Healing Stones: Understanding the various stones with their healing properties

healing stones

The healing power of stones has been known for centuries. Stones such as amethyst, rose quartz and tiger eye are believed to have healing properties that can be used to heal many ailments. It is said they can balance the mind, body and spirit. In this blog post we will discuss healing stones in greater detail with their healing properties and uses.

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What are healing stones and what do they have to offer

Healing stones are natural and organic materials that have been used by ancient cultures to promote healing. They come in all different shapes, sizes, textures as well as colors for their specific properties like warmth or calmness so it’s hard to generalize about them succinctly!

They can balance the mind, body and spirit. In this blog post we will discuss healing stones in greater detail with their healing properties and uses.

How to choose the right stone for you

Choosing healing stones for your particular healing needs can be an overwhelming task. There are so many different types of healing rocks that come in all shapes, sizes and colors- how does one choose?

However there is no right or wrong way to go about choosing healing stones. It’s all subjective to what you feel drawn too at any given time. If you need healing- look around and find something that calls to you. It could be a stone, or it may come in the form of light.

Wherever your healing journey takes you we wish you great happiness and excitement on this roller coaster called life!

The different types of healing stones


Amethyst is believed to be a powerful healing stone. Its healing properties include the ability to fight off addictions and recover from traumas such as grief or depression. It’s also thought that amethyst can help one find peace and calmness in their life by providing mental clarity, happiness and good fortune.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz healing properties are believed to help soothe the mind, body and spirit. It’s healing energy is thought to promote love in one’s life by encouraging forgiveness of others as well as oneself. Additionally it can be used for heart problems, sleep disorders or even menstrual cramps!

Tiger eye

Tiger eye healing stones have healing properties that are thought to promote good fortune, strength and protect against negative energy. Tiger eye is believed to help balance the mind as well as body by bringing harmony into one’s life. It may also be used for issues with sinusitis or respiratory problems such as asthma!

Understanding your aura with aurascope

Now that we have a basic understanding of healing stones and their properties you might be wondering how to use healing rocks? Well it is believed by some cultures that healing stones can help us understand our own spirit or “aura” as well as the ‘auras’ of others. Certain healing rocks are thought to allow one to see into another’s soul. This is called the healing art of Aurascope!

In order to utilize this healing technique you will need a special type of healing stone that has been cut into a triangle shape with rounded edges and polished smooth. You can pick one up at your local metaphysical store or craft fair if there happens to be any in your town- otherwise there are many healing stones online that can be used for this purpose.

Once you have your healing stone ready, hold it up to the light and look through one of its points at a person or animal (or even an inanimate object like a plant). Now close one eye while keeping the other open- with practice you should start to see another image within the healing stone- this is your aurascope at work!

If you are able to see auras it means that you have extremely heightened healing senses, whereas if you can’t after multiple attempts then perhaps healing rocks aren’t for you. Either way we wish you good luck on your journey towards healing and happiness in all forms of life!

Healing stones’ benefits and how to use them in daily life

Well now that you have a general understanding of healing stones and how they work we will be talking about the healing properties available in healing rocks.

Here are just a few uses for healing stones: 

  • Use them during meditation to help increase energy flow or focus on your intent while achieving mental clarity and calmness.
  • Place healing rocks in the four corners of your home to create healing energy that will spread throughout each room.
  • Use healing rocks as an alternative form of treatment for issues such as headaches, sleep disorders or even menstrual cramps!

Now you might be wondering how exactly healing stones are used? Well there is actually no wrong way to go about choosing healing stones. It all depends on your healing needs and what healing stones you would like to work with. If you are looking for a healing stone that helps one find peace in their life then perhaps rose quartz or amethyst might be right for you! While others may choose tiger eye if they want healing properties of strength, mental clarity and good fortune.

Just remember healing stones are healing rocks and they should be used as a tool to help you find your way on this healing journey.

Healing Stones’ Benefits:

  • Improve mental clarity 
  • Promote peace within oneself   
  • Increase energy flow       
  • Create healing energy for the home                               
  • Treat issues such as menstrual cramps, headaches and sleep disorders.   
  • How to use healing stones in daily life:     
  • Use healing rocks for meditation or just a quiet moment of self realization.  
  • Place healing rocks around the house or even under your pillow at night!            

Now that you have a general understanding of healing stones and how you can use them for healing properties, we hope that you will continue to explore this healing journey with love in your heart! Thank you.

Wearing healing gemstones as jewelry or amulets

Wearing healing gemstones as jewelry or amulets can be a healing aid on the spiritual and emotional planes, helping us to stay more connected with our emotions while at the same time help elevate those feelings into something more positive. For example: by wearing an amulet of rose quartz we can help elevate the healing energy of that quartz into our emotional body.


People have been using healing stones for centuries to heal themselves and others. There are many different types of healing stones, each with their own unique properties that make them the perfect choice for specific ailments. Knowing how they work can help you choose which stone is best suited to your needs or someone else’s. If you want more information about these amazing rocks try our blog post!