HP EliteDesk 705 G4 SFF PC Review

HP EliteDesk 705 G4 SFF

The HP EliteDesk 705 G4 SFF PC is a powerhouse of performance and energy efficiency. This desk-sized tower packs the latest Intel Core i7 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, and a speedy SSD to power your productivity needs. The EliteDesk 705 G4 offers quad displays out of the box with up to four monitors supported for maximum productivity. With 4K resolution on each monitor you will be immersed in all your work with stunning clarity, color depth, and contrast ratios that make it possible to see every detail onscreen. You can also upgrade the memory from 16GB DDR4 at 2133MHz up to 32GB DDR4 at 2400MHz for even more immersive multitasking.


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HP EliteDesk 705 G4 SFF PC Overview

With the recent release of AMD Ryzen Pro processors from major brands such as Dell, Lenovo and HP have all rushed to offer their own lineups. The EliteDesk 705 G4 range comprise four different models varying in size and connectivity options- ranging from mini desktops for those who need something small or compact all way up through bulky workstation edition computers with plenty storage space available!

The HP EliteDesk 705 G4 Small Form Factor PC is perfect for any professional who needs an affordable, yet high-quality workstation. It carries a suggested retail price of $774 (around £600) but can be had for as little as $667 with the purchase of an additional three year warranty and optional care package from their store!

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The EliteDesk 705 G4 is a slightly boring desktop PC but it gets the job done. It looks just like every other computer on your desk, and that’s what you want in an everyday machine for working with documents or internet browsing from time to time! This reliable design measures 95 x 270 x 296mm so make sure this will fit under any monitor before purchasing one yourself – though placing its side up might look kind of awkward depending where you put them next…
An average-looking yet functional workspace would best suit someone who spends most days behind their laptop screen instead of sitting at home completing paperwork by pen and paper as I used too while younger years went bye

The front of the computer has a sleek, yet practical design with slits that allow for improved airflow. The logo and branding on this device are both bold which makes it easy to identify as an HP product from far away. There’s also two USB ports (one fast charging), one Type-C provide charge but can be used in place if you need extra power through another cable or terminals; three Gen 1 slots allowing older devices such as thumb drives etc., lastly there’s even space inside where users could store their headphones while using Skype during downtime!

At the back are more connectors: audio-in, audio-out and power. There is also a GbE Ethernet port (powered by Realtek) that allows you to network wirelessly or connect with other devices via cable for greater bandwidth capability if needed; two DisplayPort jacks so everyone can see what’s going on in crystal clear detail without any lag time! Lastly there is legacy VGA support as well seven USB ports – four of which use fast 3rd generation technology while three others offer low speed but still good enough 2nd gen support. HP’s USB-C port offers support for Display Port, power and fast data transfer speeds so you can connect to the latest devices without any hassle!

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There are two ways to open up the PC, and you can use either one of them thanks to its lockable tool-less enclosure. Inside all components are well organized with plenty room for fresh air circulation so they stay cool as well! There’s an internal 180W PSU that thankfully beats out some competitors by having their own power supply instead if it were needed externally; four DIMM slots populated by only eight gigabytes but nothing too concerning since there’s plenty more expansion ports available like M2 slot which enables wireless connection capability while also providing storage capacity when necessary (PCI Express x16 Slot & 2230/2280 included).

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The unique selling point of this product is the AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 2400G processor that powers it. This 4-core/8 thread CPU comes with integrated graphics and 3MB L3 cache, making for more efficient processing than many competing options out there! Although its base clock speed (current) isn’t as high at 3GHz due to a higher TDP 65W rating thanks in part from powering all these features util without any noisy fans during our tests we didn’t encounter any issues either which makes us confident about recommending you purchase one yourself soon enough if interested.

The HP EliteDesk has a maximum supported memory of 32GB DDR-2666 so you can be sure it can handle all your business needs. HP claim that this model supports up to four displays out the box, which is something we were excited to put through its paces during our testing process as well as with further benchmarking and real-life testing.

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Usage and performance

The security management features of the product are both hardware and software based. This includes a TPM 2.0 chip which makes it compliant with Common Criteria standards as wellFIPS 140-2 Level 2 Certified!

We had an initialization error when HP’s Sure Click desktop console booted up, citing “incompatible operating system”. This is not surprising given that it runs on a different platform to our test computers. We also noticed the presence of another component-HP Velocity which was pitched by them as a software solution for improving user experience by addressing common network bottlenecks such as packet loss and Wi-Fi congestion .

The Ryzen Pro CPU often powers ahead of the Intel Core i5-8250U, a popular part found in many mainstream laptops (but one without an eGPU). When compared with other processors from this range we’ve seen that it can perform better on some tasks while being slower for others.

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The EliteDesk 705 G4 is a serviceable workhorse PC that has been around for 30 years. It embodies everything an IT admin wants from their computer: compact size, easy access to replace defective parts (standard three year warranty), plethora of ports and excellent remote management solutions make this one tough little machine!

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This PC is an excellent choice for gamers. It has the power of an AMD CPU with a fast SSD, which means it can handle whatever you throw at it without slowing down or freezing – perfect if your latest game requires all possible resources! The graphics card may be below average in comparison to other similarly priced machines running Intel CPUs but still delivers more than enough performance even though we would have loved having HDMI port instead; there are two DisplayPorts so those should suffice though some users might prefer not using their old technologies anymore such as USB 2.0 versus 3+. Finally getting rid of optical reader entirely makes sense because who reads CDs these days?

As for the competition, well it seems like there’s a bit of an arms race going on between computer manufacturers. The Dell Optiplex 3060 with 6-cores and 8GB RAM costs $769 (around £595). On the other hand you have something such as Lenovo ThinkCenter M710e which has been around since 2013 but comes at lower price point only at $687(£530) because they use older 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor instead!


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