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Canon EOS R3 Overview

The Canon EOS R3 is a combination of two types of cameras. It’s an advanced sports and wildlife camera, but also has some similarities to its smaller brother which can be used as an all-round mirrorless shooter or bulky DSLR replacement when you need one with more capabilities

The new model sits in between these options – not quite potent enough for professionals who want their gear up close at high resolution like those working with medicine bottles on stage during concerts; yet still powerful enough that even enthusiast photographers will find plenty about them useful!

Canon’s latest camera the EOS R3 is a breath of fresh air for photographers. With its 24MP backside-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor and purring photographic engine that can shoot 30fps raw burst photos, this model has all you need in one package!

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We had the opportunity to get some brief hands-on time with Canon’s new R3 camera at their UK HQ, and we’ve come away impressed. The combination of its capabilities as a full frame DSLR were matched by Sony in our short demo session – but only slightly confused instead!

Price and release date

The Canon EOS R3 is a pro-level camera that starts at $5,999 / £5,879 or AU$8. It’s cheaper than Sony A1 but more expensive than the launch price of 1D X Mark III which cost around 6k when it was released in early 2020

The Canon EOS R3 has been delayed for two months due to a global chip shortage, but at least you can buy it starting in November. The camera will likely not be very popular because its price tag means there’s no point saving up if all your money goes towards photo gear instead- right?

When it comes to cameras, the Canon EOS R3 has been getting a lot of buzz. It was announced two months ago and people are still waiting in anticipation for when they can buy one but there’s no word as of yet on availability or pricing info other than at least $2k which would make this camera out-of-reach even if you have money set aside just like we do here at Wealth Building Daily!. We’ll keep everyone updated once more precise date becomes available!


Canon’s newest mirrorless camera is the EOS R3, which mirrors what we found in our review of the Canon 1D X Mark III. This means it’s larger than Sony A1 (which does not have a built-in grip) but smaller than DSLR cousins like Nikon D7500 or Pentax KP Lens+.

The EOS R3 is considerably lighter than the 1D X Mark III, weighing 822g (or just over 1kg with a card and battery). That’s 400 grams saved! The size difference isn’t quite as noticeable when you hold them both in your hands versus standing next to each device for comparisons sake.. but it still remains- smaller bodies mean less weight without sacrificing on performance or features.

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The EOS R3 is a camera that proves you don’t need to be big and bulky in order for your gear of choice, not even when it comes down between professional sports cameras. The build quality on this model makes up for its smaller size compared with other models from Canon – like the more expensive Nikon D5300 or Sony A7RIII-. It has an aluminum body which gives off just as much strength while being lighter weight than magnesium alloys do; one would assume having such functionality means there were many steps taken before finally arriving at where these components sit today: towards shortcomings-free perfection!

The EOS R3 is a sporty, all-purpose camera meant to take on the world. It has weatherproofing like its 1D X predecessor but less extreme temperature ranges that make it more suited for portrait photography in hot and cold environments alike! Like any good DSLR though, this model still uses batteries; fortunately they’re both LP-E19s so you won’t be running out anytime soon with one being slightly larger than another (which might come into play if shooting movies).

Canons EOS R3 is clearly designed with a familiarity in mind. It doesn’t have any room for the 1D X Mark III’s mini display on its back, but most of its buttons are where you’ll find them- and it also comes equipped with smart controllers that debuted on this pro DSLR last year!

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The Canon EOS R3 is a camera that allows touch sensitive AF-On buttons for quick point selection. The added Smart Controller button has pros and cons, but mainly seems to be well liked by professionals due to its ability when shooting in portrait mode. This modified design isn’t ideal if you don’t like having extra options on your camera without customizing anything else about it since there are knurled joysticks as alternatives too!

The Canon EOS R3 is a mirrorless camera that features many differences to its company’s sports DSLR line. First and foremost, it has the same electronic viewfinder (EVF) as seen in other models like the Canon EOS R5 which provides users with 5 million dots per screen at 120fps refresh rate for fast viewing times during action shots or wild adventures!

The Canon EOS R3 is a photographer’s dream, bringing high-endurance Pro-level features to the table. It has an “OVF simulation View Assist” mode that lets you see what its camera sees outside of your frame which will come in handy for pro sports photographers like me who need this information when taking pictures from far away or up close and personal positions!

