The Top 10 Enchanting Cities with Colorful Houses

Enchanting Cities with Colorful Houses

If you are looking for a colorful city, then head to Tirana. The capital of Albania has now been considered one of the most vibrant and creative capitals in Europe thanks to Mayor Edi Rama’s campaign that transformed this post-communist metropolis into an artistic haven with intense colors transforming buildings from pink shades into blue skies or green leaves on trees. So what does your town need? Maybe some brighten it up!

Top 10: Nyhavn


Nyhavn is one of the most popular places in Copenhagen. The canal with brightly lit crooked houses creates an unforgettable scene that you will find nowhere else on earth!

Denmark’s capital of cool is a wonderful place to visit, but it’s Nyhavn that draws in tourists. The historic harborside town boasts multi-colored townhouses from centuries ago that line the central canal is just too beautiful not to be seen by all!

The oldest standing building in Copenhagen, constructed in 1681 and home to Danish author Hans Christian Andersen for some years. Bobbing on the harbor front is a sight that will leave you feeling quite content with life as it was before your visit!

Top 9: Bo-Kaap


A haven for both tourists and locals, Bo-Kaap is a picturesque part of Cape Town. It’s known as “the Cultural Quarter” due to its history with folk art from all around Africa which has been taught here since the 1800s when it first became an academy for arts education in 1810!

The scenic Bo-Kaap is a picturesque part of Cape Town, South Africa. This neighborhood above the city center offers visitors an opportunity for peace and relaxation as they walk among brightly decorated buildings where locals are descendants from India or Malaysia brought here by the Dutch East Indian Trading Company in the 17th/18th centuries!

Top 8: Zacatecas


Zacatecas is located in the northeast of Mexico, not far from San Luis Potosi. The climate here can be hot and dry during the summer months but it gets cooler as winter approaches with rains seasonally starting around May time each year – making this a great place for travelers looking to take advantage of more temperate conditions while exploring all four seasons over their visit!

Zacatecas is a Mexican city that was founded in 1548 to house the silver miners and reached its height of prosperity during the 16th century. The old center contains many colorful buildings including beautiful cathedrals like El Cathedral which has an intricately carved facade, as well churches such as Santo Domingo church with rich sculptures on display for all visitors within these grounds to see – or take pictures from their porch without being inside so they don’t have to get messy when moving around among people!

Top 7: Kulusuk


Kulusuk is a small town in Greenland. It’s so beautiful there with all the colors of nature that it has to be seen to even believe!

I was always fascinated by Greenland and this small town in particular. It has such an intriguing history- from being home to vast ice fields yet still having brightly colored houses that seem like they would be perfect for taking pictures against the changing scenery of nature’s grandeur around you!

The people here love their culture too; we saw children running alongside adults carrying prayer flags while wearing colorful dresses with gloves – it really made our day trip feel more authentic than just visiting any museum or historical site could ever hope become.

Top 6: La Boca

La Boca

As one of the most colorful districts in Buenos Aires, La Boca is home to many talented people. The vibrant houses are stunning examples of their independent nature and eclectic style-from bright green pastel tones or cakes that look like they were made for dessert instead! You’ll want to spend some time exploring this area if you’re visiting Argentina – there’s plenty more than just architecture here…

Top 5: Pelourinho


Pelourinho is a historic neighborhood in Salvador, Brazil. It’s become more popular as it contains many old buildings dating back to colonial times and includes the Praça do Pelourinho Square which was once used for executions by executioners from Portugal when they arrived on horseback because there were no roads at that time!

The historic center of Salvador, Pelourinho is a colorful place. Magnificent colonial-era buildings line its streets and squares with pastel colors immensely dominating the architecture throughout this first capital city in Brazil from the 17th to 19th centuries!

The city of Salvador is famous for its rich African heritage and culture. It’s a fantastic place to visit during carnival when the streets are filled with colorful celebrations like parades, dancing, etcetera that take over this beautiful region in Brazil called Pelourinho (which means little Italy).

Top 4: Manarola


Manarola is an Italian village nestled in the Cinque Terre region. It offers stunning views of both land and sea, as its location rests on top of mountains that soar up towards heavenlike skies
This picturesque town can be found sprouting from these scenic surroundings–just climb its winding streets for some good old-fashioned espresso at one of Manaroloa’s outdoor cafes while enjoying all this beauty around you!

Top 3: Jodhpur


Jodhpur is known as the ‘Blue City’ for its stunning blue skies and infinite desert views. The city has been witness to centuries-old temples, palaces, forts that are imposing in nature but still delicate when it comes down to how they look with age.

The old town of Jodhpur lies beneath the imposing walls and sits atop an ancient mount with views for miles around. The city was once painted blue because local priests thought it to be a lucky color – there are many places in this fascinating place you can immerse yourself that will make your visitors leave behind some incredible photos or memories!

Top 2: Punda


Willemstad is a picturesque town located on the southern coast of Curaçao. The Dutch colonial architecture here stands out in stark contrast with its beautiful Caribbean waters and stunning beaches, while also being home to one-third of Netherlands Antilles’ population! Punda district offers some great shopping opportunities for all your fashion needs: you’ll be sure to find something that suits every taste at this trendy place full of bright colors and diverse styles (pun intended).

Top 1: Guanajuato


Guanajuato is a state in Mexico where people have been documented to speak with an accent. It’s home to the beautiful old town, which was founded by Spanish settlers back when there were almost no other foreigners around!

Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Mexico lies a colonial city that was founded next to one of the richest silver mining areas. The 16th-century boom led inhabitants here with their finely crafted buildings, which include some spectacular haciendas and Guanajuato streets for pedestrians.