The Best Patio Chairs You Should Buy

Patio Chair

As the summer approaches, the temperatures become warmer by the day, we all want to get out more. But, because many of us may not want to venture outside too far — much of the country is still at risk from a viral epidemic — most of our time will likely spend outside in any open area we are lucky enough to have at home. Every courtyard, balcony, terrace (or patio) may be transformed into a mini-getaway for hours of reading, reclining, sunbathing, drinking wine, all of the above, regardless of the size of the open-air rooms. We asked five interior designers for their preferences in order to identify the greatest patio chairs in a variety of designs and budgets. Read their 38 guidelines, from beach sling designs to traditional plastic molded chairs to easy to store sitting. Although the list includes most single chairs, several suggested kits are also listed at the bottom, if you are seeking for more than one chair.

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Best under $100 patio chairs

Flash Furniture 2 Pack Gray Rattan Indoor-Outdoor Restaurant Stack Chair

Three of our experts, Amy Azzarito, the writer of The Homes Elements, and Tina MartinDelCampo, who also works for decorators – all recommend this chair to Amazon to German designer Jannis Ellenberg, from Pillow’s to Forks, and to Sarach Roamirez from Decorist and Found + Collected Design. Curious history Behind Everyday Household Objects. For its open-weave style, Azzarito likes it, which she thinks “ideal for a tiny area.” She also wants the back to be composed of woven plastic tubes which imitate rattan, stating that “it is more comfortable with ‘give’ than with a hard-backed chair.” “The open-weave rear is really striking,” says Ramirez, who considers the room a “superb outdoor seat.” The simple lines in the shape of the barrel compliment it and make it a genuine showstopper.” MartinDelCampo notes that the seat is manufactured from 100% UV-resistant recyclable resin. It’s also available in an all-black form if you don’t like it naturally.

FDW Lawn Folding Adirondack Outdoor Patio Seating Fire Pit Wood Chairs

If you have the space for one, two of our designers think that an Adirondack chair is a classic choice. MartinDelCampo believes Adirondack’s chairs are “lasting” and “not just “providing classic style.” Ramirez also has a fan of the fashion, and this model recommended by MartinDelCampo is particularly suitable for tiny patios or outside areas, because it folds – a trait which is not always present in these sometimes sloppy chairs.

If you want to acquire a bunch of chairs without a lot of expenditure, Ikea molded plastic chairs that cost $30 a pop are recommended by Devin Shaffer, an online interior design service designer with Decorilla. Apart from its low pricing, Shaffer also loves to demand ‘zero mounting’ and to be ‘simply stacking,’ which means that at the end of the season, they’re a bang. Another love-detail: They are constructed of UV-resistant, time-free plastic.

Shaffer also suggests that the familiar style of a MoMA chair is evocative, but an improved version of comparable types you have seen during baseball games or in newly mowed gardens throughout the years (and decades). “MoMA launched a new chair, and it is a bit more stylish than what memory recalls,” says MoMA’s lightweight, foldable chair, “produced in small quantities at a workshop with the family.” It also has a fabricated back, which might be comforting, as Azzarito has said above, if you sit for extended hours. (The creators of our beloved now defunct shop Of a Child, Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur, are also admirers of the chair.)

Ikea APPLARO Chair, Outdoor, Foldable Brown Stained

The chair Ikea recommended to Ramirez, constructed with an acacia-wood frame and rope, is another that folds. “The bold, clean lines of this architectonic silhouette make a remarkable complement to the outside,” she told us, noting that “visual height” is added by the higher back of the chair.

Even more cheap than the Ikea chair, Ramirez appreciates its “slightest touch of turquoise trim” for its “cross hue.” She adds that for simple travel it folds flat (albeit this is only from the shed to the porch and back again).

Outdoor Patio Garden Deck Furniture Resin Adirondack Chair with Built-in Cup Holder (Grey)

This sleeve of robust, all-weather resin is priced, which is hard to beat for such a style, adds Martin delCampo. The chair is available brown for people who don’t like the exhibited gray, and its covers are washable.

