Humanscale Freedom Office Chair Review

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Humanscale Freedom Office Chair Overview

You might think Humanscale is just a name for high-end office chairs, but the Freedom really surprises. You get quality and durability in this top-of-the-line model that can cost you more than $1K! It also has some clever design features like the 15-year warranty on all parts except motors– which come with 5 years!–and long lifetimes from these flashy bright colors we know so well (just don’t sit near any windows).

Furthermore, the truth is that if you shop around online and buy this chair from a different seller who has lower prices than average – assuming your focus remains on getting the basic fabric or graphite frame version (versus leather) rather than going through with expensive-looking features like paints/leathers)- then yes it will end up costing less in total.

Indeed, in this review, we are evaluating the basic fabric (Camira Oxygen fabric) and graphite version which still has high quality to offer. We’ve been using it for over three years now with no issues whatsoever! It’s as good looking or functional today than when first bought – both operationally but also aesthetically speaking thanks to how durable these chairs really can be made.”


If you want a high-end office chair, the Humanscale Freedom is for you. The leather and graphite model we reviewed here can currently be yours for £750 (around $1040) or around 1100 pounds sterling if you prefer fabric over denim jeans material on top of steel-reinforced baseplates as required by law in most countries where these chairs are sold such as the UK at present time but there may come changes soon enough!

You may be attracted to the idea of leather, but if you are not desperate for it then I would recommend going with fabric chairs.

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Design and build quality

This chair is a sleek and stylish piece of furniture that offers impressive build quality. The graphite frame has no weakness, but isn’t too heavy for its size; it can be picked up with ease by most users (unless you’re lifting weights regularly). This office workstation comes totally assembled–no tools required!–so all your worries are taken care of once assembly time begins!

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The Humanscale Freedom is a high-end, well-thought-out chair. There are some slight weak points which we’ll come onto momentarily but this seat offers the adjustability one would expect from such an item with multiple positions for arm rests and adjustments within those arms as well!

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The innovative design touch here is that the backrest can be adjusted to your body and how you’re sitting. It tilts as you move, so if you lean back it’ll adjust with your spine without having to worry about making any adjustments on its own (save ensuring when first set up this chair at the right level for height). And one reason why we fell in love- Freedom has achieved brilliant support which works wonders!

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The chair has a variety of levers, sliders, and buttons that you can use to make adjustments easily. The exception is with the headrest – it’s not as well made but other than this one flaw I found no other problems when using this item!

The headrest on this chair is a little too loose and slides up and down with ease, but over time it has developed an issue of slipping downward. We don’t know if it’s just our model or something wrong with how they assembled the product altogether because every couple of days we have to readjust it for safety purposes!

The ergonomic design of the chair is great, but what might niggle you slightly more about it are the short armrests. The lack of horizontal adjustment limits how much one can change their position and they aren’t very long either; this doesn’t bother us–in fact, we like them at this size! However, your mileage may vary depending on your particular desk setup or working style so do keep that in mind before purchasing a product just for yourself!.

One thing we would like to change about the armrests is how they feel on your shoulders. The plastic top of them can be uncomfortable, especially if you have leather seats as well! No doubt this problem doesn’t exist in premium materials such as aluminum or something more durable though.

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The chair is comfortable for all-day use. The seat and backrest are well padded to provide support without being too soft or uncomfortable, while still providing enough cushion that you can focus on your work instead of sitting in pain at the end of each day!

This product’s design effortlessly strikes a just-right balance between comfortability and durability which makes it perfect regardless if people have different opinions when it comes down to deciding what they want out of their seats.

During our three-year ownership of the Freedom chair, we noticed that it remained as comfortable and firm to sit in. The polyurethane foam has not changed or sagged at all – even after constant use by two different people throughout those years! This includes everything from its headrest which was just a little looser than new when we first sat down on this rocking recliner but otherwise remains sturdy now too thanks to adjustments made during assembly if needed (thank goodness).

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The Freedom chair is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in. Although it doesn’t have a lot going for it besides that, price-wise – which gets expensive if this was your only option to choose from on their site – there really aren’t many downsides at all with these things!

We’ve already mentioned the leather version of this office chair, which costs more than double to get. It’s not uncommon for people who buy fabric furniture – like basic fabrics-to end up paying less in total if they purchase an upgrade later on down the line because their initial investment was lower than what it would have been otherwise (i e drops half a star).