The Best Pillows you should buy on Amazon


An uncomfortable cushion might very literally destroy your night (or simply a pillow that is not appropriate for your slumbering style). So we passed through hundreds of reviews to identify the finest Amazon pillows for every taste – soft, firm, customizable, cold and more – as the most ecstatic reviewers complimented. We also wrote about the best pillows for side sleepers and pregnancy if you want to make your search a little more complex. If you obtain a rounding of the finest cold pillows and mattress tops in your sleep, we have even covered you, so you (hoping) will always get sleep terrible.

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Best-rated pillow

This multi function cushion is adored by over 78,000 five-star ratings and is especially known by more than 3,000 people as “comfortable.” One reviewer claims she “rolls like a pig in the mud and the cushion works everywhere.” She especially loves to have the Beckham Gel cushion in its form and give support without being too hard, “the most picnic person I know has rated 10 of 10 pillows out of 10.” Another insomnia critic describes this set as “wonderful” and was surprised after 11 hours of right-hand sleep: “I got up and felt so comfy, the pillows were still fluffy and soft. I could have dropped to sleep back.” And I was so comfortable. Such Beckham pillows are even approved by the self-proclaimed “Pillow Snob” with herniated discs within his neck, who have tested many other marks in the past. It’s summarized: “It’s about my bad neck to attempt to explain these pillows.”

Best-rated (less expensive) pillow

These medium-size pillows are loved by more than 35,000 five-star reviewers, including the stomach, back and side sleepers. “They’re not too soft or too hard. I think it sounds like gold tin, but these pillows are excellent,” says one reviewer, who is only working on $10 per cushion. Other parties believe that “they have the perfect balance exactly… I and my spouse have been feeling more restful and less sorrowful since I got it about a week ago than in months.” And a further reviewer was certain that their favorite discontinued Holiday Inn Express pillows could not be replaced until they saw these: “The first night I slept like a baby. Sweet as a cloud yet with the weight of my head did not descend all the way to bed.”

Best pillow for stomach sleepers

Amazon Basics Down-Alternative Pillows for Stomach

These pillows of AmazonBasics “are soft, but have some compression, without being flat beneath the weight of my head,” as one estomach and occasionally a side slumber describe. One revisor “never was lucky with costly pills” because he said, “they’re usually too thick or too hard.” She writes, “These don’t cause me those neck problems, they’re so precious, that I’ve experienced them with others.” One advises that if “they are unsuitable for you, if you don’t like soft cushions,” but they are “wonderful,” especially “if you’re on your belly.” Another wrote, “These pillows are soft that they seem like I’m sleeping in a cloud. It’s light and airy, and nearly feels like a cushion of a light body.”

Best pillow for side sleepers

Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

More than 31,000 5-star reviewers, more than 2,000 of whom are side sleepers, like this multi-use, already strategist-approved pillow. Former Strategist Lori Keong characterizes sleep as “a warm, velvety, and smooth embrace to your head,” and even after a year of usage, she adds that “this is still as smoother as the day I got it.” One lateral sleepers converted to this coop pillow, which “shows no support for cheap memory foam pillows. They were warm, too. “They have found the ‘ideal pillow relieved. Now I’m cool and comfortable sleeping through the night. Finally.” This is called by another reviewer “the holy grail of the side slumber pillows” since they wake up without their typical hard neck after sleep. And they’re not the only one calling it the “holy grail.” A sleeper on the opposite side says, “This is the only pillow I’ve ever had that keeps its form and holds my neck. I’m better than ever before to sleep.”

Best (less expensive) pillow for side sleepers

WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

A self-proclaimed pillow snob, who “went over the years easily to find the ‘ideal’ cushion,” claims that eventually they found what they wanted. “Every night (not just a few of naps) I’ve been sleeping with this pillow since and I’ve loved it,” they write so much, “I’ve had it stuck in my bag when travelling.” Over 10% of reviewers commend it to sidesleepers as an excellent pillow. “These pillows give wonderful support and are comfortable, yet keep their form throughout the night,” one adds. “I and my wife have both been side slept. About the same number or reviewers are also aware that they stay cool, including one who writes, “I don’t seem to get too overheated on warm evenings and it doesn’t freeze on warm nights.” One reviewer found this pleasant and she became an inadvertent pillow-evangelist for Weekends: “I first purchased a Christmas candy for my lover. He has issues with his back, and I felt a better cushion may be of good use to him. I loved it so much when it came in, I borrowed one from myself. Today she requested me to purchase her FIVE (yes, five total) for myself, my dad and my sister, after having given my mother an opportunity to feel it.”

