The Top 10 Best States to Visit in the USA

best states to visit

The United States is a kaleidoscope of cosmopolitan cities, rich cultures, and enchanting landscapes. The country caters for everything from city breaks to longer escapes in nature that offer something different each time you visit!

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The United States of America is a country in North America that hosts amazing attractions and unique characters. From Alaska’s wilderness to California’s wineries, there are so many places you can go with only one trip! New York State offers bucket list sights for everyone who visits it such as the Grand Canyon or Hollywood sign while Florida has beaches just waiting to be explored if all else fails during summertime heat waves–you know it will be worth staying hydrated when temperatures get too high outside!

Top 10: Washington


Washington is a good place to start when visiting America. It’s been nicknamed the Evergreen State because it has an abundance of green forests, particularly in Seattle and its Emerald City namesake. Interestingly enough Washington produces more apples than any other U-S state; this also makes them one of the best states if you’re looking for delicious fruit! and talking abut those human remains found here: they are believed by some scientists to be almost 11 thousand years old making them older than bronze age civilizations like Sumer or Egypt!?

With its wide range of landscapes and activities, Washington state is perfect for travelers who want to explore both sides. The North Cascades mountains offer a serene setting with Olympic sized waterfalls as well as steep terrain that climbers can enjoy; while the San Juan Islands are home-sweet-home on this archipelago where visitors will find plenty more options if they’re looking for outdoor adventures like kayaking through picturesque bodies of ocean waters or whale watching near popular fishing spots such islands have become known around these parts for their abundant bird population too!

Top 9: Wyoming


Wyoming is a wild and wonderful place. Despite its large size, it’s one of the most sparsely populated states in America where you’ll swap city sights for national parks, cowboys’ ranches hot springs – endless wilderness!

Wyoming is not just about Yellowstone National Park, it’s also home to Grand Teton and Hot Springs. Hike through the backcountry or head into town for some shopping while you’re here!

Wyoming is home to more geysers than any other place in the world. Yellowstone National Park, with its extraordinary wildlife and thermal activity, makes it a must for outdoor lovers!

Top 8: Texas


Texas is the second-largest state in America, but it really packs a punch. Situated on the southern end of our country and home to more bird species than any other U S State (which makes sense as there are so many different types), Texas has long been known for its soaring temperatures, famous Texan BBQs with beef brisket being at or near perfection! And who could forget those majestic landscapes; from rolling hillsides covered by scrub oak trees picture postcard perfect views down below?

For a little bit of Texas history, head over to San Antonio. You can take your time wandering along the river walk and enjoy all it has Offer!
The Lone Star State (so-called for its flag) still feels different from other states in America despite being one giant mass with 28 cities spread across its vastness – but don’t worry because these proud people share similar values such as patriotism & culture. For something more recent look at how this state played an integral role during the 1835 Texan independence war against Mexico when they were Defenders Of The Alamo

Top 7: Colorado


From the highest elevated state in America, Colorado is a beautiful mountain landscape characterized by deep canyons and gorgeous rivers. Visited for its nature-based attractions such as mountains or forests; Denver – The Mile High City also has an epic nightlife scene worth checking out!

Colorado is the ultimate destination for travelers of all types. It has a knack for creating unique experiences and amenities that will satisfy any appetite, from its vast natural beauty to world-class resorts with luxurious hotels where you can enjoy some time off after exploring this incredible state!

Colorado is known for its year-round skiing opportunities. Home to a host of excellent ski resorts like Aspen and Vail, the frequent mountain snowstorms ensure that there’s always fresh powder on which travelers can take advantage with their favorite sport: sliding down hills at breakneck speeds! While some locations may have better deals than others during different times throughout any given season-best bets seem between February through March when conditions are cold enough but not too much else gets in your way or clutters up views outside.

Top 6: Alaska


Alaska is a land of many lakes and rivers. Covering around 5% of the entire state, it contains thousands of glistening glaciers that locals call “gas tankers”.

I’ve always loved visiting this captivating place where nature can be seen at its most extravagant!

It’s hard to believe that Alaska is the last frontier of America. The state may be isolated, but it has everything a great vacation should have – beautiful scenery and pristine wildlife!

A visit here will give you an idea about this wonderful place while also providing some amazing memories for your future trips around North America or even beyond; after all who knows what could happen in another lifetime?

The best thing about Alaska is that you can witness the Northern Lights for nearly two months every year. The low light levels in some parts make up for it, and this time could be ideal if watching wildlife becomes your thing!

Top 5: Arizona


The state of Arizona is a wonderland for the senses. From its iconic landscape to captivating culture, this southwest treasure has it all and more! Arizona is a scenic state with plenty of mountains and forests. It’s home to the Grand Canyon, which can be found in addition to Arizona’s many other natural wonders such as Ponderosa pine trees or Monument Valley where you’ll find some incredible geology. Make sure not only take time for viewing these beautiful sites but also explore smaller towns like Phoenix that offer spa treatments at championship golf courses!

Top 4: New York

New York

The North-Eastern part of America is where you can find New York State. It’s most famous for its cosmopolitan sights, like the glitz and glamor that lives on Manhattan’s high rises as well as bustling Times Square in NYC! And if all this isn’t enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it then I’ve got some great news – there are also fresh green walkways right outside Central Park which will leave even more impression on anyone who walks by them.

New York is a must-see destination for those looking to take in the bustling city life, but there are other hidden gems upstate. One of these that will delight even the most avid traveler is Adirondacks National Park where you can hike and explore nature at leisure without any crowds or loud noises from people around them!

Top 3: Hawaii


The state of Hawaii is a magical place, with over 130 islands! The only problem? You’ll need to plan your trip carefully because it’s the only American state that has no cities. But what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore this endless network now before all these uninhabited land masses become popular spots later down the road!

Hawaii is a paradise for those who love to eat. With more than 300 restaurants, you’re guaranteed great food no matter which island or town in Hawaii interests you most! And with the world’s largest coffee crop coming from just one state – Oahu- there are even plenty of places around town where your caffeine addiction can be satisfied.

Top 2: Florida


Florida is where the fun happens; a fact that’s backed by the 90-million-plus visitors that visit here every year. Known as the Sunshine State, it’s chock-a-block with family-friendly attractions, from theme parks to water parks and beaches. Plus, it boasts over 230 days of sunshine a year!

Orlando may be the most popular theme park in America, but it’s not without its challenges. Miami has some great white-sand beaches and glitzy beach resorts to offer visitors as well! And if you’re not looking for heavily populated areas near Orlando or Tampa Bay then Florida is definitely worth considering with over 7k lakes alone just waiting for your next fishing trip (or picnic!).

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Top 1: California


California is a destination for those looking to escape from the cold winter months. With its glorious beaches, great weather and undulating wine country this state have it all! Indulge your inner child with a visit into Anaheim’s Disneyland Park or discover San Diego’s endless water parks that offer thrilling thrills without spills at their best facilities; also known as “The Grape State”. California produces nearly 90% of American wines so come thirsty on your next vacation!

The beautiful landscapes of California are a photographer’s dream. From coastlines and deserts to mountainous regions, there is so much variety in this state that it will make your heart sing with joy! Hike up into Yosemite National Park or explore Death Valley at its lowest point- not just for the adventure but also because these landmarks offer some truly breathtaking views no matter what time of year you go during peak season (June – September). For more relaxing shots without having any tourists around try taking photos near San Francisco Bay while walking alongside historic Alcatraz Island prison—it’s spooky yet amazing all at once!!