The Best Hot Sauces You Should Buy on Amazon

best hot sauce

If you’re feeling a little bored with your cooking after months in isolation, a new spicy sauce could help (pun certainly intended). To assist you, we combed Amazon for the highest-rated spicy sauces, as well as the most passionate reviews. We’ve collected together a variety of alternatives for you to select from, whether you’re looking for something sweet, something that will heat things up with just one drop, or something truly gourmet. We also have Dimes’ Alissa Wagner’s favorite spices, a highly suggested best hot sauce, and one writer’s favorite chile oil to check out if you’re still looking for something to zhuzh up your dish.

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Best-rated hot sauce

Mike’s Hot Honey

One buyer adds, “If sweet heat is your thing, purchase this immediately.” Hundreds of reviews agree, describing it as “the ideal blend of sweet and spicy.” One writes, “This has to be the finest honey I’ve ever eaten.” “It has just the proper kick to it so it’s not too hot but has a fantastic flavor,” says one reviewer. “It’s mostly sweet with a manageable burst of heat that completes it.” One writes, “It’s wonderful with seasoned fries, fried chicken, plain yogurt, carrots, ice cream — I believe you get the idea,” while another adds, “It was quite delicious in my tea.” You’ll be addicted no matter what you test it on, according to another user. “They need a 12-step program for it,” says the author. That’s how fantastic it is. Now I’m a lifelong customer.”

Best-rated (less expensive) hot sauce

Bibigo, Sauce Gochujang Sauce

Reviewers agree that you could put this spicy sauce on just about everything and it would taste wonderful. “I believe you could spread this over shoe leather and it would taste like filet mignon! “It’s the finest condiment ever – perfect combination of umami, sweet, and spicy!” exclaims one reviewer. ” While several users claim to have used it to prepare a variety of Asian cuisines, hundreds of others claim the possibilities are infinite. “In addition to bibimbap, bulgogi, and cooking with it as a basis, you can use it to make eggs, fries, tacos, lettuce wraps, burgers, and so on.”

Best hot sauce for cooking

Satan's Blood Chile Pepper Extract Hot Sauce

Satan’s Blood has received a five-star rating from over 80% of reviewers. While many reviewers rave about how dangerously hot this sauce is, one observes that “there is a warning label on the bottle that reads ‘this is not a hot sauce.’” Those who buy it for more than a joke or a challenge say they can really enjoy the hot sauce while cooking with it. “This is definitely not designed to be used as a spicy sauce,” one reviewer notes, adding, “I prefer to put maybe 7-8 drops in a fair sized pot of chili; that much is enough to let most people feel the heat.” Another says it provides “a great level of heat that makes it extremely quick and easy to raise the heat of any meal.” Another says he uses it “mainly for raising the heat on buffalo-wing sauce without altering the flavor or texture, and it works really well for that.”

Best “one drop” hot sauce

Dave's Original Insanity Hot Sauce

One user writes, “This stuff is hotter than Pamela Anderson around 1994,” in an attempt to convey what hundreds of other users have said in their evaluations of this spicy sauce: that one drop is all you need. “Delicious… but when it says one drop, believe me, one drop is enough,” writes one reviewer, while another adds, “one drop is sufficient for an individual portion,” adding, “two drops and either you have the constitution of Keith Richards or you have made a big mistake.” “This saves money and helps me reduce the high sodium content of other hot sauces,” one user explained, and another article wrote, “We use it almost every day, and we run out after 3 years.” The consensus is that this taste is very spicy, but some people can choose the Havana flavor, including those whose husbands make their own sauces, and use this hot sauce instead of Havana. “When he can’t buy fresh Havana cigars, he uses Dave’s to heat them.”

