The Top 8 Best Lawn Mower for 1 Acre

best riding lawn mower for 2 acres

When it comes to cutting the grass in a 1-acre lawn, we have different types of mowers such as ride-on and zero turners that can be used. Different functions for each type will ensure you get your perfect machine! For uneven ground or rock spots consider getting something small like 20” – 60″. If money isn’t an issue then invest in one with larger wheels because these models may make smoother cuts while being easier on hills/steep slopes

Best lawn mower for 1 acre you should buy

GreenWorks 20″ Twin Force – Best Cordless Electric Mower for 1/2 to 1 Acre

The Green Works 20″ Twin Force Trimmer has been a reliable and affordable way to trim grass, shrubs, or any other area that needs cutting. It features two independent rotation systems for optimal dual-cutting action!

The high-quality bearings ensure smooth operation with little effort needed by you – even in difficult terrain like hillsides where it may be hard for others trimmers out there might struggle on top of being more powerful because its 206cc engine provides an excellent cut at all heights so when combined these factors make this product well worth considering if your yard requires frequent mowing but lacks the power from larger models.

Mowing a large, acre-sized lawn can be time-consuming and tedious. The electric walk behind mower is good if you have around 1/2 to 1 acres but it’s expensive because of its battery inside; however, this means there are no cords that provide freedom while cutting the grass down by yourself! With an 18-inch blade configuration for Mulching mode in addition to Dual Cutting Blade System (CCBS), making operation quiet thanks also mean less pollution due out dirt being thrown into the air as well because they’re so clean compared to other types like gas-powered ones where all type needs oil frequently changing).

Battery-powered wireless mower for greater mobility

The package comes with a 2Ah and 4Ah battery, so we can spare the spare battery to replace it at mid-length if necessary. The charger is also included in this combo set for your convenience as well; just plug one end into an outlet or power source then attach both batteries together via cable ties!

Wireless mowers are the best option when you need to trim a 1-acre yard or sports field. It is not practical for people who only have 150ft of cord because they will end up cutting themselves, but wireless cards offer an easier way without sacrificing safety and convenience like wired connections do due to resistance in between cable segments that cause sparks during operation which could ignite vegetation on fire if left unattended while operating these devices near dry leaves at night time (which happens often).

Gas vs battery-powered mower

The more environmentally conscious way to cut the grass is with an electric lawnmower. In place of gas, we use electricity and get better efficiency rates because it doesn’t emit any VOCs while cutting! Similarly, there’s no need for buying fuel either; this means you’ll save money in both short-term costs like running costs over the time period as well as long-term savings on purchasing new equipment down the road when it’s still worth something.

Good maneuverability across uneven terrain

With its 20-inch cutting deck, the whole machine is easy to maneuver. This means that even if you’re mowing on uneven ground or have a beginner’s hands (like me), this walk-behind battery-powered lawnmower won’t lose control easily! I can turn around with ease because both front and rear wheels are sized differently–the larger wheel at my disposal provides greater traction when needed most.

The cutting height can be adjusted from 1-3/4 inches to 3-3/8, so we have more variety in the yard.

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Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower – Best for 1 to 1/3 Acre Soft Ground

The Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower is the most advanced, efficient, and comfortable way to keep your yard looking lush. The autonomous system of this futuristic-looking mowing machine cuts grass at up to seven different heights so you can get a perfectly manicured lawn every single time!

Husqvarna is a Swedish company that produces top-of-the-line lawn mowers and other equipment. They offer robotic, zero turns, ride on as well as walk-behind models in addition to their edgers & hedge trimmers for your yard needs!

How Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower work?

The robotic lawn mower is a great way to have an automatic and effortless outdoor experience. This machine can cut grass with precision, making sure that there are no long strands or overgrowth in between blades while also ensuring symmetry around the whole yard!

What’s the point of owning a backyard if you aren’t willing to share it with your robotic lawnmower? Before using this device, we need to make sure there is room for him and his boundaries. To do so affixing wire on one side or both sides will create an invisible fence that keeps them from escaping into other properties’ yards, but don’t worry because our little friend can still cut grass within these borders as well!

