Instant Pot Duo Nova Review

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Instant Pot Duo Nova Overview

The Instant Pot Duo Nova has an updated design which makes it stand out from the competition. Not only does this multi-cooker come with a steam release valve that automatically closes when you close its lid, making use even easier than before; but there’s also one-touch programs for all your favorite dishes—including pressure cooking!

Additionally, there is an extra release button on the handle which allows you to manually pressurize and release any excess pressure without waiting for that pesky timer. This means no more dangerous blasts from your cooker when ready! Additionally- if we’re talking about what makes these similar then let’s mention how they both have LCD screens so I can see exactly where my meal’s at while cooking (even in darkness).

The Instant Pot Duo Nova is the most versatile multi-cooker of all time. It has 15 one-touch preset programs covering off many different foods, as well as various manual settings for when you need more control over how your food turns out or what it’s being cooked in (such as a pot). The only downside? There are fewer customizable presets on this model than others like ours which can do up to 48 at once!

The Instant Pot Duo Nova is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that replaces several other appliances. It can be used for pressure cooking, steaming, and slow-cooking as well!

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The Instant Pot Duo Nova is a great device, but it’s not perfect. We found that we needed to experiment with cooking times and settings for steaming vegetables or making rice in order to get optimal results from the slow cooker functions of our new IPV 3 Stage Cooking System! If you’re looking for online recipes I would recommend starting at those available on this website- they are very similar across all models except for some minor differences when cooking high heat foods such as meats on top of veggies (not recommended).

Price and availability

The Instant Pot Duo Nova is a sleek, professional-looking appliance that will cook your food faster than any other type of pressure cooker. It’s currently available on Amazon for $119.99/ £119 or AUS$299 and has been named as one of the best kitchen gadgets by Gizmodo!

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The stainless steel finish of the Instant Pot Duo Nova is a nice and sturdy addition to any kitchen. The familiar design makes it easy for users who have used other models in their arsenal, while still looking sleek enough that you won’t be bored with it on your countertop all day long!

Our review of the 8-quart/7.6-liter model found that it’s a similar size to other large capacity multi cookers we’ve reviewed, but also available in 6 quarts and 3 liter options for smaller families or tight spaces.

The Instant Pot is a game-changer for those who have cookery issues. It takes up less space than other appliances, replacing them all at once!

This appliance has a one-touch feature that lets you switch between slow cooker, yogurt maker, and a pressure cooker with ease. The program settings are all preprogrammed for common foods such as stew or porridge but there’s no recipe book so I had to go online!

When pressure cooking, choose between low and high pressure for all other programs there are three settings to choose from: less (slow), normal, or more – with a table in the instruction manual detailing what each setting is designed to achieve. It’s also simple enough to adjust cook times using the plus buttons on the front so you can customize them accordingly!

This appliance will keep your food warm for up to 24 hours if you forget about it. It also has a delay start button, so that pesky timer can be set and the dish won’t go bad before its time! The steam rack is nice but only works with larger foods like pot roast or small vegetables because smaller ones fall through completely.

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The Instant Pot Duo Nova is a great slow cooker and we used it for our chili recipe. It took longer than usual because there are no non-stick coatings, but the sauté function made browning meat easier without having to use other pans or stove tops!

The Instant Pot beeps to let you know that cooking has finished and the temperature of my chili at the end was 176 F/ 80 C. I wasn’t able to get it as thick because there were some other things going on but once we switched back over into saute mode, all those problems went away! The handles stayed cool during slow cooker time too – which means no burning fingers or an oven-like heat source for your hand when stirring up a good meal in this bad boy 😉

In order to cook brown basmati rice, we needed a little guidance from the website. We ended up using 1 cup of water per one cup of cooked grains and found that it took 13 minutes for our batch at full blast on top burners while waiting 10 more minutes after draining before releasing pressure as directed in the manual (which is different than what some people might do).

The total time was 43 minutes from start to end which is a bit lengthy but as you’re not required to watch it like on the stove, it’s definitely more convenient. During pressure release our decibel meter registered 75DB, an equivalent of just about any flush or noise there is out in this world!

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The steam function of this pressure cooker is perfect for doing all your steaming needs. It uses the power of high-pressure cooking, where there’s less liquid than usual so it can create superheated steam to cook food more quickly and efficiently! We struggled to find a good recommendation about timings but finally decided on four minutes with one cup of water in the pot bottom (don’t forget those holes!) After prepping took five Minutes then cooked under low heat setting for an additional 4 mins after the whistle blew waiting for another 3 before the Instant release button was pushed – letting out any remaining mass inside the vessel easily making eating much easier too 🙂

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The quick and easy way to make Thai red curry, we used the manual pressure cooker. As with chili, we browned chicken legs before adding all other ingredients for 20 minutes of cooking time on high heat at 188F/ 88 C . With a seven-and half minute waiting period between stages this gave us perfectly cooked meat that falls apart when pierced with a fork or knife; it’s also not overly spicy so even those who don’t usually like curry will enjoy this dish!

The pressure release was a little louder than I expected and while the side of my pot stayed cool, all handles were comfortably warm. The metal part reached 187 F/ 86 C which is perfect for cooking with lid ON!

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Why should you buy Instant Pot Duo Nova?

  • What’s the point of having a dishwasher-safe part if it can’t go in there? The removable lid and all other parts are cleaned easily with just one wash, taking away that hassle.
  • The Instant Pot is a great option if you want to customize your settings and not have too many presets.
  • You’re on a budget, but this Instant Pot is the perfect price. It can replace your old slow cooker and other appliances while still being affordable for most people’s budgets!

What we don’t like about this product

  • The lack of recipes and cooking times is a little disappointing, but there are plenty more perks to this cooker. You get tons of helpful charts on how best to cook your dishes along with easy access online!
  • You are looking to steam lots of vegetables. The included steamer rack is only suitable for larger items, so you’ll need an additional accessory if that’s what you want!
  • For a more hands-free cooking experience, I recommend the stainless steel pot. It has no handles which make for quick and easy lifting while still enabling you to hold onto it if need be!