Most flavorful hot sauce

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

According to one review headlined “Prepare yourself,” this spicy sauce “is burn-your-mouth, sear-your-tastebuds, and then compel you to consider diving in a pool of ice hot.” While many agree, hundreds of reviewers also comment that this scorching, hot sauce is nevertheless rather delicious. “On top of the quick and extensive burn, it has a pleasant, somewhat smokey, sweet flavor,” one reviewer says. “My drunk ass poured a river of it over my Taco Bell and it took me about 15 minutes to recover,” writes one user, adding that “it’s wonderful when used sparingly, in combination with other sauces.” Rice-based dishes, like wing sauce and chili, benefit from the use of this spice.”

Best carrot-based hot sauce

Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce, Habanero Pepper

Its carrot foundation is credited with many of the five-star reviews from over 90% of reviewers. Many individuals who try it are won over by its tasty blend of veggies (carrot and onion) and habanero heat, according to one reviewer. Some reviews report that they first had this spicy sauce in Belize and have been addicted ever since. “We found this spicy sauce while vacationing at the Hopkins Bay Resort in Hopkins Bay, Belize,” says one user. The heat builds up over time, so it doesn’t burn you immediately, but the sauce’s savory flavor makes you want to keep eating it.”

Best hot sauce with truffle oil

TRUFF Hot Sauce, Gourmet Hot Sauce with Ripe Chili Peppers

‘Are you a fan of gourmet and unusual spicy sauces?’ Does truffle oil (or truffles) appeal to you? You should stop and give this a try if the answer is yes to both of these questions,” says one enthusiastic reviewer who goes on to describe the flavor profile in detail. But you don’t have to be a gourmet to appreciate it. According to a client who is “always attempting new hot sauce experiments” — he allegedly survived the “Choco Challenge” where you eat spicy white chocolate for some reason — “the flavor immediately makes anything seem gourmet.” In a Wendy’s hot chicken sandwich, it was delicious! “I have yet to find anything that this sauce does not better,” he says. “The finest sauce on earth,” says one consumer. The choices of what to do with this sauce are “endless,” according to her. Her final words are, “You will not regret getting this amazing exquisite sauce.”

Best habanero hot sauces

Habanero Hot Sauce by Yellowbird

A reviewer says it’s “not too hot, but it has a great fruity habanero flavor” another says it has a “beautiful citrus undertone with just the right amount of spicy”. The sauce is used practically everyday by both my kid and I, for breakfast with eggs or tofu, lunch with veggies, and for snacking on potato chips. Users report purchasing this sauce repeatedly, with one even saying their biggest concern is that it would be discontinued in the near future. It has been five months since my mother got me this bottle, and I’ve already gone through four. The only thing I fear is that they will cease manufacturing this sauce in the near future. This is something that I’m not sure I could manage.

Best ghost-pepper hot sauce

Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili Hot Sauce

One of the most popular attributes of this spicy sauce is that you can truly taste the peppers in it, according to the reviews. A reviewer says, “This is one of the hottest daily hot sauces I’ve ever had, and I love it.” “This sauce is really darn hot, yet it still tastes great,” says one reviewer. When you bite into a hot dog for the first time, you think it’s not so hot. But the heat builds and builds until your face fricken melts off. Ghost peppers are so named because they sneak up on you, according to one reviewer.

Best mustard-based hot sauce

Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is often compared to a spicy mustard by reviewers. As one user notes, “the taste is both spicy and savory. It pairs very well with anything you’d use mustard on.” Reviewers praise its “smoky, spicy, tangy” taste, noting it goes well with anything from ribs and meatloaf to bratwurst and gyros. According to one ecstatic reviewer, “I immediately reheated a carnivorous meal I had in my refrigerator and proceeded to pour the lovely golden liquid on top.” Inhaling the fragrance of habanero chiles and mustard, my mouth is salivating. I envision Jesus serving the first bite at the Last Supper. A wonderful combination of mustard, vinegar, and peppers. A new level of difficulty is added to each meal. Not too light, not too spicy, but just right. 10.3 out of 10 for this delicious spicy sauce.

