Chuwi Ubook Pro 2-in-1 convertible laptop Review

Chuwi Ubook Pro 2-in-1

The Chuwi Ubook Pro is a great option for those who want to save money and are willing to compromise on some features. It doesn’t have every single thing that you would find in a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 but it does offer quite a lot with its price tag of $499 compared against 50% more expensive model from competitor company which costs around 700$.


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Chuwi Ubook Pro Overview

Microsoft’s Surface range is a standard for others to follow, more or less faithfully. Chuwi has followed it almost exactly; their Ubook Pro looks eerily similar to the Microsoft Surfaces of today with its 2-in1 convertible laptop design and type cover keyboard homage (for those without touchscreens).

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The futuristic design language of Chuwi tablets has evolved significantly since the company’s inception. As they move away from a cheaper base product, premium materials are now becoming standard in order to improve margins and attract better customers who have more disposable income than bargain basement buyers can afford.

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The Slate 7 is almost identical in dimensions and weight to its Microsoft competitor, as well. The integrated kickstand makes it more fragile than what the Surface Pro offers; however, there are speakers on each side of this tablet underneath a sturdy frame that can be adjusted between 0-145 degrees with no problem at all–and unlike other tablets we’ve seen before where these were always square orrectangular plates fixed into place for maximum stability when used standing upright by themselves (like most laptops), not so here!

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The Ubook Pro is a sleek, powerful device that has all of the connections and features you would want in your next computer. It includes two USB 3 ports (type-A), as well as Type C and mini HDMI connector for easy hooking up without any hassle. Not only does it have access to Wi-Fi networks but also cellular data so users can go anywhere with their internet!

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Overall, the Ubook Pro feels like a professional device. Thanks to its sturdy plastic construction and 12-inch display (with an oleophobic coating), it’s easy on your hands! The 3:2 aspect ratio also makes for more true square footage than other Windows tablets from China–I especially appreciate that about this product because 16:10 ratios feel too wide at times when typing or viewing documents side by side with someone else while working remotely).

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The Chuwi Core M3-8100Y still rocks two cores, like the first Core M part with an Intel Graphics 615 processor graphics. One peculiar characteristic of this model is that it has a very low default clock speed combined with its high maximum frequency which means things can get warm quickly in use – not good for long duration operations such as coding or rendering videos!

The processor is teamed up with 8GB of system memory (single channel LPDDR4, so theoretically slower) and a 256GB Netac SSD. A 36Whr battery powers the whole thing while connectivity comes from Wireless AC 3165 by Intel–also included in this package was stylus for drawing/writing on screen or interacting directly using touch inputs as well separate keyboard that can be detached if needed!

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In use and performance

The Chuwi Ubook Pro is a great laptop for productivity but not gaming. With its performance you’ll be able to smoothly work and play without any hiccups or slowdowns, even if games are your thing! The processor handles most tasks well with only light gaming capabilities that won’t hurt the device in anyway due them being too low on power consumption from what we’ve seen so far.

It is almost impossible to use this on your lap. The top of the DC port puts too much stress on the connector, and I feel like it would be an awkward experience for people who are traveling with their laptop because they need both hands free at all times when sitting down in order not struggle with holding onto two things simultaneously!

The keyboard is one of them; on a flat surface, it has responded to every keystroke with an immediate response. The responsiveness was so snappy that we barely had time for any mistakes or errors in our testing (and even then only when playing games). Very few keyboards can compare: this touchpad is surprisingly large too!

The competition

The market seems to have pushed towards Yoga-type devices with 360 degrees rotatable keyboard. The only exception is expensive, two in one laptops that can do it all like the Miix 520 from Lenovo or even more so on sale now at an affordable price for students are what’s available as they’re perfect for any student who needs both functionality and portability while still being able to take notes during class!

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a great buy, with the Platinum model being available for just $599. This saves you about $280 off of its original price and features half as much memory but twice as many storage options than other models to choose from!

The Surface Pro 4 without the Type cover or stylus is a cheaper option than its sibling. It has only 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage but it does have twice as much processing power in comparison with what you would get from just an Intel Core i3 model at less cost!

The Surface Go is a great alternative to Apple’s iPads. It doesn’t have the same price point or features, but it offers something for everyone with its $499 starting price and 8GB of RAM in S Mode – perfect! With compromises on OS (Windows 10), CPU (Pentium Gold 4415Y) & display size 12-inch model may be seen as steps too far at this time…

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The Chuwi Ubook Pro is a thoroughly enjoyable product. It can be sourced for far less than the Surface models and despite some philosophical differences, will definitely appeal to those looking for an affordable yet capable alternative to Microsoft’s current range of products. There are some small issues with battery life and port placement but other than these two minor hiccups in what should otherwise have been an excellent product review – I highly recommend this tablet!


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