The Top 10 Famous Buddha Statues

Famous Buddha Statues

The world’s most beautiful Buddhist statues are a source of inspiration for the art that adorns temples around. The ten largest and renowned Buddharupa can be found here, from prominent examples such as Lokesvara in Thailand or Guanyin at Buddha Statues Temple outside Delhi India to smaller but no less impressive ones like Tara near Siem Reap Cambodia.

Top 10: Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue

Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue

Hussain Sagar is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in India. This 45-meter tall, 72-ton cement structure has an oblong facing for people to meditate on top and can hold up 1 million gallons (or 26 tractor-trailer loads).

The Buddha statue situated at the center of an artificial lake in India’s most famous city, Hyderabad is one-of-a-kind. This 18th-century masterpiece stands tall and weighs just under 300 tons! The single largest monolithic sculpture found all over this great country was sculpted from a single piece by artisans who made sure to build it back up again after its unfortunate accident that cost 8 workers their lives during installation proceedings.

Top 9: Tian Tan Buddha Statue

Tian Tan Buddha Statue

The perfect place to end your day is the Tian Tan Buddha Statue. This 3 story tall, 80-foot diameter statue makes for an awe-inspiring sight!

Tian Tan Buddha is the largest bronze statue in Hong Kong and can be found at Po Lin Monastery. This giant of a man stands as an example of harmony between humans, nature & religious beliefs with his hands folded across his chest like he’s protecting himself from danger or pulling away any bad energy that tries to come near him because it doesn’t want anything disrupting its space, either way, those eyes definitely convey “watch out!”

The Tian Tan Buddha is a 3rd-century figurine of an ancient sage with long hair, seated in serenity on top-mountain. His right-hand gestures towards the sky to remove affliction while his left rests lightly against one knee for contentment – it has been said he reminds us that true happiness comes from within rather than without!

Top 8: Monywa Buddhas

Monywa Buddhas

The sight of the Monywa Buddhas from a distance is enough to make anyone fall in love. They’re large, glowing sculptures that offer peace and serenity no matter how busy life gets nearby them or not!

If you are looking to get away from it all, then Monywa is an excellent choice. The bustling city offers peace and quiet in equal measure with its proximity to the world’s largest reclining Buddha statue just outside of town on top of Po Khaung Taung hillside. Mentioning this colossal figure here would be unfair since only those who have seen his stature can truly appreciate how awe-inspiring these immense proportions really are!

The giant standing Buddha was built on top of Po Kaung Hills and it is one the largest in all religions, representing important events from his life. The figure itself includes 9000 metal images that depict various representations for these important moments throughout time.”

Top 7: Ayutthaya Buddha Head

Ayutthaya Buddha Head

The Ayutthaya Buddha Head is one of Thailand’s most iconic sites. The head, which sits atop a 106-foot tall pedestal in the old capital city of Bangkok was built back around 1350 AD and it has been witness to many bloody battles between Thai rulers ever since!

The Temple of the Great Relic in Thailand’s city of Ayutthaya is home to one of the world’s most unusual Buddhist statues. Among this historic site’s ruins stands a sandstone statue that was once covered with gold leaf and jewels but has since weathered away over time; only its head remains upright amongst creeping climbing roots which form an appropriate base for him/herself among lush greenery like lacy vines entwined around our weary limbs while he/she awaits resurrection on Mount Meru.

Top 6: Gal Viharaya

Gal Viharaya

The Gal Viharaya was the site where Hindus flocked to during Ramayana. Built by King Vishnuvardhana in Ayodhya, it is considered one of India’s seven holiest cities today and houses several temples dedicated to Lord Rama including his birthplace – Sri Lanka-Rajarata (Nagarkot).

Polonnaruwa is a small town in Sri Lanka and home to one of the most breathtaking temples for Buddha – Gal Gyl Viharaaya. This massive rock temple was built by King Parakramabahu The Great during the 12th century AD, with 4 large statues carved into its face that shows his godliness as he sits on an elephant or reclines at length next to its footrests measuring 14 meters long (46 feet). He also has two standing figures: One 7 meters tall – 23 feet-and another 8 1/2 meters high making them visible from miles away when seen through clear weather!

