Epson WorkForce WF-2650 Review

Epson WorkForce WF-2650



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Epson WorkForce WF-2650 Overview

The Japanese are a strange lot. You might think that they’re all about video games and sushi but the truth is, those days are long gone- nowadays it seems like anything can get them excited: from tech to cars (or even printers!). To see how this got started you need look no further than with printer manufacturers; there’s still quite an impressive presence in marketshare despite recent exits elsewhere on more traditional fronts such as Sony giving up PC sales or Toshiba ending consumer laptops altogether!

Epson may not be a household name, but it’s one of the most well known companies in printer manufacturing. The Japanese based firm has been working with several high profile clients on their sponsorship for over five years now including Manchester United Football Club and Nintendo Co., Ltd..

Epson has been in the game for a while, with their WorkForce WF-2650 (£69 at Tesco or about $100 US) printer being one of many multifunction inkjet printers that come under £100. As this segment matures though it’s clear how Epsons purposeful approach to design pays off as they are still around even after two years since release!

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The fact that gaming consoles have a slower product refresh cycle and the production of their printers are amortised over longer periods, this can translate to lower costs for vendors. Plus there was little new in regards printer technology when these were introduced back 2014; however past Epson’s latest improvements such as PrecisionCore which they hail as one biggest threats against laser printer technologies made available last major update by them only just recently has given us reason enough not so much put off purchasing an inkjet instead if you’re looking into upgrading your office equipment!

The WF-2650 has features that make it stand out from other printers. It can print, scan and fax all in one machine for under $200! The printer is a well-known, traditional model that features an LCD control panel with plenty of buttons and hides the mechanism behind its scanning module. The user simply needs to lift up on this cover in order for access all desired functions!

The printer is a fitting color for the office as well. It’s large and lightweight, perfect if you need to move around your desk space! 1200 dpi? 4,800 x 1,200? Maximum monthly duty cycle of 3K pages per second!? That’s okay because it has a 2,400x1k Scan resolution for those high-quality scans you need to make sure the file is perfect every time before printing! And don’t forget about duplexing (?). Or separate ink cartridges so that your budget isn’t hurt too badly when there are two printers instead one printer can do everything at once;) Lastly 33 Pages Per Minute monochrome prints which will keep even most impatient customers happy 🙂

The truth is, you’re not going to find a better electric kettle at this price. It might be worth considering its more expensive sibling for some of the features it offers – like NFC (Near Field Communications) and an attractive colour touchscreen display that will make your life easier!

With its intuitive controls, easy-to print capability and fast speeds this printer is sure to please. The four line monochrome LCD screen allows you full control over your printing needs despite being a bit old school in terms of technology!

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The quality of the copy was decent on 80gsm stock paper with tiny fonts and very thin lines well rendered. I duplicated this document (now printed) by using an ADF to turn it into monochrome, which took about 19 minutes from start-to finish; however that’s way slower than what they said at around 1 page per minute so we’ll see how long these slow printouts last!

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The Workforce WF-2650 is an average multi-function printer especially when faced with the likes of Canon Maxify MB2050. Its copy speeds were far slower than we expected and while its print quality was good, it couldn’t save this device from performing quite poorly in terms on overall perspective – heck even our previous pick has more features!

The color printer is great for those who need to print large volumes of high-quality documents, but it has some serious drawbacks. The consumables cost more than other brands and the per page price can be significantly higher than competitors’.


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