Booker POS Review & Pricing



Booker POS Overview

If you’re a small or large-sized business owner who needs a point of sale (POS) software to take payments, book appointments, manage employee profiles, and more – then Booker POS might be the best fit. In this review we detail its pricing features to interface support security so that it can help with your decision on whether or not they are right for what requirements!

Plans and pricing

Booker offers a variety of plans to choose from, depending on your business needs. The Starter plan ($129/month) enables you with all the necessary tools for managing and running an effective company; this includes features such as online booking, text messaging that can be used by employees or clients alike (two-way), inventory management—which stores data about what products are sold in each location over time so it’s easier for retailers know how much inventory they have available when customers check out–plus payment processing too! If 15 employee profiles aren’t enough though we’ve got higher tier packages where these limitations disappear making sure there’s no limit put onto how many people can work under one roof using our software platform.

Now you can build your own customer base with the Accelerate plan for $269/month. You’ll get features such as an email campaign builder, client forms, and more! One tier up is Ultimate which throws in automated marketing tools to nurture that growing list of satisfied customers into raving fansites – it’s worth every penny at this price point!

With the Ultimate Plus plan, you get an AI assistant that helps with booking and rescheduling. You can also register for Booker’s Branded Mobile App service which will enable your business to have its own branded app while increasing exposure on the go! The company offers no activation or sign-up fees so it’s super convenient if credit card processing is something in your future down payment plans as well.

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Booker’s most expensive Ultimate Plus plan sets you back $549/month. With this, not only do you get everything that comes with all of the other plans plus an AI assistant for booking and answering questions – but Booker also offers their own branded mobile app which increases your company’s exposure! You won’t have any activation fees or sign-up steps involved in using credit card processing through them either (which is great if getting started isn’t easy).

The Booker CRM tools help you build lasting relationships with customers of all ages. With it, not only will they be informed about their first and last visits but also the appointment history for that specific client in order to provide a more personalized experience every time! For example, if someone has young kids or told us they were interested in purchasing one product from our inventory then an alert would remind them specifically on what was discussed at length so there are no gaps between communication.

The Booker Business Intelligence Dashboard is a useful tool for retailers who want to track customer referrals, see when and how much they are spending as well the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. These insights will enable you to tweak your sales and marketing efforts in order to drive more revenue!

You can use Booker’s Messenger AI feature to communicate with your clients through SMS or web chat in real-time. This function is available right out of the box for Ultimate Plus customers, but if you don’t have that level of access then it may be an option worth considering as well!

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Interface and in-use

Booker’s interface is intuitive and straightforward. Everything has a place, with easy access to view customer history as well as process payments in just a few clicks of the button on their POS system!. The backend offers similar features for managing your customers/employees or sales that are all neatly nestled together within one dashboard–unlike some other programs out there where you have 10 tabs open trying desperately not to lose your place because they’re all different!

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Booker offers customer support via phone (Mon–Fri 9 am to 9 pm EDT), email, and social media. We tested their service and received a response within 3 days of our emails arrival; however, this was on the slow side for business owners who face pressing matters associated with payment processing. Fortunately paying customers can access live chat during business hours if they need assistance right away which is much more responsive than waiting three weeks!

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As a PCI Level 1 service provider, Booker complies with the industry standard for data handling. It ensures that all user information is stored and sent in encrypted form using strong TLS encryption protocols such as AES256-bit or IP Lock technologies which protect your sensitive files from being accessed by anyone outside of our servers unless they have direct access to them first themselves!

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If you want a simpler and more straightforward experience, then Booker might be the better option for your business. With its simple pricing plans that provide seamless integrations with fewer than 20 apps (including Facebook), it’s worthy of consideration over other options out there like Brilliant POS or Lightspeed pos which can get complicated quickly depending on what features are desired in an app/integration layer.


Booker POS offers an intuitive and clean interface that has almost no learning curve. While some users may find the lack of third-party app integrations frustrating, with features like inventory management or CRM for your business needs to be met in order.”