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The vari-angle touchscreen on the Canon EOS 1 DX Mark III is a much better screen for video shooters than Sony’s tilt only rear monitor, which was more suited to sports photography.

The EOS R3 is a camera with more in common to its predecessors than you might think. It has the same square display on top right, which shows your current settings and helps preserve battery life by turning off when not used as well like other devices do; while also having dedicated buttons for Drive mode metering/AF modes just like what’s found on an 1D X Mark III–which makes sense because Canon borrowed some ideas from that older model after all!

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One of the most unique features Canon has introduced to their camera line is a Multi-Function Shoe. This new invention allows for fast, two way data transfer between your device and other compatible accessories attached with it – an interesting innovation that Sony does not have in its repertoire yet!

The new Canon DM-E1D and Speedlite ST-E10 transmitters are both fully compatible with the company’s latest shoe, which means they can draw power from your camera. The hot-shoe is still a standard size so you’ll be able to use all of your old accessories as well – but there’s one downside: this device isn’t weatherproof! You may want full waterproofing if visiting inclement conditions often; however, it does come at an extra cost (for those who would like their equipment completely protected).


The new Canon EOS R3 camera is not only fast, but it also takes the battle for AF supremacy between Sony and Canon one step further. With Dual Pixel CMOS AF II system that can reach optimal focus in 0.03 seconds (compared to 0.05 seconds with previous models) this model boasts unprecedented speed which we’re excited about testing out ourselves!

In addition to its already expansive list of features, the EOS R3 also packs a new “vehicle tracking” autofocus mode that works in concert with other cameras and technologies like Olympus’ Intelligent Subject Detection AF system. This enables you to focus on close-up portraits or landscapes while avoiding motion blurs caused by subjects moving around nearby motorbikes – all without having any trouble capturing those elusive Esports moments!

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The Canon EOS R3 offers significant improvements in AF tracking over the previous model, including options for prioritizing either vehicle or helmet focus points. The system is also capable of class leading performance as seen with Animal Eye Tracking from its predecessor – should be very useful to sports photographers who need these capabilities!

The AF performance of the Canon EOS R3 is slightly better in low light than that for its predecessor, with a quoted focusing range down to -7.5 EV (think nightime scene without much moonlight) and an f/1.2 lens used as reference point ISO100 settings are employed when testing theoretical limits like these on camera capabilities; however more typical shooting circumstances will show if it fares well or not so nicely compared side byside against other models out there currently available

But the Canon EOS R3’s autofocus skills aren’t all about tracking a racing car driver’s beads of sweat on their forehead – it also brings with it an innovative new method for controlling your AF point called “eye control.” Despite sounding futuristic, this was actually first seen back in 1996 when we saw ‘Eye Controlled Autofocus System’.

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This new system from Canon will allow you to focus on your subject faster in a fast-moving scenario. The company’s Eye AF technology uses eight low powered LEDs that are strategically placed around the viewfinder of cameras, which track where one’s eyes go and then projects it onto an image sensor so they can concentrate more fully into adjusting exposure or composition without having worry about manually focusing too much!

In practice, Eye Control AF will help to track one particular subject as it moves towards you. You can then press the shutter in order for this autofocus feature of your camera system start tracking and taking pictures with its built-in focus points or area enabled – but don’t forget about manually focusing if needed!

The Canon EOS R3 is a camera that packs an impressive amount of features into its already-impressive body. It has been designed to give you more control over what your focus should be when shooting and with so many options available, it’s easy for anyone not having the right tools or training yet!
A slight potential limitation might come from needing calibration between different types of scenes which would affect how well these benefits work in various environments but one thing’s for sure; there are no other cameras like this on the market today.

Specs and performance

Canon has been developing their new 24MP sensor for years, and it was finally finished in time to make an appearance with the EOS R3. This is notable not only because of its manufacturer but also since this will be Canon’s first stacked sensors ever!

Sony has gone all in with a stacked full-frame sensor, which allows them to build complex circuitry behind the photosites. The result is higher data readout speeds and reduced ‘rolling shutter’ for video as well!

