The Top 25 Best National Parks in the USA

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If you’re looking for an adventure, then the USA will not disappoint. From lush rainforests and snow-capped mountains to deserts hot as hell; we have got it all here in our large country!

Map of National Parks in the USA
Map of National Parks in the USA

There are more than 100 national parks in America that offer visitors a chance to take it all off and enjoy some peace. From sandstone monuments of otherworldly beauty, hot springs with colors you didn’t think possible for this world (and maybe one right below ours), coastlines so craggy they’ll make your heart stop – there’s no shortage when camping at these wild spaces!

Top 25: Big Bend (Texas)

The Big Bend National Park is so-called because it’s set in a dramatic meander of the Rio Grande: on one side, Texas; but across from Mexico. The Chisos Basin has mountain views and features an abundance for discovery with its many trails. But if you want to escape into nature at this park then head straight over near the Desert View Drive Exit which allows visitors access into nearby Guadalupe Mountains National Park as well!

Top 24: Saguaro (Arizona)

Saguaro National Park is home to the iconic American cactuses – their shapes are always tall and proud. The two halves of this beautifully serene area stand divided by Tucson, but together they make up one great big family!

The desert landscapes of the national park in Arizona are awe-inspiring, with trails that offer an abundance of adventure. The Rincon Mountain District to its east and Tucson Mountain subdivision westwards provide spectacular views from hikes or horseback rides through these natural wonders to be seen!

Top 23: Shenandoah (Virginia)

The Shenandoah National Park is a breathtaking spot to visit in the summer, with an abundance of wildflowers. But autumn comes just as spectacularly and leaves you speechless at how beautiful it all becomes!

“I’m not sure if you know this, but there are a lot of wildflowers in Shenandoah Valley during summer. However autumn comes and the trees burst into colors for some amazing fall leaves–it’s been my favorite season so far!”

Top 22: Mesa Verde (Colorado)

Mesa Verde is the perfect spot for adventures among nature, and to understand more about mysterious, centuries-old cultures. This is where you can go on an adventure into prehistory; see how these ancient people lived in their cliff dwellings (circa 1100 AD). And if there are any elusive answers left unanswered then nobody knows – because it seems that no one has ever been able to survive long enough or return from this place!

The ancient dwellings are a fascinating part of the Mesa Top Road Circuit. The ten ruins you can explore range from cliff-side homes with great views for an affordable price to more cavernous structures where people once lived their lives out in secret, not knowing that they would become famous centuries later thanks largely to this little town on top!

Top 21: Death Valley (California)

Death Valley National Park is a land of wonder and beauty. From huge boulders that seem to be floating on scales, canyons carved by gushing streams as they cut through the earth’s surface withstanding an eternity for those who dare venture within them; sand dunes so high they sing when touched by the wind like some kind soul trying out their song before giving everyone else permission- Death Valley has it all!

The view from Dante’s View is truly one-of-a-kind. Located in Death Valley, CA it provides visitors with a panoramic vista across the southern portion of this basin that will leave them feeling like they are on top of themselves, and all around them lies greasy hot earth never seen before by human eyes!

Top 20: Crater Lake (Oregon)

The only national park in Oregon, Crater Lake National Park is named after the eponymous lake; formed by a huge volcanic eruption around 7,700 years ago. It’s not just one of America’s most beautiful pieces of nature but also has some inspiring photo opportunities!

The views from the trails in this park are worth a short hike. In addition to being serene and beautiful, you’ll be able to see all sorts of wildflowers during summertime blooms that only happen here because it has 90 miles worth of snow-covered paths!

Top 19: Acadia (Maine)

New England’s one and only national park, dating back to 1916, Acadia sits on the coast with some dramatic views. It is all about rewarding mountain hikes or strolls along with its shoreline—beautiful bike rides as well! If you find yourself feeling exhausted after exploring this region’s storied coastline then take your car for an invigorating drive deep into the sand dunes-covered forest where lonely lighthouses await.

There are also sandy beaches dotted here; famous Mount Desert Island just 60 miles away (which has its own set of unforgettable points).

Top 18: Canyonlands (Utah)

If you’re looking for a place that is truly otherworldly, Canyonlands National Park will not disappoint. With its landscape more like something from Mars and Earth simultaneously than anything else in between, this vast Utah preserves claim to fame are its incredible canyons which wind around ancient rock formations as well tall white cliffs near an impressive set of sandstone pillars known locally simply by the name “The White Cliffs.”

A park is a place of alien landscapes and breathtaking views. The four sections are separated by rivers, making it easy for visitors to find their own section without being distracted by other people’s spots as they wander through the wide-open spaces that make up this incredible national landmark.

