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The world of cocktail glass is huge and you undoubtedly come into a few of questions if you have ever tried to set up a home bar or put a bar cart. Does a highball and a hill glass have any differences? Are these V-shaped martini glasses a sensible item to possess? How big do you need a coupe? The good news is that it’s not all that complex or expensive to acquire cocktail glasses. According to Matt Piacentini, proprietor of Up & Up, a Western Village cocktail bar, his staff has just 5 types of cups to prepare most of its beverages. This is simplified even further by Joaquín Simó, partner at the 2012 Pouring Ribbons and Tales of the Cocktail American Bartender for the Year. “In a rock, hill and decent all-purpose cocktail glass you can create 90 per cent of the cocktails.”

Whatever you make in them, it’s a question of taste to have the proper cocktail glass. “People began to think about their barware and how it fits into your house, personal taste, and flavour, especially during the epidemic,” said Matt Landes, Cocktail Academy founder. “For instance, at a restaurant bar, we might not use smoked glassware since the bosses can’t see the drink, but it could fit with your esthetic at home.” The first thumb rule is to choose something you would genuinely like to drink from, David Fudge, co-founder of Aplós, a non-alcoholic beverage. “It’s about raising the overall experience. For me, there’s something more special when you’re drinking from an old crystal glass, and that tastes better.”

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We did a deep dive into cocktail glassware and discussed their personal cocktail pieces with 12 bartenders and boozenhounds to help you find your perfect matches.

Coupe glasses

Coupe glass, particularly for someone who likes to prepare innovative drinks at home, was the most recommended cocktail glass. The coupe has supplanted the V-fashioned martini glass as a go-to in most modern cocktail establishments. It is roughly six ounces, meaning that you consume a quantity of liquor called “civilized,” by Piacentini. (While you’re trying to forgive your glassware of spills more for a cup of 7-8 onces, so that the drink will not reach the top right.) The larger rim is valued by Kimberly Hunter, President and CEO of Potent Pours. “It means a lot of garnish. It’s also flexible – without worry of losing my bubbles, I can drink Champagne.”

Glass cups are ideal for “up” cocktail, meaning they were shaken or stirred with ice and then served chilled, without ice — like a martini, or even a “frozé.” The trunk implies that you don’t heat your hand to drink the beverage. And even if you can spend centuries on a set of glassware, this isn’t really where you want your glassware cash to be spent. “A super-costly cut glass will be thin and delicate,” Piacentini explains, which means that it will more likely break up.

Libbey, Champagne Coupe 5.5oz

While these are named (and definitely you may use them for this) champagne glasses, Landes feels that they are the last vessel to learn how to prepare good home cocktails. “Size is crucial if you attempt to improve your abilities,” he said. “It is a sign that you’ve divided the correct quantity of all.” Single glasses may be purchased on Amazon, but for 36 of you with pals, the price drops down to $4

Libbey Capone Speakeasy Coupe Cocktail Glasses, Set of 4

Hunter advises her “customers love” to use these spook-like, budget-friendly cups. Eight ounces, therefore they will be ideal for people who are worried about spills or want extra room for decoration.

Cocktail Kingdom Leopold Coupe Glass, 6oz - 6 Pack

The traditional set Thorp favors the fantastic or fashionable alternatives. This one is done and you don’t break the bank because it comes in a six-pack for just $40.

Luminarc FBA_J6576 Barcraft Coupe Cocktail

A bit more up to the standard glass, Evie Negri-Albert, better known as Drinks by Evie on TikTok and Instagram. They are delicate but very dramatic, so if you want something friendly with Instagram (or to amaze guests), they may be the ideal way for you to choose.

These textured glasses are also recommended by Negri-Albert. They are ten ounces over most professional advice, so you may garnish with plenty of room — and be calm that you won’t spill easily.

