JBL Tune 225TWS True Wireless Review

jbl tune 225 tws review



JBL Tune 225TWS Overview

JBL has always been about breaking boundaries, and they’re not afraid to try something new. The audio company is currently dominating the true wireless earbuds market with their latest models which are more popular than ever before!

JBL is looking to take on Apple and other companies with its new Tune 225TWS buds, but can it succeed where others have failed? The answer may depend on the quality of these earphones. So far they’re not promising – previous models from JBL haven’t always made their mark in this competitive space so we’ll see how things go for them!

The Tune 225TWS seems like a curious, if not an outright confusing product. With their lack of splash protection and in-ear seal that doesn’t quite work for daily use, they’re best suited to being used during outdoor exercise where the bass performance is welcome but ultimately undermined by its inability to provide noise isolation which rules it out as an option when commuting on public transit or any other occasion you don’t want people talking with your music playing through their phones around them!

The design of the Apple iPhone is one thing, but these buds also have an in-ear style and come with their own charging case. They’re light and small enough to fit into any ear canal comfortably—a perfect alternative for people who want sound without all that extra weight!

The Tune 225TWS doesn’t create an in-ear seal, which is great if you want to be able to hear your environment while listening. However, they lack active noise cancellation like other headphones for those who need them at work or commuting on noisy public transport, so these buds are best suited towards runners with low sound conditions such as busy city streets rather than inner earphones that provide better isolation against background sounds.

These earphones come with soft silicone tips to help seal out noise, but we found they mostly stayed put even when running. The sound quality is good for what you get- though their “Pure Bass” feature only really has oomph if compared against other models without this particular attribute.

The lack of noise cancellation may be an issue for some, but the four-hour battery life is not bad in comparison. The only major competitor that even comes close to this device’s speakers are those on headphones priced at 60% less than what you would have paid here–and they all boast active ANC too!

JBL Tune 225TWS are good all-purpose earbuds, but they don’t serve any particular users well. If you need a pair for your commute or exercise routine though these will work fine in that situation. For when it comes to style and functionality there are other options at the same price point which offer more features – plus look better! It is worth looking into them if money isn’t absolutely no object because then quality doesn’t matter so much either way; just get something great while still being able to enjoy their sound without worrying too much about what others might say (they’re forgiving).

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Price and availability

JBL has released a new set of earphones called the Tune 225TWS. The list price for these is $99.95 / £99, but you can currently get them discounted to just over half that at around 50% off which makes it only cost about £50 or so! There are some color options available: blue, gray-white black pink gold.


The JBL Tune 225TWS buds are an AirPods-style design with long stems, and they make for a light yet robust build. The same can be said about their charging case which is made from strong matte plastic that feels sleek in your hand as well as comfortable when worn over time Though there’s no issue at first sight here due to its smooth edges (though some sharpness did cause discomfort), after wearing them more often throughout the day it became clear how uncomfortable this could get if you’re not careful enough!

These in-earphones lack any kind of silicon tip or wing to hold them in the ear, which means it’s impossible for me to create an interesting seal and maintain awareness. For someone who needs a good bass response with their music but is looking for more active noise isolation anyways, this would be great – just not so much if you need both!

The JBL 225TWS headphones are very secure, even when jogging. The only time I had trouble with them becoming tangled was while wearing a face mask and they will stay put in the ears of athletes no matter what activity you do!

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Audio performance

The JBL buds are not the most comfortable earphones in terms of audio performance because they lack an in-ear seal. With no physical barrier to block sound from leaking out, bass frequencies have a tendency at being muffled and lack power when compared with other competing brands that use tips made specifically for their specific model(s). One way these headphones stand apart is by cranking up volumes past safe limits which can cause hearing damage over time if done often enough or long-term exposure – so please be mindful!

The lack of bass is a major disappointment for music listeners, but if you like clear and bright sounds that are good at podcasts or audiobooks then these buds will do the trick. Pop comes through quite well with energetic genres such as punk; however, they don’t have enough room to breathe in more laid back styles like rock and dance songs which could be too chaotic without any sub-100Hz low-end support from your smartphone speakers/headphones (especially since most smartphones only reach down into single digits).

Overall, these buds have enough detail for most people. Those looking for greater clarity or a wider soundstage may want to look elsewhere but those who are seeking more bass will be satisfied here as well with the buds by Monster headphones offering some great punchy tones on your music playlists!

For the most part, at least, I had no problems connecting to my Google Pixel 3 and listening to some tunes. Using Fast Pair tech made pairing easy as well! You can also use each earbud separately if that’s what you prefer–I ended up liking them both equally so it didn’t matter which one went into whose ear canal first 🙂

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Controls and battery life

The JBL Tune 225TWS buds are a unique exception to the button-less trend. They have simple, easy-to-use controls with buttons on top of each stalk for different features and functions – all without compromising comfort or sound quality!

The many smart features of this device make it a great listen for the car. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, there’s no need to look at your phone or search through any menus if you want something quick like adjusting volume because all that’s necessary is tapping on one button! However, we found ourselves accidentally powering down our buds every now and then while trying out some voice-activated commands such as Google Assistant (though not always).

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You’ll get up to four hours of battery life from the earbuds themselves, but with a further 20 provided by Micro USB charging case – though this onboard charge doesn’t last as long as advertised. There’s also no wireless technology here so it seems like an oversight for such an expensive product!

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Why should you buy JBL Tune 225TWS?

  • If you’re looking for the perfect set of exercise buds, then look no further than JBL’s Tune 225TWS. These will allow your to keep an ear on what’s going around while listening through some tunes without having any worries about getting distracted or losing track of where exactly it is that we are running in this digital age!
  • The sound quality of podcasts and audiobooks is great for listening to, but not always as high-quality music.
  • Do you want a light pair of earbuds? These buds are exceptionally so and would suit someone who wants to give their ears a rest from bulky over-ear headphones.

What we don’t like about this product

  • Noise cancellation is a feature many wireless headphones have, but the JBL Tune 225TWS does not offer any. If you want this kind of sound isolation and cancellations then be sure to check out models like AirPods Pro or Sony’s WF-1000XM3 which provide excellent quality at an affordable price point!
  • Why settle for less than the best when you can get all of your audio needs in one device? The EarFun Air offers high-quality clear sound to whoever is listening, while also being small enough so that it doesn’t take up too much room or weigh down on someone’s head. You don’t have any reason not to try out this great buy!
  • You don’t like the Apple AirPods look. But what about a pair of earbuds with sleek, tiny stems? The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will be sure to please!