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GoPro Hero 10 Black Overview

Ever since the first action camera was released in 2005, GoPro has been on a tear. The Hero series is their latest offering and it’s not as cutting edge compared to some other products out there today but still worth considering if you need quality footage that’ll last forever or want easy editing options when things go wrong with your shoot!

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is an improvement over its predecessors with some new shooting modes and simpler usability. It’s not a revolutionary upgrade, but it does refine everything about this model while adding in more features that you might have missed on other GoPros before!

The Hero 10 Black is the perfect camera for those who love capturing their adventures in all of its high-quality, slow-motion glory. This waterproof device has a new GP2 processor that allows it to shoot at 5K/60p or 4K/120p depending on what you’re looking to do with your footage! New shooting modes like Quik video editing make this action cam even more exciting than ever before!

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The improvements to the Hero 9 Black include a much more responsive touchscreen interface, a handy new wired data transfer mode for phones, and some under-the-hood image quality boosts including local tone mapping. But there are still limitations on video capture due to its relatively small sensor size with only so much that can be done by this model when capturing videos at higher resolutions or in low light conditions without heavy noise reduction applied.

More significant for most people will be the fact that HyperSmooth 4.0 remains the best action camera video stabilization tech around, while watersports fans can enjoy a new hydrophobic coating on its toughened-up lens cover! It’s also sad to see no movement in sensor sizes between Hero 10 Black and Insta360 One R 1/4 inch edition cameras yet again; however recent moves into webcam live streaming continue with limitations as resolution (1080p) or platform support is still only possible through GoPros own app which doesn’t work well when trying other apps like Livestreamer Pro

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is a powerful action cam that does well to refine the image quality seen in its predecessor. It’s also user-friendly, making it one of our top picks for those looking into purchasing an HDR camera this year!

Price and release date

The new, high-end GoPro Hero 10 Black is now available for purchase. The price starts at $399 / £379 or after a year of subscription on its own with no further costs involved!

The latest version comes packed full of features like stabilizing and hyper-lapse as well as 4K video recording so that your next adventure can be more immersive than ever before – all in addition to being waterproof up 30 meters underwater (meaning you won’t miss any moments) thanks also has Improved battery life which extends even when using the touch BacPac accessory  to allow longer use times between charges.

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Get the best of both worlds with a subscription to your favorite action camera. With unlimited cloud storage for videos and photos, automatic uploads right from the device or app on iOS & Android systems-50% off accessories up to 10 pm per year (some restrictions apply), live streaming support through Quik App’s editing tools; this is surely worth checking out!

GoPro has announced that they will continue to sell their existing models, including last year’s Hero 9 Black at a price of $349 / £329 (AU$529). This includes the company’s latest model -the Go Pro 8 black which you can buy for 279 Canadian dollars or about $399 USD without a subscription.


The GoPro Hero 10 Black is, physically, nigh-on identical to its predecessor. The only external difference from the Hero 9 Black is a fancy blue logo on each side and front of this water-resistant device which makes it perfect for all sorts of activities like surfing or snorkeling! There are also some subtle tweaks that make this sleek little camera even better than before so whether you’re into watersports or just want something light enough not to burden your vacation while still shooting high-quality footage – go ahead get yourself one today!”

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The durability of this lens cover is second to none. It can withstand more than just scratches before showing signs of wear and tear, as it’s also made from scratch-resistant material that proved its mettle during our tests when we flew off a zip line without noticing in some jagged wood chips – no marks! The removable nature makes replacing the damaged parts easy enough for those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty or removing dust filters with an airsoft pellet lodged inside (we’re not liable if you do).

The Hero 10 Black is actually a lot lighter than its predecessor, though we can’t tell exactly where GoPro has made this weight saving and there are no practical advantages anyway. Like before, the camera has folding ‘fingers’ in its base for mounting it directly onto accessories like helmets or cars – first appeared on last year’s model!

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The Hero 9 Black inherits many design features from the original Hero 10 but is still a capable vlogger. The 1/4 inch front LCD screen has been updated with higher frame rates enabled by its GP2 processor for smoother movement when filming video or photos on the fly during your adventures! While this new model hasn’t caused any discrepancies in comparison to before that were noticeable while watching back later, we can never really tell if there’s an improvement until after using it ourselves – so go ahead and pick one up today!”

The Hero 9 Black’s sluggish rear screen was one of our biggest criticisms, and while it did improve with a recent firmware fix for some users on that model, there are still many others who have not seen any changes at all. Meanwhile, the new GP2 processor in this newest iteration has made all those improvements we were looking forward to!