The Sony A1 was once considered by many to be the king of high-end cameras. With its 50MP sensor and 30fps shooting speed, it’s no wonder photographers were excited for this new product from their favorite camera brand! The EOS R3 is more than capable in comparison; while 24.1MP might not seem like much at first glance – especially when you consider some other models can shoot 20 or even 15+ MP photographs with similar qualities (i don’t know what those things are called) – but unlessusing cropping techniques extensively every day then there should still plenty enough resolution available without having pixelated photos all over your feed online later down

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The Canon EOS R3 is more of a rival to the Sony A9 II, which has an impressive 24MP stacked full-frame sensor. But in certain specs battles this new camera comes out on top! With continuous shooting speeds as high at 30fps and AE/AF tracking when using Electronic Shutter mode for 540 JPEG shots or 150 raw files (18 seconds each), you’ll be able capture all your moments without missing any important events.

The EOS R5 will have slower burst speeds than the Canon Eos R3, which is surprising considering how fast electronic shutter technology has become. However at 12fps it’s still faster than 20 fps with a mechanical shutter on our 1d x Mark III (which uses film).

One of the most interesting features about this camera is how it can eliminate rolling shutter distortion, which causes warping during fast panning movements. The Canon EOS R3 eliminated almost all instances on its new sensor and they claim that their product does not have any more artifacts than other cameras with mechanical shutters like noise or jello-like Ghosts in photographs when using an electronic shutter mode for wildlife photography or weddings where there’s little wind movement involved

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Canon has introduced a new, faster shutter speed that is synced with flash units up to 1/250th of second. This makes it possible for the camera to take pictures in low light conditions and also corrects flickers from artificial sources like lamps or lasers!

With the inclusion of in-body image stabilization, handheld shooting is more appealing than ever. With up to eight stops worth or shake reduction and coupled with Canon RF lenses that are designed specifically for this camera body’s capabilities (and can be used without a gimbal), you’ll have no problem preserving still image quality while getting smooth video footage!

A photographer’s best friend is the Canon EOS R3. It has all of your tools and devices you need, including capabilities for connecting wirelessly through Bluetooth 5 or Wi-Fi in addition to Gigabit Ethernet! Pro photographers will be able transfer files using their mobile device as well with MFT app – allowing them complete remote control over camera settings on a shoot goer
What are some good things about this product? What problems could someone have if they purchased it?

The EOS R3 has the potential to be a photographer’s favorite camera. It offers ample connectivity with new features and an accessory that will make it even more powerful for those in need of extra equipment, such as full-time photographers who want nothing but excellence from their work at all times!


Canon was relatively quiet about the EOS R3’s video powers in advance of its full release, but it’s far from an afterthought. It can unusually shoot raw footage internally (at 6K/60p) along with oversampled 4K/60fps clips that should have little rolling shutter thanks to a new stacked sensor design – something we’re looking forward to seeing put through its paces during testing!

When shooting in 6K raw, you can opt to shoot with the CRM format that will produce relatively manageable file sizes without sacrificing any dynamic range. Color graders are also happy about support for C-Log 3 and 10 bit mappable malleables that were present on Canon’s EOS R5 before its firmware fixes where possible issues like overheating have been lessened on newer models due this time around as well!

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The new EOS R3 camera from Canon is a fantastic option for anyone looking to get into video. This advanced device has some great features such as 6 hours of shooting time in standard frame rates and up 1.5 hrs when filming high-quality footage at 120p, all while using its faster memory cards! You can even use different slots simultaneously if you need additional backup options or want HDR shots with directional microphones like the DM-E1D microphone included on our list today’s deal

For those looking for a small, light video camera that can do anything from shooting stills to 4K filming with notable features like WiFi and gimbals – this may be exactly what you’ve been waiting on.
The Canon EOS R3 promises durable construction and high-end image quality but at an affordable price point considering how versatile it is as both mobile UHD shooter or studio rig alike!


The Canon EOS R3 is the flagship camera for sports and wildlife shooters. It showcases Canon’s latest technology in a traditional DSLR-style body, which means it can also be used by more casual users who are looking to take high quality photos without investing too heavily into an expensive equipment. The 24MP sensor of this particular model makes taking images with amazing detail possible even when you’re shooting at wider angles or under low light conditions; all while preserving image sharpness thanks its 6K video recording capabilities as well!

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The EOS R3 is billed as the pro’s new camera. With its high ISO and burst shooting capabilities, it looks like a promising option for those who want an all-inclusive photography package without breaking out their full DSLR kit or paying more than necessary with an iPhone X setup. We’ll have to spend some quality time testing this puppy before coming up wit our conclusions; but based on what has been shown so far – if you’re currently using anything else then get ready!


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