JBL Pulse 4 Honest Review

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JBL Pulse 4 Overview

The JBL Pulse 4 is the latest in a long line of great party speakers from this popular manufacturer. It has all the features that we loved about their previous model, including balanced sound quality and calling ability for when you need to keep your voice low or else risk waking up family members nearby!

The JBL Pulse 4 features a stunning new design that’s like holding the world in your hands. The 360-degree sound is balanced and clear, with less distortion than its predecessors while retaining good punchiness when needed for higher volumes. However, the microphone has been removed so you won’t be able to use it as an intercom system or talk directly into one speaker without cupping your hand around another person’s mouth (though this would work well if everyone had their own). At $250 (£200/AU$378), these aren’t cheap speakers but they do offer amazing looks from different angles thanks again sleek lines & blacked-out surfaces which make them ideal party pieces on any desk!


This year’s JBL Pulse 4 features a design change that adds an extra layer of depth to this speaker. Last year’s model had a pill-like shape with tweeters hiding behind cloth ring at the base, but now it has been replaced by extending light show across the body which gives off a much better appearance and visuals overall!

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The JBL Pulse 4 has a good amount of bass, but it does not emphasize the low notes. The large woofers on both sides help enhance this speaker’s sound quality for when you want to crank up some music and have an awesome party! Controls are easy to use with physical buttons that control volume as well as playback functionality available through smartphone pairing or syncing functions so your wired device isn’t necessary anymore while still enjoying all types of audio channels wirelessly from these speakers.”

JBL’s new Pulse 4 speaker has a USB-C charging port on the back, but it is exposed. This means you have to uncover and fidget with this piece of rubber until your phone charges or else water will get inside when submerged in liquid-like rain for example – an inconvenience that was not present with J BL’s previous products where users could remove their flap before submerging into any kind puddles without fear they would short circuit its electronic components by exposing metal parts as well other dangers associated.

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The JBL Pulse 4 is an excellent party speaker that will fill a small room with sound, but those who want more bass for playing outdoors may need something larger. The size does have its downsides and at higher volumes, the woofer can’t keep up due to lack of power; however, it sounds best when played below 60% volume so you’ll be getting great quality even if your preferred listening setting doesn’t require loudness levels above this level!

The JBL Pulse 4 is rated for 12 hours of playtime with the light show enabled – which is an improvement over last year’s model. However, it’s slightly disappointing that users are only given one option on how much battery life they want their speakers to have and not two separate options like some competing products do offer such as Bose Soundlink Mini II or GoogleHome Hub Max.

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The good news here though? Users can turn off all but 1/3rd (7000 mah) if you’re looking exclusively in terms of battery life rather than total capacity because those numbers reflect just what percentage will always stay charged while playing back sound when its lights aren’t being used!

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It is no surprise that the JBL Pulse 4 provides more surface area for its light show. As it has been a few years since we got an update, this seems like nothing but the minimum required to make up some ground lost by being outpaced in innovation from competitors such as Bose and Sony – who have both released newer speakers with better sound quality while retaining similar features at much lower prices!

The one downside I can see so far would be if you don’t want your phone tethered or rely on using aux cables when playing music through wired sources; then something cheaper might do just fine because there won’t really be anything special offered beyond aesthetics (although portability could come into play).

If you’re looking for a party speaker that has balanced sound, unique looks and can be thrown in your bag then look no further. The JBL Pulse 4 is a perfect choice!