Best pillow for most sleepers

Casper Sleep Pillow for Sleeping, Standard, White

About the equal amount of sleepers behind, side and stomach report that this pillow is appropriate for them. A new mother who is now a ‘sleeper’ adds, ‘I never have discomfort, I am cool and offers wonderful assistance, but it feels smooth and fluffy because of the double pillow appearance.’ About a dozen reviewers are very delighted by its neck support with this cushion. “I awakened without my usual awful agony this morning and slept much better” one reviewer said, while another wrote, “I thought I had a cloud over my head…. He supported it, but almost like I swam.” An auditor even states “may be utilized also as a hugger cushion between the beams.” And although other reviews remark that the price per pillow is high, one revisee believes that it’s worth it: “Yes, it is quite expensive, but I’m so glad I have received the best sleep in years.”

Best adjustable pillow

Coop Home Goods Eden Bed Pillow

“For me the most essential part is the adaptable portion, as I have difficulties in finding even in the market the correct thickness,” says one reviewer adding that after experiencing this adjustable one, Coop Home would never return to his “old feather pillow.” Another reviser spent a lot of time attempting to locate the right cushion, but “either they lacked sufficient assistance or finally felt like sleeping on a steep rock.” She believes the problem has been alleviated since this cushion can be adjusted to eliminate moisture. I felt ‘Ah…’ on the first night, with the springy body responding, with the perfect sum of goodness.” A third reviewer reported that this cushion helped to reduce “neck, shoulder and back problems” for five years. “I can claim I had my first night’s sleep in over a year and I wake up almost without pain without exaggeration.” They write. And again “suffered from significant neck discomfort,” and this is the first pillow to go directly to its “pillow tomb” in a long time, noting, “As there is a lot of filling in all Coop pillows, this is how you create it: ultra lofty, medium loft or reasonably flat. It is the same thing that makes it. YOU make up your mind. FINALLY, for individuals like me somebody has found a solution.”

Best (less expensive) adjustable pillow

Dream Rite Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

“This is perhaps what you want if you prefer a large, thick pillow which is close to the pillowcase and is nice like a bolster in your bed,” says a reviewer, adding, “if you’re a stomach sleeper wanting a thin yet supporting pillow, it may be what you want, too! You are able to remove the lid and remove the filler as much as you like.” Once you have found the right quantity of memory smoke, “The fillings clearly appear as a memory smoke on the contours of your head, but according to one reviewers the pillow has no “dead” sensation. In fact, over a quarter of the revisers adore the adjustable pillow which means it’s a smart buy for a number of people – and hundreds of revisers also witness to the coolness of this pillow, which is a shock to many considering the structure of its memory foam.

Best firm pillow

Sealy Molded Memory Foam Pillow

The extra support that this firm pillow, constructed of memory foam, provides for hundreds of side- and back-sleepers. One says that they have finally “discovered the one who is the perfect loft, right amount of support and right amount of softness” after testing 20 various types. Crucially, they add “this doesn’t fluctuate during the night so as to wake you up to adjust your pillow” and also “is not hard stone.” They say that, unlike other solid foam pillows they tried. Another “pillow snob” self-described thinks that Sealy’s “SO COMFY!” Just the nicest cushion I ever had. At first, it was love that lay down earnestly.” And a third reviewer has likewise tried “probably twenty different pillows” and never liked them until they discovered it. “Seriously. They write, “Love it.” “It does not sink in thus it really does support. I’m more in alignment with my neck and spine because of less discomfort and aches.”