OSP Home Furnishings Somerset X-Back Metal Chair with Hardwood Rustic Walnut Seat Finish, Antique Black

Ramirez advises this “small, almost club-like chair” for something rather tender that she says she can be at the helm of an open dining table or as a “cozy landing place” to lounge. It is constructed of synthetic rattan which is resistant to the weather (but the cushion is sold separately).

PHI VILLA 2 Piece Patio Wrought Iron Chair Outdoor

Ramirez suggests this slight metal chair, with its “black and white geometric lines,” to create “a powerful, modern design.” She believes it will match “a tiny bistro table” just as well as “a base and a side table for a lounge feeling.” She says. She suggested tossing a sisal mat or cushions down to provide natural components or texture to offset the chair’s harsh edges.

“Finding a rocking chair below 100$ is like seeking a needle in a haystack” Shaffer states. That is a great reason why the $72 outside option is so enjoyable. Shaffer is pleased about the beauty of country with their powder-coated-steel frame and its “subtle allusions” in Frank Lloyd Wright’s geometric angles and architecture. He adds, “The bright hue is used in more modern places” (although it is also accessible in a few more spaces where red is not your preferred one).

Best under $200 patio chairs

Round All Weather Wicker Camden Outdoor Chair

Ramirez says the wicker stylus constructed from weatherproof resin nodes in a moderno design in the mid-century (it reminds us of more-expensive Acapulco chairs, which make an appearance further down on this list). Another enthusiast is MartinDelCampo and both note that the framework is lightweight and small. It may be stacked in 2 additional colors for simple storage (black and aqua).

Sunnydaze Astana Plastic Outdoor Dining Chair

Ramirez and Shaffer recommend this colorful chair from Crate & Barrel, when you are searching for a simple way to enhance your patio or outside environment. Shaffer states that the juxtaposition between a yellow (made from resin) wicker and a black-and-metal frame recalls him in a “trendy yet ageless” manner of the 1980s. The yellow threads that make up the barrel form of the chair compliment their more natural seat. He also loves that. “The current style and the brilliant hue are in accordance with the highest quality and enjoyment,” says Ramirez. Ramirez. She says that both dining and lounging are convenient given the barrel form and nodd to the adaptability of this chair.

BELLEZE Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair Living Room Upholstered Linen Dining Armchair

The Amazon sling styles chairs advised by Ramierz and Azzarito will be a very inexpensive method to introduce vibrant colors to your patio. Their sides are adaptable so that you can quickly redirect them depending on whether you choose to sit or sit down. And Ramirez said that Company 6 is marketing them into different fabrics so that “from tonal neutrals to this exciting terracotta graphic printing you can get the appearance you desire.” Her favorite pattern is the quirky “orange cutout,” but Azzarito is interested in the style “abstract minimum.”

SXFSE Dollhouse Decoration, Mini Wooden Folding Beach Sunbath Chair

The designer Clare V’s Fashion and accessories on the Anthropology slingshair is another choice to explore, according to Azzarito if you appreciate style. It also has a retrofitting back and her prints – a characteristic typeface by the designer – making it “a necessity for a beach atmosphere in a tiny area.”

Shine Company Inc. 4332WT Vermont Porch Rocker, White

To Shaffer, the next cheapest to come with a tri-digit price tag was to discover outdoor rocking stairs under $100. MartinDelCampo, who “loves the lovely appearance of Cape Cod,” was far more conventional in style. She adds “a benefit is that it is UV- and waterproof for bad weather.”

Leigh Country TX 36200 3 Pc Folding Bistro Set, Natural

An alternative for someone who wish to be versatile with a smaller footprint than a sled chair or chaise would be one of Shaffer’s recommended foldable bistro chairs. They may be used as dining chairs as their name indicates, but they function just as well for sitting. The lean chairs feature a wooden frame and a breathable seat in fabric (perfect for the summer days for humid dogs), and in Shaffer’s book “hits all the criteria.”