But consider these beauties if you want to spend. Jessica Manley, Aplós’ other co-founder, is of the view you must be enthused about the glassware you use, and is attracted into Sir/lively Madam’s colored glasses. These offer a great vintage atmosphere and double as kitchen décor in interesting hues such as ‘moon shine,’ ‘murmur,’ and ‘salmon.’ And it isn’t only a robust glass, it’s even a safe dishwasher.

Tiffanie Barriere, founding coach founder, says these drinks “some of my life’s finest cups of cocktail.” In Poland, the 6-component package comes in blue, pink or green, which explains the price tag. These colorful cuts from Western Elm might be a wonderful option, if you want to pay a bit less.

Landes feels for its part that a resurgence is attributable to the traditional Martini v-shaped glasses. He explains, “They went out of fashion, but it’s so hilarious that people think they’re difficult to get drunk from. They’re easier, if anything. The liquid flows with the smallest angle change directly into your mouth.”

Single rocks glasses

A single glass of rocks is “going to be clean for everything, any spirit on the rocks,” adds Piacentini, even if you may also use it in stirred, chilly spirits, presented “down.” A Negroni, John Sergentaki – Nolet’s Gin regional seller – composed of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, points out, is one such example. Piacentini likes these rock glasses to brandy snifters, as you can detect the flavors more easily.

The perfect single glass rock is “between 8 and 10 ounces,” Simó adds. “This is sufficient to insert there a nice piece of ice if you desire to make fantastic ice.” And you can make rock glasses if you sprinkle on one area of your glassware set- up. “These are the lenses that most likely take you the longest to drink,” said Piacentini. “These are the lenses. “You’re not sitting with your drink in a comfortable leather chair and sitting 45 minutes there, but if it’s something good and stirred on a huge ice piece, then you’re going to be there. It’s going to last so long.” It’s thus worth splurging on a glass of heavy rocks that feels lovely and balanced in your palm.


Although our experts say it is well worth exploring the budget, rock glasses are never damaged. Barriere says, “I’m not frightened to say Ikea does well.” “They are uniform, and when you break you are not that furious – you just have a few more, and that’s okay. I love that.” I love that.” The glass is 10 ounces, thus for single rock glasses it is on the broader side. And the ridges give it a more unique aspect than a normal glass. “People are going to remark, ‘Oh, I like that glass very,”” and I’m going to reply, ‘Ikea’ and they’m going to get rather stunned.”

Whiskey Glasses 10 oz Rocks Barware Set Of 4

But Barriere notices that the firm offers additional alternatives, such are wine glasses with and without stem, and rock glasses. Barriere raves about its glasses. This elegant set is inspired by old glassware and is likely to last with the high quality glass.

Negri-Albert believes that rocky glasses “are really crucial to traditional cocktails,” and she goes to Nude Glass if she spends the money on new glasses. She really likes this scratchy choice but if something a little more simple (and cheaper) is going to you, the brand still provides nice possibilities for it.

Double rocks glasses

Doppel rocks glass should be around two ounces larger than single rocks glass, not twice the size, but is also frequently termed double old fashioned glass. This kind of glass is maintained by Jake Ireland, head of the bourbon company creator Off Hours. “It’s all about any manner you take your whiskey—clean, on rocks, or a cocktail.” Jake Ireland said. It can fit more than the single rock glass because of the bigger size. The glass can fit more than the single rock. “In those — smashed ice all over, we’d pour a julep. Just if you have a bit more room, or if you have a drink on rock like an old-fashioned or Manhattan,” Piacentini explains. Instead of purchasing a special glass, you could instead put margaritas in these glasses. That is why the double-rock glass is typically more adaptable if you just get a sort of glass from rocks.

Libbey Heavy Base Rocks Cocktail Glasses

This Libbey Heavy Base Rocks Cocktail Glasses set is said to as “economic and contemporary at the same time but classic” by Ireland. The eight glasses come in a set, so after the big meal you have enough to eat at. And while they’re cheap, Ireland has promised that they’re still high

Farielyn-X Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

If you are tight in the area, these Farielyn-X lenses, which Negri-Albert recommends, may be stored up, so that they take up less space in the bar or bar cart. They’re still beautiful and mature even when they are handy.

