Blackview BV9800 Pro rugged smartphone Review

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Blackview BV9800 Pro Overview

Blackview, the Chinese smartphone company that’s been making waves in ruggedized devices has just announced their newest addition to its family. The black sheep of a flock or two – it’ll be called “BV10000” for now (or possibly MWC 2020) and come equipped with 5G network support! It might seem like an odd move after such recent flagship announcements from BlackView but boy did they surprise us when this little gem was revealed at Mobile World Congress last week: They pulled out one more card before our eyes; this time around bringing thermal imaging tech into every day life via smartphones…

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The BV9800 Pro is not a unique or innovative device, but it’s built to withstand tough conditions. The rugged smartphone has a metal frame with reinforced edges and plenty of textured rubber/plastic for better grip that adheres to IP68 waterproof rating as well MIL-STD 810G certification; Blackview hasn’t said if these standards were met in testing yet.

The BV9800 Pro is a beast. With its hefty weight of 322g and extra big battery, this thermal imaging camera won’t fit into your back pocket without some serious alterations!

The BV9800 Pro is a one-of-a-kind device that has the best of both worlds when it comes to cameras. There’s a 16MP front-facing camera shaped like a raindrop and a 48Mp backup with FLIR Lepton sensor paired together for some incredible photos or videos! In contrast, CAT S61 lacks this combo but does have their thermal imaging optics integrated into the body which make them stand out from competitors in my opinion – they’re worth checking out if you need these features too 🙂

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A Type-C connector can be found at the bottom of a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor, SIM tray, and power button on one side. On the opposite edge is a dedicated customizable button as well as a volume rocker for easy navigation throughout your day! The BV9800 Pro Phone has all these features so you always have access to what matters most without having any trouble using different devices or accessories.”

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The IR sensor and headphone socket are located on top of the BV9800 phone. A flap protects this essential equipment so you can be sure it will work when needed most!

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The Blackview BV9800 Pro is not a cheap device, and adding thermal imaging capabilities to it has likely pushed up the bill of materials. The company had cut back on some hardware; they’re using an older processor than what you would find in top-end smartphones nowadays – that’s because this smartphone doesn’t need peak performance as it used to!

The BV9800 Pro is a high-end mobile device that provides all the features you need to stay connected on the go. Powered by 6GB memory and 128GB storage, this powerful Windows 10 Mobile-powered smartphone will not let anything hold it back! With an extensive range of connectivity options including NFC for quick payments at your favorite store or restaurant as well WiFi hotspots everywhere else there’s no limit when using these capabilities.

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Other than the usual Google and system apps, there’s hardly any bloatware. The ubiquitous toolbox (that can be found on almost all rugged smartphones) includes a night camera thanks to the thermal sensing capabilities of FLIR Lepton one of dozen or so “tools”. Also worth mentioning free translation app which offers a large array of languages ability to do real-time translations in your own language too!


The only other FLIR-capable smartphone on the market is a Cat S61 costing more than £720, about $950. However, it has an older but still capable Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 as well as an indoor air quality monitor and laser-assisted distance measuring tool which were both features we reviewed when reviewing this model for its durability in harsh conditions!

All the other highly rated rugged smartphones that we reviewed like AGM X3 or Doogee S95 Pro do not have FLIR capabilities. You could add thermal imaging via a FLIR adapter but it is expensive (battery life can be as short as 8 hours). There’s also BV9800 which costs $400 and swaps out its camera with 16MP-ultra wide-angle setup at back – though you’ll want to use this in tandem only if your need good quality photos outweighs video recording ability.”

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The BV9800 Pro remains the best way to get a FLIR/thermal imaging device, but it is cheaper than buying an accessory that connects with your smartphone. The Cat S60 also has a 48-megapixel Sony camera and IR blaster as well as other great features like push-to-talk for emergencies or wireless charging if you want more battery life on demand!

FLIR has been a great addition to the market, and we are excited about future plans. We would like for them to integrate more advanced features with thermal imaging such as VOC measurements or laser scanning – both functions of CAT S61 radar technology–to create an all-in-one smartphone perfect for field workers operating in challenging environments!

The BV9800 Pro is a smartphone that’s not only tough but also boasts some great features. With its water-resistant body and military-grade 810G certification, it can take anything you throw at it without breaking or malfunctioning!