International Concepts Pair of X-Back Chairs, Unfinished

This more rustic (non-foldable) design, an essential part of outdoor marriages and al-fresco restaurants, may also function on your patio, says Azzarito. You just need a glass of wine to make you feel as though you’re outside a farmhouse in France.

Flash Furniture XU-X-EA-GG HERCULES Series Stackable Early American Wood Cross Back Chair

“It is a wonderful approach to bring modest visual appeal to this design without overwhelming a room,” Ramirez adds. The acacia frame is resistant to humidity, and the neutral hue enables “adding in many other accessories and playing with textures or pops each season without having the sensation that everything needs to change,” she says.

New Classic Furniture Mid-Century Modern Oscar Oval Back Dining Chair

This chair, that Ramirez loves for its basic design, has a freshness of brilliant white “immediately provides a summery atmosphere to a room,” coming from the manufacturer of one of our favorite couches under $ 1,000. It is constructed of synthetic resin braided around steel legs and she claims the chair is equally as good for inside seating when you finish out there, making the cost of this chair seem a little bit valuable for your investment.

Walker Edison Villa Modern Acacia Wood Patio Chair and Ottoman Set with Cushions

The price for that one, recommended by Ramirez, is the ottoman it is displayed with, at the priest-end of this category of patio chairs. In classical forms, the chair (and the Ottomen) are fashioned out of weatherproof acacia wood. “If you are in tight condition on the space, the ottoman tucks totally beneath the chair if not in use and functions as an extra seat, too,” she says.

Best under $300 patio chairs

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Outdoor Acapulco All-Weather Patio Conversation Bistro Set w/Plastic Rope, Glass Top Table and 2 Chairs

This wicker chair of Target is loved by Ramirez and is called the “bohemian fantasy.” She loves the mix of her ‘clean lines, comfortable lounge-style’ with an updated look at the bowl-formed papasan chair and “can really match a whole range of esthetics, ranging from extremely boho to modern.” The price includes the ottoman with which it is displayed, and that ottoman may easily function as a side table, please note.

Grand Patio 2 PCS Patio Dining Wicker Chairs

Echoing what she said to us before about the comfort of the woven seats since they donate a bit, Azzarito advises this attractive style for anyone who “tries to create some ‘working outdoors’ for their job at home.” Handwoven from all-weather wicker, this chair has a curved back, which may be used as a dinner or a single lounging chair, without being too stiff (with its weave).

Christopher Knight Home Isaac Mid Century Modern Fabric Arm Chair

Anybody seeking an Acapulco chair should take into account this CB2 style variant recommended by designer Rita Schulz. She described it as “a excellent price fashionable choice” (now it’s much better when it sells). The seat is constructed of white, hand-woven PVC cable on a black powder-coated steel frame, which makes the chair incredibly inspiring, even on the hottest of the days.

Flash Furniture 5 Pack HERCULES Series 880 lb. Capacity Black Plastic Stack Chair with Titanium Gray Powder Coated Frame

Schulz also likes to have a slender curved metal frame that is braided around with fake ratan to build the backrest and the backrest. The black finish, from hardwood to tucked-in components, claims that it’s “versatile and may be matched with many different kinds of patio furniture.”

IKEA Poang Armchair Birch Veneer Hillared Dark Blue

The welcoming Ikea chair is Azzarito’s favorite, because it can be used indoors or out and has a seat position “one of my faves for working on the laptop.” Its deep-positioned metal frame is low-to-the-ground, with an elastic mesh base, which can be tightened. The big, plumbing coverings are comfy and come with detachable (and washable) covers, she says.

Christopher Knight Home 305086 Lydia Outdoor Wicker Club Chair

We don’t disagree, and Ramirez labels the chair “relaxed and airy.” It’s composed of woven resin on an aluminum frame (which remembers rattan). Ramirez is especially happy in navy, available in a variety of colors: “since it seems a bit surprising.” If you desire more than one thing, she also adds that it’s easy to stack.

