Dell UltraSharp U4320Q 42.5-inch 4K Monitor Review

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Dell UltraSharp U4320Q Overview

The huge 42.5-inch U4320Q is the largest flat screen monitor in this range, and it’s exactly as imposing sounding! Even though there are no curves to speak off, its truly massive size makes you feel like everything else has been tuned out for your workstation – which can be very beneficial if distractions become an issue at times during production or editing processes.

The display offers a great range of connectivity options and generous screen real estate, so you can view content from up to four different devices at once using picture-in-picture (PIP) or Picture by Picture(Ppb). The resolution is 4k which will provide excellent color quality for your viewing pleasure!

But while it’s nice to have plenty of screen space, the assumption that bigger is always better doesn’t necessarily stand up when you’re working with desktop monitors. Naturally, your distance from the monitor will be limited by where on your desk it can fit and this could get tricky for people who work out in an office setting without much room for expansion or those living at home alone without any desks at all!

Price and availability

The 4K UHD display is a high ticket item that doesn’t come cheap. It’s currently available for £811.20/US$934, at 20% off an MSRP of $1149 though they are not yet selling in Australia where prices will be higher due to exchange rates with the dollar being stronger than AUD so when this change happens it could increase the price even more!

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Design and features

The U4320Q is a sleek monitor with an understated design that will look great in any office. The simple slate grey and slim black bezel make it perfect for work or home garages alike, while its range of motion provides enough customization options to suit your needs perfectly!

This monitor is the perfect size for many people’s desks, but it can sometimes feel too big and take up all your desk space when you’re not using every inch of screen real estate. The generous swivel feature helps with collaboration by allowing multiple users to view what one person sees on their device at once–though this isn’t possible if they’re sitting next door without headphones in listening mode!

The U4320Q has a well-built, sturdy base that prevents it from being wobbly. Though typing loudly can cause some slight jiggling when extended to its full height (a problem common among monitors), this movement is imperceptible at other angles or heights and remains level throughout use–although 17kg might be too much for one person alone!

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The design of the monitor is quite unique since it has an innovative swivel stand. The downside to this feature, however, is that you’ll need a lot more room in order for your computer equipment and cables not to get tangled up on either side when using this type of mounting system–especially if there’s no extra space behind them!

The four buttons on the underside of this monitor are too small and cheaply made. While navigating through menus, I often ended up pressing the wrong button by accident which caused me to fall out of the menu system with no way back in!


The U4320Q is a 64-inch LCD monitor that delivers on its core promise; to provide you with the perfect display for long sessions and demanding tasks like photo/video editing. The color quality of this screen, at 1 billion colors or higher depending upon your preference (sRGB coverage 96%), coupled with an incredibly sharp 3840 x 2160 resolution makes it unbeatable!

The monitor’s display is not intended for gaming, but it will still suffice as a replacement in emergencies. The low refresh rate makes playing competitively with others difficult – you won’t want to use this if your intention is being ranked by kills or deaths per minute on multiplayer games like Counterstrike: Global Offensive. However, the quality of the picture itself makes all sorts of pixels stand out beautifully so even casual gamers can enjoy themselves without fear they’re going unnoticed against their opponent(s).

If you want to be able to change your screen layout, the Dell Display Manager software is perfect. This easy-to-use tool allows for dividing up all available presets or creating custom ones that are tailored just for what you need!

The U4320Q has some really cool features that will make your life easier no matter what you’re up to. For example, with Picture-in-picture and Picture-by-Picture modes, it’s possible for gamers or streamers who want the best performance of two screens while editing on their computer (or watching videos).

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The Logitech MX Master 3 solves the problem of having to switch quickly between devices by managing inputs and assigning keyboard shortcuts. The Dell Display Manager also allows you to tweak brightness, change resolution, or any other settings needed for optimal use in your situation; it’s easy when all these features are available through one convenient program!

The U4320Q features a blue light filter which can be lifesaving if you struggle with headaches as this reviewer does. The ComfortView technology from Dell is said to remove 60% of harmful lights and we found it helped keep migraines at bay as well!

The ComfortView is a blue light filter that can be used to combat the harmful effects of screen time on our health. However, it does give off orange tinges and isn’t always liked by everyone since some find its color too strong or disagree with how quickly things look blurrier when scrolling rapidly through pages in this mode activated.

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If you have the money to spend on a top-of-the-line display, then this is an ideal option for video or photo editing. The U4320Q has deep colors and high pixel density which makes it great at displaying images with lots of detail. However, if your desk isn’t spacious enough -or if neck injuries aren’t something that concern you- consider other monitors in different sizes before making up your mind about where they should hang!