Best mild hot sauce

Taste is difficult to describe, but most reviewers agree that this hot sauce is in the center of the spicy spectrum. “I suppose this sauce is composed of pure unicorn love and mermaid tears,” writes one reviewer. “smoky, with a rich, somewhat salty flavor… a modest degree of heat that builds beautifully throughout the dinner.” One reviewer adds that “like the name indicates, it’s pepper-based,” so “if you’re anticipating the vinegary taste of Tabasco or the Asian tastes of Sriracha, this probably isn’t for you.”

Best bulk hot sauce

Cholula Original Hot Sauce

According to one reviewer, “It’s the best Mexican spicy sauce that has ever graced our planet.” Reviewers concede this isn’t the hottest spicy sauce on the market, but many think it’s the best tasting. Another states that cholula “is obviously spicy sauce, but in a way that enriches rather than burns my palate.” “I adore the flavor of the Arbol and Piquin peppers in this unusual sauce,” says another reviewer. According to one reviewer, “you can use it on everything” because of the “excellent vinegar balance and pepper flavor.” With this 64-ounce bulk-size container, there’s plenty to go around — or directly in your mouth, if that’s what you want. One person states, “This much Cholula has no drawback.” However, it’s possible that I’ll end up using it on everything, which would force me to buy more Cholula.”

Best less expensive bulk hot sauce

Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce

One reviewer who claims to have “tasted my share of hot sauces over the years” says of Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce, “I always gravitate back to Frank’s for flavor and fire.” When I typed gallon of Frank’s Hot Sauce one day, my heart started racing. The red hot Frank’s sauce in one-gallon canisters was there in front of me, much to my astonishment. As well, other Real Frank’s RedHot fans like the savings they receive by purchasing this gallon-sized container. “OMG! “I died and went to hot sauce paradise when I saw this, says one reviewer. Frank’s is a favorite of my family. You may save money by purchasing this giant bottle of Frank’s hot sauce if you’re a fan of the brand. This Frank’s is exactly what you know and love, but there is simply too much of it for any one individual to handle. You and I both adore it; get it.”

Best sweet hot sauce

Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is highly rated by more than 1,000 people because it is both fiery and delicious. “I don’t like spicy sauces that are just hot for the purpose of being hot,” comments one critic. A third adds, “I would drink this sauce.” Many people notice that this sauce combines well with a range of meals. One reviewer says the sauce is “spicy enough to give many different foods a kick, but not so spicy that it overpowers the food’s flavor” ‘Gone are the days of not slathering my meal in condiment till I have a wonderful mound of Secret Aardvark Sauce with a bit of food mixed in for good measure,’ says one happy customer.

Best giftable hot sauce

A Hot Sauce Gift Set

Over 60% of reviewers believe this package of spicy sauces is the perfect present, with over 40% citing the packaging as the reason for their opinion (it comes wrapped like dynamite). He was so surprised when the bottles were wrapped in explosives, he dreaded to pull them apart, but eventually did after showing everyone he could.” Another customer adds, “It’s packaged in a solid box, and the image doesn’t do it justice.” It is a nice size and more what I expected. The sauces themselves earn high praise as well. According to one reviewer, this package includes “Chipotle pepper, Whiskey Habenero (our favorite for wings), Smokey Bourbon, Garlic Herb, Cayenne Pepper, and Ghost Pepper (for professionals).” “The flavor variations are perfect,” says one reviewer.

Best less expensive giftable hot sauce

Gringo Bandito O.G. Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Dexter Holland, vocalist of the punk rock band the Offspring, is the man of this spicy sauce. Since of Dexter Holland, one person says, “I now need to throw out nine bottles of other hot sauce because they taste like garbage next to yours.” another says, “I’ve gone through a bottle a week since I’ve ordered this delectable concoction.” In addition, several reviewers note that this four-piece set is a great present idea. As one customer explains, “I purchased this package as a present for friends who enjoy spicy sauce.” They arrived in a carton of the proper size, with each bottle securely tied to prevent breaking.” This is the “ideal array of sauces to enjoy,” writes one user. “The flavor of the sauces is extremely nice, with a fair bit of heat added in.”