It’s clear that Hero 9 Black should have been a winner from day one, but it was not. The faster startup times and snappiness make up for any lack in performance though- so this new phone is far more enjoyable to use than last year’s frustrating experience!

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The Hero 10 Black’s battery is, like most things with this brand name and model number – identical to that used in its predecessor. If you have an older GoPro that was equipped with a 1,220mAh power cell from the factory then prepare for disappointment when upgrading if your device does not support larger cells such as those found within these GoPros today.

The Hero 10 Black packs a microSD card slot and USB-C port. The latter can be used for charging, as well as transferring footage directly from your phone to the camera via wired transfer (about 50% faster than wireless). iPhones need an Apple Lightning cable or Camera Adapter Plus they also require standard USB A inputs on either side of their battery cover!

The Hero 10 Black is a camera that has been designed to be tough, waterproof, and have all of your tech needs covered. It also comes complete with some great features!


The new Hero 10 Black camera is sleek, stylish, and packs quite a punch. Equipped with the same sensor found in its predecessors but now paired to GP2 processor which unlocks some handy talents for photographers who want their shots delivered without delay!

The GP2 chip is the first big processing upgrade we’ve seen in GoPros for four years, and it’s long overdue. The previous generation struggled to keep up as their demand increased with Hero 7 Black’s dual screens and higher-resolution sensor; however, they have been able to make some improvements on what was lacking from this newest model which will be most noticeable when using them without any other equipment like drones or gimbal accessories because of how much faster everything moves now!

The Hero7 is a more versatile action camera, with new frame-rate modes that make it an excellent choice for filming yourself in high definition. The slow-motion options are especially fun and offer long-awaited 4K/120p mode!

The Hero 10 Black has been improved with its low-light performance to make for a more detailed video. It enhances contrast in specific areas of the frame, not globally across all parts like before.

In a side-by-side comparison with the Hero 9 Black, we did see an improvement in fine details (trees and grass) when watching on our television. The footage from its predecessor looked smudgy by comparison; however, this may not be noticeable unless you’re pixel peeking closely – which isn’t bad if what your looking for is improved noise reduction!

The Hero 10 Black takes things even further with its ability to level your footage no matter how much you’re rocking from side to side. It used to be that automatic horizons were only available in the app, but now these skills are built into every camera on this model!

This is a handy addition for mountain bikers and skiers looking out to avoid any nausea caused by uneven footage. It also has HyperSmooth 4.0 which brings the stabilization’s powerful ‘High’ mode down from its most demanding modes (5K/30fps, 4K/60 Hz), but this doesn’t match what you can find on an action cam like Insta360 One R 1-inch edition that features larger sensors here in our experience as well – no matter how good they are though we recommend using these stabilizer options when it comes time capture smooth videos without jittery motion or juddering movement during playback back at home!

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The addition of HyperSmooth makes live streaming a much more interesting activity for those who want to create action-packed streams with lots of movement. Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms don’t allow users without 1k subscribers or greater to stream on their platform; however, utilizing hyperlink benefits from being an active subscriber in order make private links available only within your own group (GoPro owns exclusive rights).

The newest addition to the GoPro family is everything we could have wanted and then some! With its wide range of features, including TimeWarp 3.0 (a stabilized timelapse film), Power Tools which were first teased in 2014 as part of GoPro Labs’ beta testing group – this little marvel has it all for those who love taking quality videos on their travels or work adventures.

With the new features in the Hero 10 Black, it’s never been easier to make your adventures more fun. One of our favorites is Hindsight which constantly buffers video so that when you press down on a shutter button there will be 15 or 30 seconds worth of footage taken before pressing again for another round! There also exists Power Tool with scheduled capture – this enables certain actions such as leaving GoPros set up at sunrise and then not having any gaps appear during editing time because they are all recorded automatically without needing a Wi-Fi connection (although we recommend downloading firmware onto camera).


The Hero 10 Black is a more polished camera than its predecessor, but it still has common problems. One of these being battery life and overheating; unfortunately, the same batteries are used for both models which means that by using this device you may end up reducing your autonomy time considerably depending on how often they discharge themselves while filming videos or taking pictures in high-speed modes (like 1080p at 60fps).

We were able to get over 72 minutes of footage with the Hero 10 when we used it in our battery test. The camera was continuously shooting 4K/30p clips and had a brightness setting at 50%, so there’s no wonder that eventually happened!