Best medium support pillow

viewstar Queen Pillows for Sleeping, Bed Pillows

There are a group of reviewers who have been hunting for the right intermediate pillow for a long time – not too soft, but not too hard – that is the way they say it. “A five-star review on a pillow, I couldn’t believe I could ACTUALLY do it. I have been a goldsmith for 10 years and have tried all the known pillows that man knows: memory foam, curved pillows, sweaters, bamboos, and the Lord knows what else,” writes a reviewer who says that none of these pillows could support their neck or retain its form properly. “I was reluctant, when they arrived, since a couple of hours after they opened appeared dim. Well, whatever I can say is that it’s a mark! They were blown up 48 hours later and now I have the greatest pillows that I have ever had.” Another self-professed “pillow snob” endorses its not-too-soft, unsolid stuffing. It’s fluffy, soft and also sturdy and supporting that I enjoy my pillows. Over time, I don’t like them smuggling, squishing or losing their form. “I’ve purchased this pillow most from far throughout the years! They’re light, fluffy, but they’re very strong.” They remark, “The life easily puffs in with little or no effort,” on the odd time they have to be fluffy.

Best (less-expensive) medium support pillow

Celeep Queen Bed Pillows

“It’s good and solid, but not too hard and support my head and neck pleasantly while I sleep,” said one of those more inexpensive medium-support pillows who, after only one night sleeping on them, made their necks considerably worse. Another reviewer who “particularly doesn’t like hard / firm pillows” but who also doesn’t “like limp pillows” believes that they are a “happy medium” that “go strong” after six months. The pillows are also filled with microfibers that will not move inside the pillow case, as reviews report it keeps its form long after they are tossed into a washing machine.

Best soft pillow

Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows

“These pillows are the sky,” one reviewer says, who purchased 10 of them “then purchased more.” Someone else thinks they’re so “gently gentle” that “they’re embarrassed about your pet bear.” One examiner states “the most comfy pillows in a long time are serious.” They were acquired by a college student since it fitted into their budget, but in general, they were impressed to write “They are really nice and squishy. My bed is crazy and this has certainly increased.” Another reviewer has now “over a week” slept on them, stating “they remain fluffy and plump. I’m also difficult on pillows. I shift them all night, snuggled to my stomach, and even between my knees, under my head. I’m fascinated by the way they ‘remember’ that they fluff.”

Best orthopedic pillow

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

“Anyone with a persistent neck ache dreams about this cushion,” says one of the customers, who agree hundreds more that this orthopedic pillow has helped ease their agony. An examiner has arthritis in her neck which creates “sufficient discomfort in my neck to weep and limits the movement of her neck.” And she wrote after a week’s sleep on this pillow, “I can’t be happier. My quality of sleep is improved. I am mainly a sleeper on the side and this cushion helps me to sleep comfortably on my face while maintaining my neck in a good alignment.” Another reviewer claims this pillow similarly strikes the mix of convenience and firmness: “You truly crack and support your neck without feeling that you’re getting from other orthopedic pillows.” And many reviewers saw a change on the pillow the first time, as a reviewer who says, “I have been sleeping for the first time in the night in which I don’t know how long and have been waking up with zero neck discomfort. Every cent is valuable. Is it the squishiest cushion ever comfortable? Nope. But if you don’t want squishy, you want support if you have neck discomfort.”

Best down pillow

puredown Goose Down Feather Sleeping 100% Cotton Pillow

“Love, love, love this cushion,” one reviewer said, said, “I’m in heaven.” A must locate the ‘proper’ cushion for those who don’t appear. You’re not able to sleep amazingly when you never had a pillow down in your live.” Another had a negative experience with pillows full of feather and said they were “poked” his face, but he writes with those pillows, “Softly against my face, but like other pillows “alternatively down,” the pillow is not falling down. It’s precisely where I want it, I can shape it.” Dozens more like that, including one assessor who writes: “You may fuck them so that you put the cushion crackles your head when you put your head in the center. These pillows are amazing quality; simple to flap and I truly feel like sleeping in places that I haven’t found names for, whether it’s on my side or back.”