Patio Sense Vega Natural Stain Outdoor Chair

Those seeking for a true Acapulco chair, with egg-shaped weaving chambers, not rounded like the less costly, comparable types above, may be like this one from Amazon that’s suggested by Martin DelCampo, although it touches the price ceiling of this category. “I adore the classic resort appearance of the chairs, and the fabric seat makes sitting all day extremely pleasant,” she adds. “They are sturdy in any environment and are available in three colours,” she says.

MartinDelCampo said the draw from Article is his “more modern feeling,” while certain rocking chairs can border on the hollow, which she believes “makes it more flexible.” The sleek frame is constructed from powdered steel and its seat and backrest are fashioned from rope wrapped around the frame (with only the tiniest strain). Martin DelCampo comments that if you don’t like black, it comes in different hues such Turmeric and Aqua, that she claims she will travel much further into the courtyard.

CleverMade Tamarack Folding Wooden Outdoor Chair

Our teak lounge chair recommended by Schulz is reminiscent of the sling chairs on this list and also a good way to make your garden (or balcony) seem more beachy. She believes the chair is “facing, seashore,” partly because of its flexible framework, which can be adjusted to three different reclining positions. This chair includes a spacious back pocket to store whatever you need at your fingertips, a built-in head cushion and cushioned straps to carry like a rucksack.

Best patio chair sets

Christopher Knight Home 312466 Davina Outdoor Dining Chair

These Shaffer and MartinDelCampo moulded plastic chairs can break down by around $136 each if you desire a pair, sold in multiple of 2. Wayfair calls it the Chair of Curnutt while AllModern names it the Chair of Brittney—regardless of name, they have perforated seats which are also a little flexible for additional ease. Shaffer says the form recalls contemporary curves from the middle of the century and adds that the chairs are ultraviolet and cleanable. The shops also sell it in various colours.

Signature Design by Ashley Paradise Trail Outdoor Swivel Patio Lounge Chair

The set of Acacia Accent chairs are suggested by Ramirez and Azzarito, both of which feature weather-resistant, woven-wovens straps, which tell us, “They have the feel of a half-century, but don’t hit you with it over the head.” “The warm gray wood and wicker play well together,” Ramirez said. You may simply make a sitting area with adding a little side table because they come in a pair of two (each $200). “They also look nice enough to use indoors, if you require seats that do double duty.” Azzarito continues with another advantage.

BELLEZE Vintage Style Metal Dining Chairs

Another bistro design, this four metal set has a price range (only $33 per pop) which allows you, according to Azzarito, to play with color as too. “It may be wonderful to embrace color in a manner that you don’t dream of working indoors while creating an outside area,” she adds. Shaffer is also the lover of this type of metal bistro chair with which you don’t have to be too pricey because of its substance (and, again, price).

Safavieh Home Collection Erika Rattan Cushion

The two-fold chair in cheerful yellow, which is around $47 apiece, is also a pricing pack. According to Ramirez, the appearance is traditional and added softness to the cloth seats of these folding chairs. “They’re an excellent choice for an open space to be multipurpose as they fold up and tuck away,” she added. Ramirez observes that a few more colored alternatives come to people who don’t like them in yellow.

Safavieh American Homes Collection Parker Country Farmhouse Grey Spindle Side Chair

Shaffer suggested these more unique metal seats, who like how retro they appear. He tells us that he could easily see them “in front of an Airstream trailer.” He points out that, at $358 a piece, they’re a great value for ultraviolet multipurpose seats that work just as well inside if you don’t need them any more outside.

Safavieh PAT4014A-SET2 Outdoor Collection Rosen Navy and White French Bistro Stacking Arm Chair

Azzarito suggests the pair of french coffee seats, each of which is around $254, if you want to lend a European vibe to your courtyard. They are made from rattan and stacked, so that when the time comes, they may be easy to store.

Safavieh PAT4003B-SET2 Outdoor Collection Karine Beige Stacking Arm Chair

Azzarito has told us that she is saying that she is going to make your patio “see as it is right there” on an iconic desert retreat for something straight out of Palm Springs. They are built of powder-coated, bamboo-like, stainless-steel frames with strong, fading-resistant coilings as their seat and backrests. Everyone comes to a piece of $256.