Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Review: Should you buy it?

dyson v11 absolute



Dyson V11 Absolute Overview

The Dyson V11 Absolute is the company’s best vacuum yet, and it builds on its line of vacuums with new headline features. The power has been upgraded to a class-leading 185AW at maximum setting while run times have extended by over 60 minutes when set to the lowest level in some cases!

The Dyson V11 Absolute is a vacuum that promises to be the only tool you’ll ever need and with an LCD display, it’s not just for show! The upgraded battery has made this model heavier than its predecessor so weighs in at 3kg. But do those extra cleaning potentials justify such a hefty price tag? We took our own test drive on one to find out if they live up their billing as “the world’s best.”

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Price and availability 

The Dyson V11 Absolute is a high-end cordless cleaner that retails for $699, but there are cheaper options. You can get the animal version of this machine which has one less tool and costs £499 or you could go with any other model in their lineup starting at around 400 dollars!

The cordless vacuum market is getting more and more competitive. One of the most expensive models on sale right now, from an established brand like Miele or Shark, would cost around £400 less than what you’d spend with V11 Absolute to get a comparable product! And not only do their vacuums come equipped with some cool features but they also have better performance ratings too – don’t waste your time looking elsewhere when there are such amazing choices available for under half price.

Alternatively, the Vax Blade 4 floor care robot is a good option for those on a budget. It’s only £219 and can be used just as well to clean carpets or hardwood floors!

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Design and key features

The Dyson V11 Absolute is a stylish-looking vacuum, with the electric blue wand nicely complementing its nickel (dark gray) color scheme. The LCD screen on top of this unit is bright and easy to read; you also get handy storage for tools when not in use! This design’s symmetrical nature makes it just as enjoyable whether used by lefties or right hands – there’s no wrong way around here thanks to clips in both places allowing for quick grabs during handheld cleaning sessions!

The three power modes are Eco, Auto/Medium – the ‘standard’ setting and Boost. Pairing this tool with a Hard-Surface Cleaner Head enables it to automatically adapt based on what type of floor you’re cleaning! There’s also a docking station so you can charge your vacuum without having any cords getting in its way or tangled up around furniture legs (or furry friends).

The new, higher-capacity lithium-ion battery of the Vega V11 makes it last longer than before with a runtime of up to 60 minutes. In addition, the trigger switch means no wasted time spent on cleaning when you’re just going around your house and not doing any work! The filter head can be removed for easy disposal without getting dirty yourself or having anything spilled into crevices that may never get cleaned out again if left there long enough at all simply because they will have been inaccessible due to its placement deep inside these tight spaces (which happens often).

One of the first things you’ll notice when unboxing your new Dyson V11 Absolute was a handy “What You Need To Know” guide, stuck to the bin so as not to be missed. It’s great for those who want to get right down and clean because it quickly goes over three different cleaning modes in addition how to empty out that awesomely designed filth container!


The Dyson V11 Absolute is a lightweight, well-balanced vacuum cleaner that has the capacity to pick up even large spills with ease. With its articulation design and flexible heads (for both carpet as well as hard floors), cleaning under furniture will be no problem at all!

After testing the oats and carpet, we found that both were easy to clean with our V11. The mall sweeper picked up all 100% of the food on hard floors using just one pass over them at low speed in auto mode! On eco-mode it took two slow back-and-forth sweeps for everything pickup but was still able to fully rinse out any residue before moving onto greener pastures–oats I mean carpets intactly cleansed by this machine so give ’em a go yourself today!!

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“The V11 Absolute is a cordless vacuum that can handle pet hair with ease!” I inspected my new rug and was happy to find it had collected very little from the shedding process, which made vacuuming less of a chore.

It’s no wonder that this little guy has been a favorite among professionals! Many people love how easy it is to use. I was able to change the heads on both my sofa and carpets with relative ease, even while attached directly by wires from one end of the cylinder motorized tool. The timer displayed what percentage charge remained which made sure not to overcharge or under-power yourself–just enough power for an entire house worth of cleaning jobs (that should last about 3 hours)!

The V11 Absolute is a stair cleaner that makes light work of the normally onerous task. With its mini motorized tool, it powers up our test flight with ease and cleans right into any corner without difficulties! The Runtime was shorter when using a soft roller heads but 60 minutes still gave us enough time to get through even tough stains- especially since we only needed one set for each type of surface (Med or Eco).

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Bin emptying has never been so easy! The dirt and debris come pouring out of the can without having to get your fingers dirty.

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It’s no surprise that Dyson V11 Absolute is one of the best floor cleaners on the market. Not only does this device clean with ease and power, but it also offers some great features like an easy-empty bin and informative LCD screen! The design makes for a comfortable experience while you’re working in your home or office; there are three settings to choose from so even if someone has accidents they won’t have trouble cleaning up after themselves – just press their thumb against any spot until they find what works best based off size/padding preference (and don’t worry parents: It can sense when babies reach adulthood!).

If you want the best of both worlds, get yourself an expensive but high-quality cordless vacuum. There are many out there that combine power with ease and design to provide excellent results for all types of surfaces in your home or office!