What is the Deal with Booty Bumping (or Boofing)

booty bump

Booty Bumping is a means of narcotics — generally methamphetamine, heroin, or cocaine – being used by your butt, often termed boofing.

It might alternatively be called “plugging,” “hoop,” “up” or “UYB.”

In the past, homosexual men, transsexual women and their partners have all been connected with it. But let’s get one thing right: booty bumping is an option for everyone, including those who don’t want anal intercourse.

Look at more closely what it’s done, how it is done, efforts to make it safer and why it can be less dangerous to some individuals than to inject, sniff or smoke.

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How is it done? How is it?

How is anything up there powdery, sticky, or rocky? It starts with having the right materials.

What’s needed

Most booty bumping materials are provided free of charge by Nextdistro, a harm reduction group, via your local syringe service program (SSP).

Includes: Materials

  • 1 ml (ml) needleless syringe
  • Clean cup of mixture (SSPs have these, or you can use a shot glass)
  • Water sterile (SSPs have pre-packaged pouches, or you can use boiled, filtered water once cooled)
  • Sterile jelly or vitamin E pills of your favorite lubricant

Further supplies may include:

  • In order to invert a superdose using opioid Naloxone (also from NextDistro)
  • Digital milligram to measure your dose properly

The process

It’s not risk-free practice of booty bumping. These precautions, however, can help you decrease your chances of infection, overdose and other hazards if you do this:

  • First thing’s first: Poop! : You may start with a clean slate
  • Plan how much you will use : Make a plan. It is vital for all intake to go sluggish to start with modest dosages and boofing is no exception. Also, for the first time you test a medication or use a fresh batch, this is something you desire. The TripSit website has dosing instructions for most medicines.
  • Measure the water : Measure sterile water from a clean cup with the help of your syringe. The amount of water necessary for your dosage can be calculated by TripSit calculator, or a volume between half and 1 mL can be calculated. Return to the cup the measured quantity and throw any more water.
  • Mix it up : Measure and combine your medicines and stir until everything is dissolved. This can be problematic if stuff persists. Some of them can be removed if you pass a coffee filter over the mix.
  • Fill the syringe and get it ready : Into your syringe, draw the solution. Lube the first inch or so Then (no need to put lubricant on the very tip).
  • Assume position : Comfort is crucial if it is on your belly, back, or side, or if it is standing on a chair with a leg. If you’re standing, it’s unlikely that liquid will run out.
  • Insert syringe : Put in the syringe slowly. You don’t have to dig deep—it works around 1 centimeter. If things seem tight, a farting movement can be made to relax.
  • Plunge : Empty the syringe content so that the liquid doesn’t get out, leaving the syringe for a few minutes.
  • Remove : Remove and throw away the syringe. You can disposal the syringe securely by putting it in a hard plastic bottle and tapping the top shut, if the syringe comes with the needles that are removed.
  • Vitamin E is used : Add the vitamin E pill to your anus to help cure any micro-tears that have taken place throughout the process.
  • Clean up : Soap and hot water, wash your hands.

Is it possible to do it without a syringe?

The safest choice are sterile syringes, but they’re not the only one.

There are those who make assumptions. However, they are usually taken with prescribed medicines and are gradual to release, which may not be perfect if you hope to experience the results fast.

Injectors with lubricants and enema bulbs can be used, although not as accurate as syringes. Sterilization is also needed for reuse (syringes, on the other hand, can be disposed of).

Stuffing” or placed medicines on your ass can create tears, increase the risk of infection and rectal bleeding, particularly by rocky and crystalline substances. This approach is thus best avoided.

How long are the effects required?

The effects often take a few minutes and continue for hours, although depending on the material used, this might vary. Keep in mind that the research around this isn’t very good, thus the precise timeframe is not certain.

When the start time for methamphetamines is concerned, some researchers Trusted Source defer Tweaker, a harm reduction resource for males who are Queer using the substance, to an estimate of 3 to 5 minutes.

No matter how you eat it, the effects of Meth are typically hours long.

The beginning time of boofing was like that of injection, which is recognized to produce quickly effects for heroin in an older 2004 clinical triand.

How does it feel? What does it feel?

Some report that the high booty bumps may be felt in your body or limb, compared to the smoking head rush.

Others also sense an excitement (including heterosexual, cisgender guys). Some — but not all, by all means — could feel shameful because of the pervasive anal stigma.

The fact that the prostate is prone to this excitement is obscured by the lengthy history of condemning so-called “sodomy.”

Some like boofing in particular because of the special excitement it may bring during sex parties. This is true of people in the chemsex and the PnP scene, primarily of gay males or transgender women and of their partners. This applies to those in the Chemsex.

