Elegoo Saturn Review

Elegoo Saturn review

Elegoo Saturn is a sure win for those who love larger figurines and prototypes. Its large print bed, 4K monochrome LCD screen allow users to print at greater speeds on bigger scales than typical printers available in stores today – all without breaking your budget!


$499.99 at Amazon

Elegoo Saturn Overview

When it comes to 3D printing, there’s nothing better than a little bit of variety. The Elegoo Saturn is an affordable and reliable mid-sized MSLA printer that closely resembles the Mars series from company with many Youtube reviews under its belt thanks largely in part due reputation for high quality prints!

The Elegoo Saturn is a printer with big shoes to fill. Thankfully, it can print its own too! The larger size of this product stands out as being beneficial for consumers looking for something that will accommodate bigger prints and reduce the time needed when printing models which would have required cutting them into sections prior before they could be transferred digitally on software then printed batch-wise afterwards in order save money from other more expensive options like Lulzbot/ Wanhao Duplicator 4.

A quick explanation for anyone who isn’t familiar with 3D printers, consumer models generally fall into just two categories: Stereolithographic and Fused Deposition Modeling.

The first type of printer uses stereopsis (SLA) to build objects by applying light layers that harden after they’re exposed; these work well when you have a shape or idea in mind from 2d drawings but can also create complex designs because there’s no need for support structures like pillars which means less expensive materials are needed as well since everything will be built at once rather than piece-by-piece through Extrusion printing technology, the Elegoo Saturn uses an FDM printer which means it works by applying hot filament onto a print bed.

The Elegoo Saturn is easy to assemble, the only tools you’ll need are just two screwdrivers and if you’re not planning on mounting your Elegoo Mars via glass then there’s no additional equipment needed for assembly.

The Elegoo Saturn is a RepRap type of printer that uses UV reactive materials to “print” or build up objects. This process has pros and cons when compared with FDM printers like the Anycubic Vyper, which are more commonly seen in people’s homes because they require less maintenance but can only produce one color at once while other models allow for multiples colors using an inkjet-like system on top if resin tanks within their bodies.

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FDM printers have the potential to print at much larger sizes, but they often struggle with finer details and will often produce line drawings instead. Resin-based 3D printer however can deliver great detail in their finished products while still remaining compact enough for most use cases – even large ones!

The Elegoo Saturn is a printer that can produce models of much higher detail than what’s achievable with FDM printers. It delivers on this beautifully, so it has won some favors from consumers looking for big model printing capabilities in their own homes or schools and offices alike!

The Elegoo Saturn MSLA 3D printer is a great option for anyone looking to produce prototypes and test models on the go. It’s easy-to use, reliable in every aspect we tested it with so far (though more testing will be needed before finalizing our opinion), affordable price point makes this resin based device one of your top contenders among other comparable products available today!

You can expect to pay $500 / £440 / AU$700 for this product, though we note that stock availability varies depending on your location and many of the Australian sites list it as ‘out of stock’.


The Elegoo Saturn is a great printer for beginners, as it only requires minimal assembly. You get everything you need in the box to start printing and there’s never any fear that your purchase will be damaged during shipping because they are well packaged with plenty of foam surrounding them! Not only does this ensure safe delivery but also helps keep cost lower due to less waste creation at both ends – not just by usorters like other 3D printers out there on Ebay who typically throw away their packing materials once used up; instead all parts can serve another purpose while still being reusable down the line.

The kit includes a few tools for printing, such as wire cutters to remove supports and plastic scrapers. These are all good quality but if you plan on doing more prints then professional ones would be best too.

The Elegoo Saturn is a resin printer that has many similar features to its Mars line of printers, though notably larger and more powerful. The design includes submergible build plates for SLA/MSLA printing with an internal vat for mixing the material you want it print in; there’s also a semi-transparent hood used at UV protection as well as touch reactive 3 inches LCD monitor on top which can control all aspects (including heating) from inside your PC via software installed onto Windows or MacOSX operating systems respectively!

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The printer is a hefty machine, though adult hands will have no difficulty lifting it. You may want to watch out for children around the resin fumes as well–it can irritate their eyes and respiratory system more so than an adult would be sensitive too! Make sure you wear gloves when handling your print Job (and safety equipment accordingly)

Elegoo likes to mix up the location of its USB ports, but while models such as Mars 2 pro have it on the backside (requiring you move or leave access if from a direct firing), Saturn luckily has one located right beside where your hand would naturally go.

It’s great that the power switch for this printer is on its rear side, because we can easily access it without having to move around and recalibrate. However, since our hands are often full when in crowded spaces like homes or offices (or both), I think keeping such an important device near a front door would have been more convenient too!

The Saturn is perfect for those looking to add a larger printer or farm. It can also be remotely controlled with an ethernet cable, so you don’t have deal with clunky hand held controllers!