The robotic lawnmower is so intelligent that it can avoid hitting large rocks on soft ground, patio umbrellas, or furniture to prevent any damage. This anti-collision system will stop the mower if it touches an obstacle and steers in different directions in order not to harm you or your property!


A robotic lawn mower is a good investment for those who want to save time and reduce their stress. It can easily trim the grass in your 1/3 acre yard without any effort on your part, but it does have one major drawback: since this machine uses electricity instead of gas like traditional models do, you’ll need new batteries every few weeks or so – which means more money spent outfitting yourself with these tools!

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Craftsman M215 – Best Self-propelled Gas-power Mower for 1 Acre Rough Terrain

The Craftsman M215 is a self-propelled mower with precision cuts and wide cutting at medium height settings. It features an adjustable lawn seat for riders under 20 pounds, two blades that can be adjusted individually between 0° to 45° whichever suits your preference best depending on the grass type you’re trying to maintain or trim away excess from ground level up; this model also offers mulching capabilities so Andrew style waste isn’t going anywhere near landfill!

If you want to have a 1-acre yard without having to push the mower, then self-propelled is your best choice. The automatic feature of this machine means that as soon as we switch it on and let go of our hold in front or behind there will be nothing but grass cutters going up every hill!

Variable propulsion speed of mower

This self-propelled gas power has large rear wheels, which helps stabilize the machine when it is mowing over rough terrain. Depending on your walking speed, we can set up different levels of propulsion so you get an easier experience with this electric lawnmower!


The gas-powered self-propel mower is a little noisier than its electric counterpart, but it’s still highly recommended for homeowners who want to save money on their fuel bills. If you can get past this shortcoming and like the idea of not having an arm or leg missing from your lawn care regimen because they were lost trying to maintain one cordless device; then go ahead with purchasing this product!

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BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower – Best for 1 Acre Hilly Yard

The BLACK+DECKER 3 in 1 Lawn Mower is the perfect tool for quick and easy yard work. With its ability to be used as a hedge trimmer, edger or blossom blowtorch it’s ideal if you’re looking to cut your lawn time down by half while still getting an impeccable finish!

Imagine a lawn with no bumps. That’s the dream, right? Well, now you can make your backyard as smooth and perfect looking like one of those golf courses that have been popping up everywhere! This 3-in1 mower does more than just cut grass; it is also an electric weed eater/118cc Engine Cordless Push Lawn Mower combo kit so there will never be any need for gas or oil again – not even during transport back home from the store when finished using the product. The lawnmower is a versatile tool that can be used for cutting grass or edging. It has multiple features to make sure you have the right equipment at hands, such as blade adjustments and wheels so it fits any terrain type!

1-acre lawn mower for hilly terrain

Besides, since it is compact and lightweight we can easily push uphill or another even terrain. Sometimes we may not be able to use the zero turn lawn mower on an acre of land because they might flip over if there’s too much incline but luckily this type makes up for its lack of stability with a walk-behind model like a golf course/backyard where you have hills all around!

Battery-powered walk-behind mower

The best part about this product is that the package includes 2 mower batteries and a charger, so we can extend our yard’s running time when cutting grass in larger yards. Battery-powered for cordless use makes it easy to steer without worrying about cords getting tangled up or caught on something else while you work!

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PowerSmart DB2321C Lawn Mower – Best Cheap 1-acre Gas-powered Mower

The PowerSmart DB2321C Mower has a 3-in1 cutting system with a metal blade, c deck, and rear bagger! This means you get everything your lawn needs in one convenient package. It also features adjustable settings for turning corners or pulling away from walls – letting it be versatile enough to meet all of our mowing demands.

If you are on a tight budget, a gas walk-behind mower is the best choice. This is because the gas-powered mower is usually cheaper than a cordless one, and we can still enjoy the wireless mowing experience.