In Utah’s Canyonlands National Park there live hundreds or even thousands within its expansive borders but only one will ever be yours – just how you want them!

Top 17: Redwood (California)

From the giant trees to its lush coastal scenery, Redwood National Park is a must-see destination for any nature lover. With such an enigmatic mix of beautiful landscapes and ancient forests, you’ll find your perfect romantic getaway with picnic tables ready at every turn!

The redwood trees in California are ancient, with branches covered in moss and ferns. It has plenty of trails to enjoy walking through the vast forests but when you want a few days out from your hiking adventure there are campgrounds or backcountry sites available for overnight stays where you can really soak up what this heavy-hitter nature has going on!

Top 16: Grand Teton (Wyoming)

The Grand Teton in Yellowstone National Park is a wild landscape of 12 peaks that have been sculpted throughout the ages by glaciers, including its impressive 13,775 feet high point. There are captivating canyons filled with fresh forests to explore and crystal alpine lakes for those who want an adventure on their vacation!

Top 15: Mount Rainier (Washington)

The fifth-highest peak in the United States, Mount Rainier itself is an icon of a mountain that can be seen throughout much of Washington state. The active stratovolcano has not erupted for over 150 years and last did so more than two centuries ago but it will always have some form or another because this beauty towers above all else with 26 Glaciers surrounding its base which provide hikers paradise perfect hiking trails lacing through the pure wilderness as well huge carpets blooming spring-summer; while many attempts climb up towards snowy tier only half succeed making tough going indeed.

Top 14: Sequoia (California)

This national park is named after another species of the Sequoia family, and it’s not hard to see why. The giant redwoods grow here in abundance that makes up for more than half its total biomass – General Sherman being a prime example at nearly 90 feet tall (27 meters)! There are also deep 10-thousand-year-old caves where you can find supersize stalactites which will give your jaw an extra workout as well! If I had one regret about this trip so far then seeing all these magnificent trees would be number 1…but there’s plenty left yet 😉

Top 13: Arches (Utah)

Utah’s national parks are a treasure trove of Martian badlands. This is where you can find some seriously out-of-this-world rock formations, like the ones made from red sandstone with white stripes that look something like an artist’s masterpiece or alien landscapes on Mars!

Landscape Arch, the world’s largest natural arch is also one of my favorite places to visit. I love exploring all its different trails and getting a little adventurous with some rock climbing or canyon-ing alongside the Colorado River!

Top 12: Glacier (Montana)

The magnificent Glacier National Park has been the site for thousands of years where glaciers carved and sculpted a natural world that can be seen today. A land filled with dramatic rocks, snow-topped mountains, waterfalls crashing down into rivers below them like roaring giants are all part of this incredible landscape
The stunning view from our hotel window as we drove up Route 40 into Montana was what really got me excited about going on an adventure in America’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The sheer variety of nature in Yellowstone National Park is impossible to comprehend. The trails wind around like arteries, the grizzlies roam freely from place to place and there are an impressive number – about 740 miles worth–of hiking paths ready for adventurous tourists who want a taste of this jaw-dropping scenery without ever leaving their car!

Top 11: Rocky Mountain (Colorado)

The most spectacular slice of nature in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain National Park is awash with imposing granite mountains and aqua-colored alpine lakes. Come summertime it’s not just farmland that pops into life; instead, every meadow bursts forth to provide visitors great views for their adventure amidst all this beauty – whether they’re looking forward to soaking up some sun by one of ten beautiful glacial valley lakes or attempting a hike through the thick forest where you may spot an elk grazing among heather bushes on the higher ground far away from human habitation (but still close enough should someone need help).

Top 10: Everglades (Florida)

A famous place in America, the Everglades National Park is home to vast swamps and alligators. You can take a kayak out on these waters for yourself or opt for airboat tours that are quintessential among tourists looking at this iconic wildlife landmark of Florida’s nature preserves system! A perfect spot if you’re an enthusiast with time constraints; be sure not to miss going on foot through one section where rangers lead nighttime walks designed just so visitors may spot nocturnal animals like crocodiles sunning themselves as well hunt prey hidden below them – both cold-blooded ‘gators AND Anhingas included!!

Top 9: Bryce Canyon (Utah)

It’s a rare treat to see such an interesting landscape in all its hoodoo-like glory. The Bryce Canyon National Park is known for these rock formations, which have been sculpted over time by freeze-thaw erosion and morphing soft sandstone into their marvelous forms today!

