The Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Minnesota

places to visit in mn

In the Midwest, Minnesota is known for its vast number of lakes. In reality, there are even more! Clearly, this state would make a perfect destination with all those water-related activities available to tourists and lovers alike. Here’s what you should do Must-see attractions in Minnesotawhet your pack:

Top 10: Voyageurs National Park

The beautiful National Park of Voyageurs was created to preserve the rich history and tradition Native Americans have had for centuries. With water surrounding it, this park has miles upon pristine shorelines with only small islands in sight!

It is a perfect place to get outdoors and explore. More than 50 miles of hiking trails are just one big draw, but if you’re willing to go off-road there’s plenty more wildlife that can be seen in this park! The best time for me was during my visit last summer when I saw Eastern Timber Wolves as well as bald eagles, otters, or even moose at various points along their routes throughout the day depending on what they were up to (and chances are good because these animals live here).

Top 9: Pipestone National Monument

The Pipestone National Monument is the main attraction in a city that, like many others across America’s heartland, was built on top of ancient Native American settlements. The historic site offers spectacular views over plains from atop Buffalo Ridge where you can watch craftsmen use pink Sioux Quartzite to create beautiful pieces for themselves and other travelers alike!

Top 8: Mall of America

If you are a shopping enthusiast, then Bloomington is the place for your next adventure. The Mall of America has everything from high-end clothing to amusement park rides; there really isn’t anything this mall doesn’t have!

A trip down memory lane will take me back when my family used to visit arcades and go antique browsing in downtown stores like Bon Marche before it became just one big outlet center with no soul left inside those once cozy boutiques.

Top 7: Grand Marais

The Mall of America is a mecca for shopping enthusiasts. It’s home to over two hundred stores and more than forty restaurants, making it the perfect destination if you are seeking great deals or just looking to spend time in an enjoyable environment away from your busy schedule! There’s even an aquarium inside where visitors can go see fish up close while seeing how they live on dry land too; all enclosed under one roof no less-talk about convenient location!

Top 6: Itasca State Park

The largest and most popular state park in Minnesota is Itasca. The park offers something for everyone, boasting old-growth forests with crystal clear streams and lakes perfect for watersports that are found along its mile-long riverfront or within ancient Timberwolves Cave where Paleolithic man left his paintings on stone walls more than 10 thousand years ago!

Top 5: Saint Paul

Visiting the state won’t be complete without exploring Saint Paul. This capital city lies adjacent to Minneapolis, and together they form one big metropolitan area known as “the Twin Cities.” One of my most iconic structures in this historic town is The Landmark Center which hosts restaurants like City Works Brasserie & Bar or Surly Girl Cafe on its ground floor!

Designed to be a federal courthouse and post office, the castle-like structure of Landmark Center is now home to eclectic galleries. Not only are there sculptures on site but visitors can also enjoy access to Wabasha Street Caves which were once used as secret speakeasies!

Top 4: Duluth

The port city of Duluth is an incredible destination on the shores of Lake Superior. It’s widely recognized as one if not the most scenic cities in Midwest, and it is easy to see why! This was originally settled around 700 feet high so much Downtown boasts great views over the water below. If you only have time to visit here let it be Canal Park where there’s a pathway along the four-mile-long canal with a lighthouse pier; also find countless shops restaurants-tourism attractions.

Top 3: Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Do you want to get away from the crowds? In Minnesota, there’s an entire part of our state where you can go and not see a single person. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area offers access for those who come unprepared- it may seem like just one big wilderness at first but with so many lakes that connect together in all different ways; taking your time while traveling through this area won’t feel rushed or suffocating as much because there will always be more than enough water around make sure nothing gets boring!

Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. There’s nothing like waking up in the wilderness, listening for wildlife, or watching as trees shedding their leaves become silhouettes against an autumn sky before they fall on top of each other turning them into one giant carpet of gold!

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Top 2: North Shore Scenic Drive

The North Shore Scenic Drive is a must-see for any traveler. Just over 140 miles long and you’ll be able to see the shoreline of Lake Superior in all its glory! This drive can easily take up your whole day so don’t forget about stopping at one scenic spot before continuing on down the road.

The North Shore of Lake Superior is a beautiful drive that offers many attractions. You can spot the Sawtooth Mountains, blue waters of Lake Superior, and striking lighthouses while driving along this stretch with its scenic bonuses including waterfalls!

Top 1: Minneapolis

Minneapolis has it all. With an eclectic mix of sports and culture, nightlife galore in the form of Downtown Minneapolis clubs like First Avenue where you can catch your favorite band’s live performance as well as some great art museums for those who want to experience history firsthand-Minneapolis tops this list on so many levels!