The pull starting gas mower has a 161cc engine, so it’s powerful enough to cut grass of different types. Thanks to its lightweight structure and 21″ cutting deck we can easily push uphill on uneven terrain with this affordable 1-acre mower! During the running time, the clippings formed from your lawn will help maintain a healthy-looking ground while also not needing bulky bags restricting our movement as other models do.

A promising and versatile gas-powered lawn mower which can cut grass at different heights is the product of a brand well known in America. Moreover, it also features an adjustable cutting height for your convenience! With this device, you’ll be able not only to trim greeneries faster but with greater precision as well because we have 5 levels available ranging from 1 inch up until 4 inches tall – perfect if one isn’t sure what level would best suit their needs!


With its loud engine, a gas-powered lawn mower can be heard for miles. It also produces fumes and the smell of gasoline which may bother those living nearby; however, this disadvantage is worth taking into account when considering price efficiency in comparison to an electric model that does not produce any emissions at all!

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Husqvarna Z254 54″ – Best Zero Turn Mower for Mowing 1 to 1-1/2 Flat Acre Fast

The Husqvarna Z254 54″ is a wide, clean mowing machine for large areas. The variable-speed motor provides effortless control to cut grass quickly and efficiently without injury – even when running at full throttle on steep hillsides or through tough weeds!

This product can be used by both residential homeowners wanting their lawn looking proper as well as professional landscapers that need something larger than what they typically carry in stock with them from the warehouse down below.”

A zero-turn riding mower is a type of ride on a lawnmower that offers exceptional maneuverability. The unique design allows you to make sharp turns without needing any extra space for turning, which means they can go where other types of equipment cannot reach or may have trouble navigating due to their size and weight limiters such as hillsides with curves in them.

The best part about this type? It saves time because we don’t miss out on areas by being too close when steering around corners; instead, it lets us plan out our paths ahead so there won’t be any surprises!

How does the ZTR work?

We can achieve zero turning radius by making use of the two throttles on the mower. The working principle is that we can maneuver the speed of the individual rear wheels to turn left or right. For instance, if we want to make a right turn, we can increase the speed of the left-rear wheel while decreasing the speed of the right-rear wheel. It should give you perfect right steering without moving forward a lot.

The zero-turn mower has a very complex design, which is why it’s more expensive to buy. If you need or plan on mowing 1 acre of land frequently, then this type of riding lawnmower might be worth considering as the maneuverability will allow for faster speeds and better coverage across your yard – especially if there are obstacles like trees in certain areas that would slow down other types’ movements.

Powerful engine and high-speed mowing for 1-acre yard

The ZTR 1-acre lawn mower was designed to make sure that it can cut through any terrain, including the slight bumpy region. With its powerful 26 HP engine and professional output tone of voice (since we need this machine’s performance when dealing with uneven or flat surfaces), I’m confident my football field looks pristine after every game!

The ZTR makes fast work of mowing the lawn. It can achieve speeds around 6 mph and has a 54″ cutting deck, which means that you’ll get your 1-acre yard done in just 2 or 2.5 times less than with other types of grass tractors on sale today!

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WORX WG958 20″ Cordless Lawn Mower

The WORX WG958 20″ Cordless Lawn Mower is the perfect tool for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty. This lightweight but powerful mower features a six-bank battery that provides up to an hour and a half of the usage between charges, giving you plenty of freedom when working on large properties or cutting grass in tight spaces like around flowers beds!

Mowing the lawn in autumn and winter is not an easy task to do; leaves may start accumulating on top of your freshly cut grass. According to experts, it’s important to remove all these leaves before starting up so as they don’t end up clogging any part of the mower blade or getting stuck under tires which could cause injury if you happen upon them while operating a vehicle over them!

Functions of leaf blower before mowing

The best part of this product is that it comes with a leaf blower, which helps us to remove dead leaves outside our lawn. The powerful airstream and airflow are ejected from its opening so we can use them both for cleaning up dirt in your yard without having cords getting tangled or wires being exposed!