The Elegoo Saturn has a resin tank that’s top mounted instead of side-mounted like some other models. It makes filling up much easier and less prone to spilling, plus you can use the handy spout on one side for pouring back into bottles when needed!


The Elegoo Saturn is an 8.9 inch masking LCD with a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2400, which equates to XY resolutions at .05 mm or 50 microns compared to slightly more detailed 047mm (47 micron). A smaller difference in detail will be undetectable by the eye but 3microns can make all the difference when it comes down printing quality for resin printers like those on Mars and Mars Pro brands who were satisfied before using this model too!

When you’re using the Saturn, make sure to remove any protective film that might have been applied during shipping and store in an area with good airflow. The device lacks a rubber seal like those found on Elegoo Mars 2 Pro devices but does come equipped with cooling fans which can be noisy at times; however if set up elsewhere without hearing range limitations (which we would not recommend), they won’t disturb anyone else living nearby!

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The build plate for the Elegoo Saturn will need leveling before you start pouring resin into its vat, but this process is straightforward and can be done with just one small adjustment. All that’s needed are some paper towels or any other type of printer-grade quality writing surface available in your box!

The Saturn is a great option for those who want to get creative with their 3D printing. Simply loosen the two bolts on top of it using an Allen key, place some paper over its LCD display screen so that you can set up automatic leveling modes without any hassle and start designing!

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The Elegoo Saturn has a few files included on the USB drive that it ships with, including a download for ChituBox slicing software. We found this printer profile already available so you shouldn’t need to upload them yourself and there are some adjustments in-device which optimize your prints before printing!

The ChituBox software is a great option for those looking to print their own 3D models. Not only does it generate supports, estimate how much resin you’ll need and cost of finishing prints- but also includes other helpful features like EK Cleaning Guide which tells users what tools are required in order clean up any messy mistakes made during production!


Printing with Elegoo is the perfect way to get your prints off and onto any surface. The company offers a variety of resin types, but we went for their standard opaque black because it will show all our imperfections beautifully! There are also some preloaded test files on this USB drive called ‘torture tests’. These models were designed by printers themselves in order put these machines through their paces; so if you’re looking something challenging then they might be just what you need!

You’re going to want a metal scraper that’s thinner than what I’ve got here. It will slide underneath your model and if you give it enough pressure, then it should pop right off without any problems at all!

If 3D printing is something new for you or even just an occasional user – there are some things we recommend looking out for before getting started so as not damage either yourself or others by having objects sticking onto our prints which can’t be removed easily without damaging models themselves.

If you find yourself in the same predicament, there are a few things that can be done. One of these is loading up ChituBox and manually adding your own supports to elevate it off of the build plate or buy some razor window scraper which will make scraping underneathe easier for getting prints unstuck from any plastic residue on top if necessary as well as expanding their surface area enough so they’ll come loose more easily anyway .

One improvement we would have loved to see is a FlexPlate system that allows easy removal of stuck prints due its flexibility. You can buy these from 3D printing websites, but it’s an idea for Elegoo implement something similar into the Saturn design itself!

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The benchmark prints were a success, with all areas of the models printing without taking any detectable issue. Alongside other benchmarks we ran test print for minuscule goblin figurine to see how much detail Saturn could pick up on smaller scale and it was pleasantly surprised by just how small you can go! Loincloth is so thin that light shines through but still has some incredible details like skin pores under cloth or tie strings which show clearly as though they are right before your eyes (even at such microscopic levels).

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Every model we printed on the Elegoo Saturn was crisp and clean. You have to be careful with the delicate PEF film at a resin’s bottom (the thin, clear plastic that contains while allowing UV light through) as it can easily get pierced if you’re trying for example-cleaning any cured layer of resin from surfaces where ink has started seeping in due towards its slow curing process
It’s important not only during use but also when storing your 3D printer or wanting an extra set just incase something happens!

The Elegoo Saturn is a great choice for anyone looking to start 3D printing, especially those who want the size and quality without any compromises. It’s easily one of our favorite mid-sized printers because it functions well even when dealing with high demand like now!

The MSLA series produced by this company has always been rock solid so we weren’t surprised that stock issues have started popping up again – but fortunately they’re easy enough fix if you can find them on sale before purchasing another printer or two beforehand just in case yours goes out too while waiting…

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Why should you buy it?

  • It is easier to print bigger figurines with the 192mm(L) x 120mm(W) x 200mm (H) build volume. Not only will you not need to cut up your models into small pieces, but also have more space available for smaller items in greater quantities than what other printers offer!
  • The Elegoo Saturn SLA 3D printer is a dream for designers who want to print intricate details on their models. Unlike FDM printers, it can handle complex designs with ease thanks in part to its advanced printing technology and large build volume size of up tp 4 inches per second!
  • The Saturn is a sophisticated printer that’s not complicated to set up. In fact, it only took around 20 minutes from unboxing the machine and getting started with printing our test benchmark!