The Top 10 Most Famous Trees in the World

tree of the world

L’Arbre du Ténéré was once considered the most isolated tree of the world, a landmark for caravans in Africa’s vast the Sahara Desert. It lost its status as such when Libyan truck driver anecdote 1973 knocked it down with his vehicle while he slept at night after drinking heavily from an unknown source (presumably water). The famous Anne Frank Tree outside of Amsterdam also suffered major damage during Hurricane Ophelia the last time; thankfully though there are still many special trees out there!

Top 10: Arbol del Tule

Arbol del Tule

The Árbol del Tule, a Montezuma Cypress located in the town center of Santa María del Tule in Mexico’s Oaxaca state has been measured to have the stoutest trunk of any tree on earth with an estimated age between 1,200-3k years old. DNA testing was used to confirm this and it is only one individual organism so that makes its diameter larger than true cross-sectional circumferences calculated at 4 meters (13 feet).

Top 9: Cotton Tree

Cotton Tree

The Cotton Tree has been an important symbol of Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital city. The legend goes that in 1792 former African American slaves who fought for the British during America’s War Of Independence settled on site and held thanksgiving services to thank God they had made it into a free land under their new masters’ protection!

Top 8: Boab Prison Tree

Boab Prison Tree

The Boab Prison Tree is a large, hollowed-out tree just south of Derby in Western Australia. It was used as an Indigenous Australian prison around 1895 and later fenced off to protect it from vandals who might want to cut down this historical landmark for themselves!

Top 7: Major Oak

Major Oak

The Major Oak is a huge oak tree that has been in contention throughout the ages. It’s believed to be where Robin Hood and his band of outlaws slept, but there are many different stories on how this came to happen. The famous old Sherwood Forest resident Hayman Rooke wrote about it in 1790 when he included all those “ancient oaks” from centuries past into one book called “Ancient Trees Contemplated.” All these years later people still remember what happened under its branches – even if you’re just passing through now!

Top 6: Lone Cypress

Lone Cypress

The Lone Cypress Tree is a cypress tree that’s all by itself. It sits on an island in one of the few lakes left around here, and people say you can hear its sad voice if you listen close enough at night when it starts raining or whenever there are thunderstorms passing through town.

The tree’s branches are draped with Spanish moss that grows at an altitude of nearly 600 feet in this region alone! It stands over 100 yards tall when fully grown; making it one of California’s tallest cypress species as well as their rarest – only found around these two small populations near Carmel Valley (a popular resort destination)

Top 5: Tree of Life

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life in Bahrain is an ancient symbol that people have been using to represent their faith for thousands upon years. It has a strong connection with the country’s landscape and history, connecting these two parts together as one through its roots which are represented by rings on top connected by lines giving you guidance when walking up or downstairs inside your house made out trees from long ago.

The magical appearance isn’t just limited to touristic areas either – there’re plenty of spots all around town where I can find them!

Top 4: Socotra Dragon Trees

Socotra Dragon Trees

The Dragon blood tree is not just one, it’s a colony. One will find them in groups and colonies all over the island of Socotra with their strange appearance giving off an umbrella-like shape that shelters them from harsh conditions such as arid climates or windblown sand dunes

The huge packed crowns provide sufficient shade for this evergreen species enabling optimal survival during dry spells because they are able to lower evaporation rates while also reducing temperatures below what would otherwise scorch its leaves by blocking much UV radiation.

Top 3: General Sherman

General Sherman

The General Sherman Tree is a giant sequoia that’s located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park. This famous forest houses ten of the world’s largest trees, and at 11 meters long (36 ft) along its base – this one happens to be 12th on our list! The species believed to be between 2 & 3 thousand years old makes it even older than some people think.

Top 2: Cedars of God

Cedars of God

The Cedars of God is a small forest in the mountains where about 400 Lebanon Cedar trees grow. These are among the last survivors from an extensive region that thrived with these sacred cedars back then, mentioned many times throughout history for its resin and use as construction material by ancient Egyptians who mummified their Pharaohs using it too! King Solomon also used them when building his temple: The First Holy Place unto Judaism itself…

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Top 1: Avenue of the Baobabs

Avenue of the Baobabs

The Avenue of the Baobabs is a series of 800-year-old trees lining this dirt road in western Madagascar. The striking landscape draws travelers from all over, making it one if not the most visited tourist attractions on Malagasy soil. They stand out as they were once part of an ancient forest that was cleared for agriculture but now have become so famous because you can only find them here!