Is it safer than other drug uses?

When correctly done, boofing prevents the most widely used medication routes from some dangers and effects.

Booty bumping vs injecting

Boofing can be a safer option if you want to quit injecting (or don’t start). It does not provide the same danger of abscesses, collapsed veins, endocarditis, skin infections and infections of the bloodstream.

Booty bumping vs sniffing or smoking

Nose and lung irritation, if often and without preventive measures, can be irritated by sniffing and smoking.

Moreover, equipment sharing entails the risk of virus acquiring, including SARS-CoV-2 and hepatitis C. (FYI, the same danger of viral transmission is associated with exchanging boofing materials.)

Other possible sniffing harms vary from a running nose to the formation of trout in the septum depending on the measures you take (such as dissolving cough medications).

Dissolving coarse medicines decreases the danger of nasal tissue injury.

Booty bumping can also assist you reduce your consumption compared to smoking and sniffing. More preparation is needed to boof, which might assist you to slow down and be more aware of your use.

For example, if you’re in a party, using the toilet to boof slows your rhythm more rather than passing the pipe across the room continually.

What hazards are there?

While booty bumping may offer certain advantages than injection, sniffing or smoking, it is not safe.


Boofing carries the danger of damage, like any technique of administration of medicines; here it carries the anus.

According to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and Tweaker, you can accidently rupture your anus’ inner tissue with pain and blood.

As a result, there is a risk of infection, such as HIV and hepatitis C, and lymphogranuloma venereal associated with chlamydia.

Overdose or overamping

In certain situations booty might overpower your body irrespective of the type of medicine you take.

Opioids and other depressants in the central nervous system can slow down your breathing until death. When someone has an overdose of an opiate, this is what happens.

If you combine numerous downers, your overdose risk increases. You can also contribute to the beginning or after a break since your tolerance is non-existent or decreased.

Overdose is known as overamping of stimulants. It is not characterized by drug quantity or strength, as is the case for an opioid overdose.

The NHC notes this might imply several things, from psychological crises such as anxiety or psychosis, to physical issues, such as heart attacks and strokes.

If you have not been sleeping, eating, or hydration, you could have a larger probability of overamping. You can also be made more susceptible by mixing several substances or consuming them in an unpleasant setting.

It may be tougher and faster to boof your normal sniffing or smoking dose, thus increasing your risk of overdosing or smoking.


No matter how experienced and tolerant, everyone might be overdosing or overwhelmed.

Due to the constantly shifting adulteration of the unregulated medication supply, your understanding of what is precisely in your product might be challenging.

The powerful opioid fentanyl, for example, is now often present in heroin and in stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamine.

Best practices

There are several things you can do to make your experience a little safer and more pleasant if you are going to attempt this approach:

  • If you have hemorrhoids, think carefully : Boofing may not be your best option, according to a handbook on harm reduction by the homeless support group Merchants Quay Ireland, if you have hemorrhoids.
  • Hydrate : Before drinking plenty of water. Go on and eat fiber easily in your intestines.
  • Do not share supplies : Do not share supplies. Though up or around a butt, dangerous infections and germs can spread.
  • Reach out : If you feel pain or discomfort, it is recommended to talk to a medical expert. It is particularly crucial that you connect to a health care provider, according to the San Francisco Aids Foundation, if you have severe rectal bleeding.
  • Dose yourself : How much you are doing, you would like to be in charge. It might sound like a big dosage to you if someone else’s eyes have a lesser dose.
  • Naloxone carry : Everybody taking naloxone, even if they don’t have opioids and don’t think that their medications include opioids, should have naloxone. Note: contaminants such as fentanyl appear in stimulants increasingly. You will also be able to inspect your bag using DanceSafe fentanyl test strips or your local syringe service.
  • Know how naloxone is to be used : Make sure somebody knows how to use naloxone near you. The instructions on the Narcan narcotic spray are provided in this video.
  • Have a mate : In the event of signs of an overdose you should always have a confident buddy who knows how to use naloxone in the vicinity. Tell a close friend what you can, if you’d rather be alone, and ensure they are physically accessible to you. You can also use the Never Use Alone overdose prevention hotline.


Booty bumping is a poorly talked-about technique of using narcotics. It can be a safer choice when injecting, smoking or sniffing substances generally while posing hazards.

Regardless of whether you want to use it in your sex life or attempt it as a damage reduction method, boofing may make you safer in your arsenal.

There is assistance available if you are concerned about your drug usage. You can bring it to a medical expert if you feel comfortable. Please bear in mind that patient confidentiality regulations prevent this information from being reported to police authorities.