The Top 10 Very Best Safety Razors

best safety razor

Ask any man what he uses to shave and the answer will likely be some kind of cartridge-based razor, either from Gillette or Schick. But professional barbers we spoke with said that if you want a better way for at-home use without irritation then it’s best to go over safety razors which have been around since 1903!

The safety razor is a long-term solution for those who want an economical and close shave without the irritation that comes from using blades. The single double-sided blade provides better results than cartridges because there’s no need to change out dulling components, which can cause ingrown hair or other problems on sensitive skin types like ours!

The safety razor is a popular choice for those who want to save money on their shaving routine. blades cost less than cartridges, and because there isn’t any risk of getting cut if you’re slow-moving or too quiet – it’s easy enough that most people will be able to take care of themselves without needing much help from others!

If you’re looking to take your shaving game up a notch, then this is the post for YOU. We spoke with 12 barbers and got their recommendations on which safety razor they recommend most – clickable table of contents below! Or read further down where we’ve included some tips as well as tricks that will help get those tough spots off easy (and without mistakes).

Best overall safety razor

Merkur 34C Heavy-duty Short-Handle Safety Razor

The experts were split when they came to choosing the best safety razor for beginners, but four out of five preferred Merkur’s three-inch model. The company’s long history and reputation as a quality manufacturer made it one choice that many people agreed on – not just among those who specialize in razors!

If you’re looking for a razor that is easy to use and can provide a smooth shave, then the Merkur 34C may be your best option. With its shortest handle of any safety-razor on this list (which makes it super simple), unhindered by any extra parts or pieces like most other brands do; Plus David Notis uses his with success after at least six years!

Best (less expensive) short-handle safety razors

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Short Handle

This safety razor has the same mechanism as Merkur 34C but at an affordable price. Its weight of it combined with a shorter handle makes this product user-friendly for everyone! Many barbers are recommending Edwin Jagger’s brand new Safety Razor to their clients because they love how easy-to-use, yet still high quality our razors really are in comparison to others on the market today,” says Mark Miguez from Friend Of A Barber.”

“The handle is light and small, but the head has been made out of heavy metal which keeps me from cutting myself while still giving that control,” he says. Miguez actually switched to using this razor after his skin react badly when shaving with Gillette or Bic cartridge razors; however, since then he reports experiencing no irritation at all!

Best long-handle safety razor

Merkur 38C Heavy-Duty Long Handle Safety Razor

The Merkur 34C is a great all-around razor and his go-to recommendation for beginners, but personally, I prefer the 38c. The extra length on this model makes it easier (and more comfortable) in my opinion; while at four ounces they’re not exactly light weights., having that extra inch helps when shaving off those stubborn parts near your face!

Best (less expensive) long-handle safety razor

Merkur 23C Classic Long Handle Safety Razor

For those looking to make the switch from commercial shaving products, this is a great option. The 23C razor was recommended by Paul Langevin of Mildred New York and it has an average weight with plenty going on in its design that will provide you comfort as well ease into safer choices for your face hairs!

Best butterfly safety razor

This Parker butterfly razor is one of the best-known safety razors on this list. With five blades and a weight that’s almost four ounces, it has been called “the Cadillac” by many barbers who use them at home or in their shop for luxury shaving needs!

Best lightweight butterfly safety razor

Vikings Blade “The Chieftain” Butterfly Safety Razor

Heather Manto, owner of Austin’s Independence Barber Co., recommends the Vikings Blade butterfly safety razor. She says it gives you that old-time experience with a close shave without any risk for nicks or cuts because they are so light weight and easy to use!

Best adjustable safety razor

Most safety razors are rigid, which means you’re stuck with whatever cutting angle is built into the razor and how it closes around a blade. While this simplifies use for many people who don’t want to experiment much or spend money on multiple products they may not like in order to find out what works best (a common problem), those looking specifically at SHAVES instead of RAZORs will need something different because there isn’t always an easy answer when experimenting!

The Merkur Progress is a great option for those who want to have more control over their shave. It comes with five settings that can be twist dialed in order from mild (soap) all way up towards aggressive shaving style(3 setting). This one accommodate both short handles as well long ones, giving you options no matter what your length preference may happen too!

Best safety razor for sensitive skin

Bevel is one of the few companies taking a new approach to safety razors. It has an entire line-up, including blades and pre-shave oils but also more elaborate items like shaving cream for those who prefer not to use traditional soap or water methods; it’s tailored specifically towards African American facial hair with shorter handles (under three-inch length) that minimize ingrown/irritation caused by sensitive skin types – so if you’re prone to these problems then this may be something worth looking into!

Best open-comb safety razor

The Muhle R41 is a great choice for those who want an open-comb style with the closest shave possible. Though it may be too aggressive of cutters and not suited towards beginners, experts will love this razor because its light weight (just over two ounces) makes handling easy as well!