The Best Straight Razors You Should Buy


In the market for a new straight razor? There are a lot of different ones to choose from, so it can be tough to decide which is the best one for you. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best straight razors on the market and what makes them stand out from the competition. We’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the right razor for your needs. So if you’re ready to ditch your old, dull razor and upgrade to something that will give you a closer shave, keep reading!

Straight razors offer many benefits over the other types of blades, such as safety and cartridge. They give you complete control which is not true for any other kind of blade- razor companies can’t claim this one! Straight Razor City says that when it comes to shaving quality has never mattered more so try out some high-end straight edge blades today if you’re looking for an incredibly close shave with no risk or accidents in store because who wants dry skin after getting their beautiful face fuzzy n’ scented from all those good old fashion oils?

Master barber Angelo Ruscetta says that with a straight razor you can adjust the angle of the blade way more than any other kind, which gives an aggressive shave or goes really light. Straight razors are also great for shaping and edging beards because it takes patience to master the technique; however if you pop balloons before starting then probably going to hurt yourself since air comes out when I inflate them so watch out!

Best overall shavette straight razor

Dovo Silver Shavette Satin-Finish Straight Razor

The opinions of barbers on razors are as diverse and unique to each person who shaves with them. The ones we spoke too for this article didn’t overlap much in their recommendations, but certain brands came up more than others- especially German company Dovo whose traditional straight razor was mentioned by five separate people including two specific individuals recommending its use!

Best (less-expensive) shavette straight razor

Though he has tried many different styles of shavette over the years, Ruscetta told us that Parker’s stainless steel design is his favorite. The weighty build quality and sleek look are just some aspects that make this product stand out from others in its class as well-known for high performance at an affordable price point or durability without sacrificing style points – something everyone can appreciate when it comes down to their own personal safety while using these types tool(s). For example: “the detail put into making sure blades snap securely into place”

Best under-$20 shavette straight razor

The Lord single-edge blades are a perfect fit for this budget-friendly metal shavette. “I’ve used it on clients for years,” says Wilburn, who recommends the knife as well due to its durability and quality construction that will last forever!

Best made-in-Japan shavette with a straight handle

Japanese blades are known for their quality and Feather is no exception. Three barbers named it as one of the best companies to buy a razor from, with each choosing different models in its Artist Club SS line because they say that this product has been very popular among professionals like them who work many hours shaping facial hair all day long!

Feather razor blades are known for their high quality and accuracy. This particular model has an extra sharp double-edge blade that will only work with these types of razors, making it perfect if you want to maintain your facial hair in check while also getting a close shave without any hassle or irritation! The stainless steel head naturally resists bacteria so there’s no need to worry about keeping clean water nearby when shaving; just use some soap then rinse off under running hot tap water–it couldn’t be easier!

Best made-in-Japan shavette with a folding handle

Feather Black SS Folding Handle Razor

If you want a traditional-looking razor that is also made with quality materials, this model from Feather’s SS Artist Club line should be on your list. It comes highly recommended by Brian Porteous who owns a heritage barbershop in Portland Oregon and uses it for any straight-razor shaving jobs at his shop – especially when he needs heavier blades as thicker leather strop brands do!

“I really enjoy using these because they’re durable,” says Mr. P., “and their weighty head makes sure there won’t be any accidental cuts while handling or storage.”

Best overall traditional straight razor

The experts all agreed that Dovo makes some of the best razors available, so if you’re looking to buy your first traditional straight razor it should be with this brand. Arthur Iskhakov from Barber’s Blueprint in New York says their five-eighths inch blade size is essentially standard for a good quality shave and he would recommend these Barbers use them as well!

Best large-blade traditional straight razor

For those who love traditional straight razors, Ruscetta’s favorite manufacturer is Dorko. However, he also agrees that today there are some great companies producing them and believes this particular model from Vista blades offers a better shave with its hefty six-eighths inch blade size than most others on the market because it feels more comfortable to use for him as well!