Godinger Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

Hunter tells her that she “actually drools over almost all” Godinger Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses, but she is especially attracted to it because the broad mouth of the glass offers “the space to decorate tops of the glass.” If you feel great, she adds, “There’s also a high cocktail look out of the glass.”

“With double rock glass in modest design, I prefer something extremely practical,” Thorp adds. These glasses in Libbey suit the bill, because they appear traditional and work. More than that they really are a lot – you have 12 glasses for $50, with little over $4 for each glass.

Highball and collins glasses

There’s a distinction technically between a highball and a glass of hills: “There’s a highball, slender glass. A hill is a bigger glass,” adds Piacentini. Collins are generally a few ounces wider than a highball, but mainly because of the increased height. Negri-Albert adds that the words are interchangeable in the world of drinks, so you do not really need to have both for home. You don’t want to know how to use them.

These large, fireplace-shaped glasses are ideal for gin and toned goods, vodkas, whiskey and ginger but may be reconstituted with crushed ice for tiki cocktails. They’re also ‘non-alcoholic beverages extremely acceptable,’ says Negri-Albert. For size, it’s not necessarily preferable to go larger. “You want a glass of 16-ounce hills because after your second Tom Collins you will be smashed,” he said. “Get about a loudball or a glass of hills for 12 ounces, and you’ll be all right.” Go to highball if you’re still undecided. “I’d guess 90% of my cocktails have been poured into the highball glass as a bartender,” Sergentakis says.

MU16 Whiskey Glasses

Thorp said of the brand from Tokyo, which is suggested by Fudge “My favorite highballs are from Kimura.” “While they’re pricey, the weightlessness in your palm makes them amazing.” For over 100 years, this firm has been producing glasses and supplying glass to various bars and restaurants worldwide, which makes it definitely an excellent choice if you are searching for genuine bar-quality glasses. The business provides hundreds of various varieties of glass — from cut to wine glass — so that you may buy more than just highball items.

KROSNO Tall Water Juice Drinking Glasses

This Nudic glass set recommended by Negri-Albert is fairly comparable if you like the Kimura Glass alternatives – but not the price. It is less than half the price, it is not as delicate or thin.

Nick and Nora glasses

In craft-cocktail establishments Nick and Nora are just as frequent as cups. «The more bell-shaped Nick and Noras are between a glass of champagne and a very little glass of wine», Piacentini states. “I adore nick and normal in a perfect world for stirred drinks and cup glasses,” since three to four ounces of liquid fit in with the little Nick and Nora glasses. Although there’s nothing to offer in a Nick and Nora glass that you can’t serve in an enjoyable cup even if you want to reduce your glassware down to a minimum. In general, Nick and Noras are also a bit more expert and hence difficult to obtain.

Riedel Drink Specific Glassware Nick & Nora Cocktail Glass

Landes observes Crate and Barrel’s “holding the trend a good job.” The brand’s spectacles Nick and Nora are especially fond of him. The density and form are more polished than many of the styles in restaurant catalogs – and they allow room to garnish.

The Original Nick & Nora Crystal Martini Glasses

This set of four Food52 glasses is also great for us. There is also a 16-glass “complete bar,” supplied with coupe, martini, fizz, Nick and Nora.

Tiki glasses

Viski Deco Crystal Highball Cocktail Glasses

“Sometimes dramatic Tiki lenses might lean,” adds Landes, “until you meet Viski.” These spectacles were somehow complex, with features like carved faces, bubble ridges of varied sizes and gold armour. “At the same time they are elegant and playful,” adds Landes. In particular, the Crystal Highball glasses that he mentioned are now available, although if available, you may be alerted – and shop the other pleasant choices of the mark in the meanwhile.