The blower is a powerful tool that can make quick work of picking up and vacuuming debris, but we need to be mindful of the battery life. It’s not uncommon for these units to last about 10 minutes on an entire charge – less if you’re using it constantly or dragging around carpets with your foot planted like I am sometimes!

20″ Lawn mower for 1/2 to 1-acre lawn

As for the lower part, it has a 20” cutting width which makes this device quite compact and thus can be easily fitted into a small garage. However, I noticed that there are two downsides to owning one of these:

  1. Increased time spent on each pass due both in terms with how slow you go as well as
  2. Dmaller diameter so when compared against other types like ZTR or ride-on models your footprint will increase by 10% more(!) than expected!
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Craftsman – Best Gas Riding Lawn Mower for 1 Acre

The perfect way to cut the grass is with a Craftsman gas-riding lawnmower. This high-quality product has everything you need, and it’s made by industry veterans in Stow Ohio!

A riding lawn mower is the best type for an acre-sized yard because it can move and cut very fast in your grass with its 19 HP engine, 46-inch cutting deck.

Speedy mowing

How much does an acre of land costing $X amount to? It’s worth around 0.8 million square feet or 25 times the size of a tennis court! So if you have lots of money and want your lawn done quickly, get on that riding mower because those things are fast–they’ll be able to cut down all 4840 sq ft in just 1 hour 20 minutes from start-to-finish without stopping once; not bad right?!

Comfortable mowing 1-acre lawn

The ride-on mower is the best for those who have large yards and want to do all of their cutting without having to push. With this machine, you can sit back in a comfortable seat as it takes care of everything around 1 acre! Don’t worry about getting tired either because there’s an adjustable handlebar that will make accelerating easy or slowing down when going over rough terrain – just like driving your car would feel with these features too.

Mower with gas-powered engine

The powerful gas-powered engine allows up to mow the hilly 1-acre lawn. Since it is using gasoline as its power source, we can instantly refill this machine after running out of fuel and don’t need a recharge that takes time!

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Top Mower Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing your first lawn mower, it is better to consider the following factors as different types of mowers have their own characteristic, pros, and cons. We can select from a wide range of mowers that says zero-turn, ride on, self-propelled, push walk-behind, and robotic. It greatly depends on the types of lawns you are mowing.

Flat lawn

The zero-turn mower is the best option for cutting a flat lawn up to 2 acres in size. It has greater engine output, which allows it cut more grass per hour with less physical strength or gasoline use than other types of mowers like rotary diamond hoes that cannot achieve such high speeds on uneven terrain without constantly stopping and starting as you travel around your yard once every few minutes while doing so!

Rough terrain

For the 1-acre having bumpy regions, it is better to use a walk-behind mower. This type of machine has a lower speed than fast-moving ones and can be safer when you are in control or pushing them around with ease for long periods as well!

A robotic lawn mower is a good choice because it will automatically move in the garden and thus we can save our time, effort. The limitations of using this robot however are that it takes longer due to random cutting path which might not be what you want for your grass since sometimes there’s too much or not enough depending on where it’s been cut before from other robots.

The advantages outweigh these disadvantages by allowing us more free moments throughout each week without having to worry about doing yard work all day long!

Also check:

Rocky garden

The rocky garden is not the ideal place to use a ride-on mower because there are many stones and other hard objects that can damage its blade easily. Luckily, we have several options for pushing our way through this terrain; one of them being a reel push or walk-behind variety with wide tires so as not to get too close in order to avoid hitting anything unexpected along the surface.

Hilly yard

There are many types of lawn mowers, but the best one to use on hills is a ride-on. They have easier access when going up or downhill because you don’t need as much force with them which means fewer chances for muscle strain and tiredness from pushing/pulling it around outside your house; also since these machines can be steered easily then there is no reason why someone would get tired after just 15 minutes in their backyard along the path where nothing seems unusual happens during those times spent working out how best suit what task at hand… unless perhaps alcoholic drinks had been consumed beforehand!