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Our fully charged Hero 10 Black gave us three and a half hours before conking out. That was a taxing afternoon for the camera, with lots of menu swiping and changing of frame rates but this also happens to be a typical day at an adventure park!

The Hero 9 Black’s audio is still not as good in louder environments. You may want to consider using a lavalier microphone or wireless option like the Rode Wireless Go II for better sound quality when recording interviews with your camera roll, even if it means plugging into an external device at times during quieter moments of video footage that you plan on sharing online/on TV shows etcetera!

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The Hero 10 Black is a camera one cannot afford to miss out on, especially if they are looking for something new and exciting in their lives. The slow-mo modes that come with it will be sure to leave you feeling like an action star as well!

Video and image quality

Ever since the Hero 7 Black was released, there have been some changes to its default video settings. When you first start shooting and view your footage back on the camera, it’s now easier than ever before thanks to three different color modes: “GoPro” for punchy colors with boldness; Flat which allows you to grade afterward if needed (useful when tweaking grading); And finally Natural mode that we think looks pretty great as well!

The sharpness is decreased to the medium by default, but we preferred shooting on the low and bit rate set high (or 100Mbps). When compared footage shot with this same setting as an example Hero9 Black’s result; there were improvements that come from the new tone mapping system which was just implemented last year.

Still, there is a lot of detail in the new Hero 9 Black that wasn’t available on older cameras like GoPros. You won’t notice much difference unless you’re pixel-peeping and even then it might just be your preference for detailed shots or not having to use as many exposure steps when taking photos in low light conditions
This newer model has made big advances over its predecessor by adding more technologies such as 60 fps slow-motion video capture mode which allows users with limited mobility increased accessibility–a great addition!

The Hero 10’s video quality is a cut above what you’ll find on other action cams. The 120p and 240p slo-mo modes are smooth, while the 4K/120fps high definition setting offers a great low light capability that captures detail well in dark scenes thanks to an improved shutter speed of 1/32000th sec or faster. And with GoPro’s HyperSmooth stabilization tech still being their best bet for footage without jittering Movement has never looked so good!

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The new Hero 10 is a passable waterproof camera substitute for your smartphone, but it falls behind the competition in still image quality due to its lower resolution. In good light and when using Super Photo mode (which can help regain some highlight details), images are crisp with vivid colors; however tough scenes like low-light ones cannot compete because of computational pipelines from Apple – Google/Samsung.

There are a couple of limitations when shooting raw with the RX100. You only get to shoot in wide fisheye view and shadow recovery is limited, as well-it’s 1/2″ sensor size after all!

The convenience of being able to take a frame grab from your 5.3K video is hard not to like! The better quality stills will be in stark contrast with what you get on mobile phones, and there’s no comparison when it comes downrange between the two camera types so this feature alone can make up for any QC issues or poor battery life experienced by other users.

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Why should you buy GoPro Hero 10 Black?

  • The Hero 10 Black is the most polished, versatile GoPro yet. It may not be a seismic leap but it’s an elegant and practical step forward from its predecessor that still provides all of your needs in social media content production!
  • The Hero 10 Black is a dramatic improvement over its predecessor, the Hero 9. It now features slow-mo video at 4K/120p and 2x optical zoom which can be used to film cutscenes or family frolics in slo-mo for an all-new way of experiencing your adventures!
  • The waterproof, tough Hero 10 Black may be the perfect vlogging companion for those who like to shoot a lot of videos in inclement weather or on uneven terrain. The front screen makes framing shots easy as well with an extra benefit that you can use it instead of having your hands full holding onto something else while trying not slip up; plus there’s access through its Media Mod if needed at any point during recording!

What we don’t like about this product

  • The Hero 10 Black does not produce cinematic video. Despite the camera’s best efforts, you’ll never be able to get that wide-angle look with pleasing bokeh in footage captured on this device; if your goal is a more filmic feel then consider getting something like an APS-C or full frame model instead!
  • There are a lot of cheap action cameras on the market, but not all offer great features. The Hero 10 Black is an affordable option that still offers 4K video recording capability and plenty more to make it stand out from other budget devices like this one!
  • For those with older GoPros – the Hero 6 Black or earlier–the Hero 10 is a huge upgrade. But this year’s flagship can be tough to like because of its largely identical performance and lack of modes such as slow-motion videos, which was one reason I liked my old GoPro so well!


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