Best hotel-quality pillow

Continental Bedding White Goose Down Luxury Pillow

“Soft yet firm, it offers good help, remains quite fleeting, and is really not as sleepy,” writes one reviewer who “couldn’t sleep” without a goose-down pillow. No difficult quills are poking your face.” Dozens of reviewers think of these hotel pillows like one who writes: “I feel as if I slept on one of those fantastic pillows of the hotel each night.” One says that they are “better than any other five-star hotel pillow,” adding, “It seems like putting a lot down in, it’s tightly packed, it offers a strong, yet soft feeling.” An alternative reviewer claims they “didn’t have a fresh down pillow in over 20 years since they are all terrible.” “I have not had the freshest cushion in more than 20 years.” They “took an opportunity” to say “Best pillow ever! With that one! Everything may wake me awake, but not with that.” Some reviews ask if this pillow is indeed a real goose down, however this reviewer writes: “If you’re like myself, this is a rare discovery. I am thrilled. I am thrilled. Soft, yet not too mushy and with no plumes. So now I would suggest order.” This is the genuine deal.

Best cooling pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Original Pillow

“I hate to wake up all night to turn my cold pillow again,” one reviewer adds, “this pillow is their solution, but it’s supporting and no longer sweating in the night. This pillow is the only way they can sleep. I would never have thought a memory-smooth pillow could be interesting, but it’s a cover on this one.” Other customers concur that “this feeling is really cool” and “excellent for people who become too overheated.” You caution against being “rolled and vacuum-dressed like a cigar and seems more flattened than flat,” but you tell us, “Give it some time and it becomes shaped again, or you can flicker it yourself. However, apart from the refrigeration feature, which put this pillow at the top of our best refrigeration list, reviewers believe it’s merely an easy-to-use pillow. “Oh, it’s a heavenly cushion. I used my pillow for around a week and it’s my new best buddy,” writes one reviewer who tells us that she is “seriously injured in the neck,” and regularly wakes up with “stiffness and discomfort.” “This cushion’s exquisite, well-built and formided,” she adds, she was supported by this pillow. It is soft and hefty and quickly adapts and shapes to the appropriate position and remains as you like it.”

Best (less-expensive) cooling pillow

Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

This pillow is a touch less costly than the preceding pillow (but almost as well rated), packed with a shredding memory foam in a breathable, washable coat in bamboo. “I never realized that a cushion was necessary,” a heated sleeper starts who says, “on one hand, they’re quite cool. We adore them.” We love them.” Many people also like that the cushion is adjustable. “To change your height I love to remove anything of the item,” starts one reviewer, who bought numerous “coolings,” adjustable memory-spum pillows just before, “doesn’t work”. “It’s not that problem with this cushion. It’s chilly all night and comfy,” so much so that the day after it was received, they bought another. In brief “Wonderful pillow, amazing price, great sleep at night” another reviewer, who’s one of them, stomach, sleeper and “memory foam” technology, finds it really “extremely supportive in all three positions. And he’s promising to “make you cool at night when you typically sleep hot.”

Best beauty pillow

YourFacePillow - Memory Foam Beauty Pillow

Customers think this cushion helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines that might appear when they sleep on their faces. One of the reviewers states that she had “noticeable bottom packs” and noted that “It’s because I have to sleep on my sides and squash my face all night long.” After two weeks of using the pillow, she said, “I observed that when I woke and looked in the mirror, the markings of the under-eye-crease somewhat decreased and that vertical dot lines on the sides of my forehead were no longer seen.” One such “side-sleeper” claims her mother is “strongly unlined” and sleeps on her back. Suspected of having a correlation, she “purchased this in hope that it would assist me to sleep back,” and she notes that a “slow but steady progress has been seen. It’s a comfy and promising cushion.” And other people overall feel that, despite the possible benefits, it’s incredibly comfy. You name it “quite self sleeping tiny marshmallow,” and you add, “I feel pleased when I lie down against it!”

Best pillow for neck support

White Classic Luxury Bed Pillow

Many examiners who recover from neck injury or seek to calm down neck discomfort state that this pillow offers more than adequate support, such as a reviewer who “wakes my other stiffer pillows with terrible neck ache, because I am a sleeper side.” They say, ‘I haven’t experienced pain or stiffness because I have bought them once.’ Another one called “complete solidity. The pillow has a form that flats or squashes in the skin and neck. And a third reviewer says they “sleep on a beautiful cloud.” So soft, yet my head and neck are still supportive.” One examiner lamented for months that he had “tried all sorts of pillows” and was not able to get rid of their agony. They said, “I just had your cushion for a few days and my neck ache decreased tremendously,” after buying this pillow.