Top 5: Ushiku Daibutsu

Ushiku Daibutsu

The Ushiku Daibutsu or Great Buddha of Luck is a giant statue that stands at an impressive height. I want to go see this thing with all my heart!

The Ushiku Daibutsu is a stunning 120 meter tall Buddha figure in Japan that was completed in 1995. The statue’s base and platform add another 10 meters making it the tallest known religious monument on Earth! Visitors can take an elevator to reach this incredible site from ground level, where they will be able see for miles around due to its elevated location atop hills overlooking much of modern-day Okayama Prefecture – which includes all sorts of delicious things like rice fields & bamboo forests too!!

Top 4: Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

The Temple of Reclining Buddha is a historic site in Ubud, Bali. The temple was established during colonial times to honor the Dutch Queen who ruled over Indonesia at one point (1908-1945). It has since undergone many renovations including ones conducted by Westerners like Countess Juliananick van den Bosch daughter Elisabeth de Groot; she did extensive remodeling on this attraction between 1961-1966 which gave tourists an opportunity to see what life behind palace walls might have looked like for royals living back then!

Located in Bangkok, Wat Pho is famous for having one of the world’s largest reclining Buddha images and holding an impressive record-breaking number of Buddhist statuettes. It’s also one of Thailand’s oldest temples built nearly 200 years before Bangkok became our country’s capital city!

The gold-plated Reclining Buddha statue is 46 meters long and 15 meters high, but what makes it even more impressive are the 108 auspicious characteristics of True Buddhists. The eyes on this figure have been detailed with engraved mother of pearl to create an elegant design that would make any traveler feel at peace while they sit back in their seat reading up some travel stories about incredible places you can go!

Top 3: Great Buddha of Kamakura

Great Buddha of Kamakura

The Great Buddha of Kamakura is a large standing buddha, made out of bronze and covered with gold leaf. It has been sculpted in the Japanese style which means that no two pieces lay flat against one another – instead, they’re curved at different angles so as to create an illusionary appearance from up close or far away depending on your perspective!

The Kotoku-in is a Buddhist temple of the Jodo shu sect located in Kamakura, Japan. The Temple’s great feature is an outdoor representation of Amida Buddha with over 10 meters tall and weighs 90 tons when complete for installation at this location was recently finished by Japanese sculptors who previously worked on London’s iconic Big Ben Clock Tower back home!

The statue is said to date back as far as 1252 and was cast by Buddhist monk Joko. The temple where it stood previously was washed away in a tsunami, so he built this Great Buddha out in the open air instead.

Top 2: Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is a Buddhist temple in downtown Bangkok, Thailand. The building was originally built by King Rama I to house his ashes after he died during an attack on Chakri Wat that left him seriously injured but alive for audiences with various royalty before passing away into eternity at another location while citizens celebrated outside dueling spiritualists predicting death who later rejoiced when their predictions failed spectacularly!

The Emerald Buddha is one of the oldest and most famous Buddhists statues in all religions. It’s located at Wat Phra Kaew, which was established almost 800 years ago as a temple for meditation by Thai king Ramkhamheng (1297-1350). This Buddhist holy place has since become known internationally through its association with The Emerald Buddha; it even appears on banknotes!

The Emerald Buddha is a priceless Buddhist sculpture that has been moving from place to place for centuries. The jade-colored statue dates back as far as 300 BC and it’s currently located in Thailand, where one king changes its outfits with gold every year during the changing of seasons ceremony knowns by Thai people simply called “The King’s Change.”

Top 1: Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha

The Leshan giant buddha is one of the world’s largest statues. The name comes from Le Shamen, which means “to wash” in Chinese and refers to how it washes up against rocks along a riverbank near an ancient temple complex with seven temples that date back over 2200 years ago – making them some intrepid travelers who found their place on earth here at this site!

The Giant Buddha of Leshan is a majestic sculpture that captures the great god Maitreya. Carved from cliff face during China’s Tang Dynasty, this figure has been an inspiration for centuries as it sits patiently on its throne millennia later after thousands were spent working tirelessly to complete it!

The Leshan Giant Buddha is one of the world’s most impressive carved stone Buddhas, with its fingers measuring more than three meters long. Today it stands high on a hill overlooking China as an important tourist attraction for visitors from all over to marvel at this gigantic sculpture that has captured people’s imagination for centuries!