The views from Bryce Point are so stunning, they’ll make your heart stop. The landscape is a patchwork of rock and sky that fades into infinity in all directions–the perfect place to ponder life’s mysteries or just enjoy some peaceful time alone with nature!

Top 8: Hawai’i Volcanoes (Hawaii)

It’s a good thing that the Big Island of Hawaii has this amazing national park because it contains Mauna Loa, which is sometimes covered in snow. The volcanic coastlines are made from cooled lava flows and rich rainforests with magnificently green meadows up in the mountains as well!

A fast-paced traveler’s tone would be something like “I went to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park – what an adventure!”

If you want to see the power of nature in all its glory, then head over to Hawaii. Kilauea – a shield volcano that sits atop Mount Mauna Loa and has erupted many times throughout history- is one such place! You may be thinking about how dangerous it would actually be if this thing were erupting again? Don’t worry; while some areas are closed due out concerns for safety there’s plenty still accessible with just enough warning before any new lava starts flowing down from above ground level.”

Top 7: Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico)

Located 25 miles from a former ranch town, Carlsbad Caverns National Park is an eerie and incredible sight to behold. The main chamber of this cave – called the Big Room- can be accessed by either taking one of two elevators that descend all the way down into it for about10 seconds or by crawling on your hands and knees through winding passageways less than 3 inches wide with ceilings over 1 mile high!

The first thing you’ll notice when exploring these marvels beneath our feet is not just how large everything seems in comparison (it’s equal parts impressive) but also why? What purpose could such extraordinary architecture serve ?”

Top 6: Great Smoky Mountains (North Carolina)

The beauty of this national park is a world away from anything I’ve ever seen. It’s so green and lush, with waterfalls that fall onto the rocks below them like plate glass on display at an art gallery opening night when all you can do is stand there admiring what has been created before your eyes – but don’t forget to take in some scenery while you’re here too because those flowers bloom beautifully after winter comes around!

It was a journey through time to the backwoods of this forgotten region. The sun never set, and there were no signs of civilization for miles upon miles; it felt like you had entered another world entirely!

Top 5: Denali (Alaska)

Denali National Park is the adventurous land that makes up Alaska’s most famous national park. The centerpiece, by a long stretch, is its namesake mountain: Mount McKinley – formerly known as “Denali”. A towering 6190 meters above sea level and home to spectacular views from both atop its summit or along its breathtaking slopes!

This primeval wilderness offers much more than just incredible scenery; for those looking forward to an authentic outdoors experience in untouched beauty then Dena lp might be the perfect destination with pristine boreal forests full of caribou & moose, grizzly bears & wolves throughout their vast expanse.

Top 4: Zion (Utah)

Utah’s finest national parks are not matched by any other state in America. Zion is stunning, with its red and white cliffs that soar into the sky; it’s fringed by greenery making for a colorful place to soak up this amazing natural wonder of nature. And there are some great ways you can experience all these sights too – try hiking through The Narrows or taking on one of two hikes near Big Springs: either weave around eponymous fern-edged spring yourself (with plenty more views along your journey!) or ascend steeply towards viewpoints from high atop Angel Canyon cliff faces when conditions permit!

Top 3: Yosemite (California)

Yosemite National Park is a famous place to explore California’s best nature. It has giant sequoias that tower into the air at Mariposa Grove, the glorious green of Yosemite Valley with its granite walls and there’s even an iconic sight in Merced River falling 317 feet to pool below! With four million annual visitors it can seem like your lucky day if you manage not only to see these spectacular sights but take them all on foot too – they’re nowhere else so close together as here.

Top 2: Grand Canyon (Arizona)

The Grand Canyon is a must-see for any travel lover. It has been called “the largest canyon in the world,” and it’s difficult to argue with that statement when you see just how large this chasm really is! Whether your destination falls under North, South, or West Rim areas there will be plenty of awe-inspiring views across awesome landscapes as well.

There are plenty of trails and viewpoints around the national park that encompasses it. One great place to go is Cape Royal on North Rim, which offers a top view into many major parts of the Grand Canyon. You can even get down close enough for some photo opportunities by going through steep meandering paths with an altitude of over 1 mile!

Top 1: Yellowstone (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho)

Yellowstone is the world’s oldest national park and America’s granddaddy, having been founded in 1872. Originally thought of as just another tall tale by those who had never seen it with their own eyes until they visited this landmass that would soon become known for its magnificence all around the globe!

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The Yellowstone National Park is a true icon of must-see nature. There are boiling hot springs, like Grand Prismatic Spring; thanks to differing temperatures and minerals as the waters spread out this place has been renamed ‘The rainbow in granite’. Walking through one’s feet at such an amazing site would really be something special!