The Best Sex-Toy Storage You Should Know

sex toy storage

You might run out of room and search for a more efficient way to keep all of them if your bedside drawer houses an ever-expanding range of loose vibrators, air traction toys, strokers and beads. According to the experts we spoke to, using something intended really to store sex toys would not only help them organize, but will also assist to maintain them in peak shape. “There are three aspects to remember when you save your toys: dust, temperature and accessibility,” said sex teacher Dirty Lola. The ideal storage for sex play is to protect you from dust collection, and whatever you put in, she advises that toys should be kept in a cool area, dry since “excessive heat and moisture can harm your toys over time.” In the field of accessibility, the sex educator Lola Jean suggests that vibrators and lubricant be kept within reach, “organized by purpose or use,” while less-used devices may otherwise be stowed, such as below a bed. And all our specialists accept that if you buy any toy you should utilize to keep it. “When each toy comes with one, whether it is cot, satin or velvet,” explained Erotic Pädagogue Taylor Sparks, the creator of the Black-owned adult store Organic Loven.

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We have invited Dirty Lola, Lola Jean, Sparks and six other specialists – including sex writers, sex stores owners and sex podcasters – to discover their finest sex-toy storage for items that do not come with itself or to stock numerous products together. You will find their favorite solutions from sack pouches in a drawer, to bins that can clean your toys and to travel-friendly storage choices. We have grouped the products for you to search by type – bags, boxes, and travel storage – leading each category with all things we hear as far as possible.

Best storage bags for sex toys

Even if you possess only one toy, if it doesn’t have your own storage bag, our experts suggest that if you don’t have something like this (such as an old shoe bag) sitting around the home, you should consider buying an inexpensive one like that. Gigi Engle, the author of All The F*cking Mistakes: A Guide to Sex, Love, and Life, who has written “prevents the toy from being disgusting between sex sessions,” is the author for this bag. This is a recommendation. Sex teacher and author Elle Stanger explains why sex toys should not just be littered in a drawer or other storehouse: “They should not contact one another squishy or softer material while saved, because they can ‘melt’ or discolor one another.”

b-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch

Sparks recommends this (very) higher-tech pouch variant. The B-Vibe bag includes UV inside light for the storage of toys which Lola Jean says is “a fantastic method to clean your toys carefully.” You only have to seal the pocket, put a toy within it and squeeze to activate it. The UV light has done its job after three minutes and your toy is ready for your next session of self-love.

Liberator Tallulah Suede Locking Sex Toy Case, Charcoal Microsuede

While you may certainly storage your children in a drawer in pouches like the ones above in one or two toys, Sparks adds, “if you have more than one, you might consider this micro suede case (which basically looks like a Dopp kit) to be an option to keep them together. The case is made of ‘nylon-resistant to water’ to provide extra protection and can be simply locked with the built-in padlock and key. It can easily contain a few large walls and smaller toys, according to her, however, for the reasons that Stanger has described, if you put many toys in her, each one should still go in their own unique cloth bag.

Best storage boxes for sex toys

Boxes by design will be a little bigger than sackcloths, but the ones we heard about are small enough to hang beneath a bed. Since boxes usually include more toys than bags or pouches, folks with several plays probably choose one. According to Sparks, Lola Jean and Emily Morse, Ph.D., the sex educator, the relationship expert, and the host of sex with Emily podcast, owners of various toys, which desire stocking that can also clean (and carry) should try UVee homeplay. “To 99% of all bacteria that cause infections connected with adult toys, it kills,” said Sparks. Sparks should be able to accommodate between three and five toys, depending on their size. The homeplay features 3 internal USB ports for plug-in chargers while charging, and it starts charging any toys on the Homeplay itself after you have plugged in and locked the cover.


Two of the experts propose the Joyboxx, which Dirty Lola is like a Caboodle, to be a simpler, more inexpensive storage box. She says, “It’s strong, sweet, lockable and it is retro-like.” Sofiya Alexandra, a co-host of the love and sexuality podcast Private Parts Unknown, thinks it’s the perfect size for a pair of toys and accessories like like a lubricant. Made of food-resistant, nonporous plastic, it features careful details such as a hole in which to place loaders and a combination lock to hold unwelcome hands. Just remember, any toys placed here should still go into separate sackcloths.

“I adore Moi, it’s a gem, and you can leave it in the open,” adds Dirty Lola. “I enjoy Moi. A soft interior with mesh boxes is in the coating box to preserve your collection smooth. “You only have to hide a little bit,” she adds. “It’s wonderful.” Just with the Joyboxx, all toys inside their own bags should be inside.


There are always some people who prefer to put a lot into one item – and they could search for storage befitting of their big stashes when that kind of thing happens to be sex toys. While she doesn’t, Courtney Kocak, another host of Private Parts Unknown, told us that “I have an eye on this beautiful trunk because my collection is growing; this is a lovely piece of organizing equipment that makes me all aroused.” The lockable and faux-leather trunk upholstered with red velvet opens into a wardrobe with drawers, hooks and slots for storing sex toys and accessories of every kind. (Again, if they come in contact with one other, these should be kept in different bags.) When closed, it appears more like a luxury suitcase or short case and is sufficiently small for most mattresses to slip beneath.


Best sex-toy storage for travel

Dirty Lola considers Liberator’s bedroom gear “a personal favour,” stating that it contains a host of storage choices across various sizes and designs. Her favorite of them is this Tristan Toy Bag that she claims looks more like “a sophisticated duffel bag,” so she enjoys it when she travels with sex toys. She ensures that a Magic Wall vibrator and many more toys fit comfortably yet small (that should be kept in individual bags if packed together). “I’ve been carrying it on a plane and nobody has been batting an eye on it with sex toys,” she adds, stressing that it is just as covert when you are strolling to your partner’s pad.

People who have several BDSM toys might like this organizer with a large variety of slots and compartments. Kenneth Play, the developer of the “Sex Hacker Pro” series and a co-founder of Hacienda Villa, a sex-positive community, is recommending this approach. The easy-to-carry bag rolls into a tube and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap when your equipment is packed. If not in use, loops on the top of the bag make hanging in a closet easy.


“This lockable container is ideal for storing on-the-go,” said Kocak, adding she used it a lot “on the pre-Rona podcast.” Small enough to fit into a case, the shell has a hard time keeping any toys inside. The manufacturer states “coated with special antibacterial material to keep your toys clean,” however if you want to make it with more than one toys, it is definitely a good idea to place toys in different bags.