National Park with its serene natural scenery or Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum where they have some invaluable artifacts on display from this region that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime!

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Top 2: Scottsdale


The Beverly Hills of the Desert, and known for its luxurious lifestyle. Scottsdale offers a variety of resorts with high-end hotels to choose from as well as swanky restaurants that will leave your taste buds twitching in delight!

Scottsdale is a town that’s all about the American West. It has plenty of art galleries and museums, plus Old Town uses its cowboy roots to play up its identity as well! Scottsdale nightlife can’t be beaten with trendy cocktail bars galore – it even houses one of America’s largest malls for some reason? All this makes visiting Scottsdale an absolute must when you’re looking for something exciting in Arizona; don’t forget your camera because there are beautiful places here waiting just around every corner!

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Top 1: Phoenix


Phoenix is a city of life, with its beauty hidden by the desert sun. Innumerable cultural and historical sites can be found in this thriving metropolis that has come to represent Arizona’s economic heart as well–from art museums like The Phoenix Art Museum or Musical Instruments Museum – which houses one-third of all world instruments -to an excellent theater scene thanks largely due from their many critically acclaimed shows appearing on stage year-round!

You’ll be sure to find a new travel destination with all of this city’s amazing offerings. You can explore over 200 golf courses, sample some delicious Mexican food in the restaurants, and enjoy the lively nightlife while you’re here!