The Best Jewelry Boxes and Organizers you should buy

jewelry box

Gold chains with a white T-shirt or striking hoop earrings with a sundress – great jewelry enhances. Due to their importance to our clothing, expensive jewelry box and baubles alike should be secured from harm. Jewellery that is properly stored lasts longer. To top it all off, you can grab and go instead of untangling necklaces or hunting for matching earrings when you have an organized jewelry collection.

In order to discover the perfect jewelry storage solution, you must first determine the size of your collection. Semiprecious stones and precious metals scratch quickly and should be preserved in a box lined with a soft material and kept out of the sunshine. As a result of its durability, costume jewelry is more likely to be preferred. Rings and other jewelry that you wear and remove regularly can be stored in tiny catchall trays. Using a jewelry organizer, you can keep necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled together. Collections may be clearly viewed with the use of clear organizers that are transparent. As with exercise, Ope Omojola, creator of Octave Jewelry, says that storage is truly about compliance. It’s not for you if you’re never going to use it or detest the way it appears.

From organizers that keep even enormous collections hidden away to plates that convert diamonds into objets d’art, nine jewelers, designers, and stylists told us how they keep their jewelry safe.

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Best jewelry boxes

Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry Box

Brand manager Juliana Ramirez at Lizzie Fortunato suggests this Pottery Barn jewelry box with a classic appearance. My days of uncomfortably sorting through bulky dust bags are done, she adds. “It’s time to move on.” According to her, the transparent top and four velvet-lined drawers make it simpler to discover and care for her items. Her increasing collection is also accommodated by the box’s solid construction, durability, and spaciousness, according to Ramirez.

Concentrics Style Jewelry Gift Black White Boxes

A robust, simple marble box is used by Jessica Tse of NOTTE to keep her family heirlooms. It filters sunlight and features a “plush velvet inside,” making it ideal for keeping valuables. For Tse, it also functions as home décor since “it looks like a lovely marble block on my table,” she adds.

Best clear jewelry organizer

Most of your jewelry can be seen well in acrylic cases. For jewelry storage, three of our nine experts utilize Muji acrylic boxes and divider inserts. As of this writing, all of the Muji cases are sold out online. They fit nicely into the trays, which can be changed, and the velvet inserts look beautiful. When I’MMANY’s Tina Xu stores it in her bathroom, the acrylic doesn’t get harmed by dampness. If she’s wearing gold, silver, or gemstone jewelry, she loves to store it in a soft fabric.

Best stackable jewelry trays

“Perfect pink” is what Melinda Maria calls them, although they’re also available in gray and white. If you remove the trays, you can clearly see what you have on hand for the day, Maria says. For further protection, they come with a transparent cover that can be withdrawn. “Finding a piece of jewelry is the last thing you want to do while you’re rushing out the door.”

Uzoli Stackable Velvet Jewelry Trays Jewelry Organizer Storage for Drawers

Similarly stackable, these drawer trays from Container Store were meant to help you arrange your drawers. Hers is stored in a desk drawer, where she adjusts the tray to suit. As she explains, “I’m a visual thinker who needs to have everything put out in front of me.” When she’s getting ready, she’d prefer have “as much [her] jewelry as possible exposed so that it’s right there.”

Best wall-mounted jewelry organizer

Designer Christina Tung of SVNR suggests this velvet-lined, lockable Songmics cabinet as a huge, yet tucked-away, organizer. Overhead LED lighting, as well as shelves and drawers that may be used for more than simply jewelry, are included in this cabinet. “It’s the most useful, practical alternative,” Tsu adds, comparing it to the porcelain dishes she used before. In addition, she utilizes it to keep her jewelry collection in check In order to determine whether or not you have too much of anything, you must first determine whether or not it fits into the system you’ve created for organizing it.

Best small catchalls

Oirlv Premium Leather Valet Tray for Men Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry rests in tiny catchalls during the day while you wash your hands, apply skin care, wash dishes, and sleep, regardless of whether or not you have an organizer for longer-term storage. According to Leslie Sigurdson, head of brand partnerships at GLDN Jewelry, this Rachel Saunders box is the perfect size for holding a few pieces of jewelry. As a result, it has become a permanent fixture on her nightstand

Hide & Drink, Leather Catchall, Change Key Wallet, Coin Box

As a material, leather is supple and has a neutral appearance. Jewelry designer Jean Prounis maintains unbranded leather catchalls in her living room that complement her décor. Maria, who keeps hers by her bedside, also recommends this Mark & Graham version. I remove my earrings before bed and put them in the trash, she explains.

Best necklace organizer

Minelife Jewelry Stand Display Necklace Holder

However, this Minelife necklace holder gives greater accessibility to ordinary items of jewellery without providing any security for the jewels. Because her necklaces change so regularly, Maria keeps one in her walk-in closet. Changing necklaces and bracelets in this manner is convenient and prevents tangling.

Best travel jewelry cases

GOLVER 2-pack Jewelry Box Organizer

In order to prevent jewelry from being crushed and scratched when traveling, experts recommend carrying it in a jewelry case with a strong shell and soft padding. Maria travels with this well-organized Mark & Graham case. Just under $100, she believes it’s “very high quality for the pricing point.” She loves that this case is “small enough to throw in your carry-on.”

Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Organizer

Sigurdson suggests Samara’s “elegant” bag for people who travel with less jewelry. Sigurdson thinks the bag is “adorable” since it’s “pretty and tiny.”

6 Pack 2 oz Plastic Pot Jars Round Clear Leak Proof Plastic Cosmetic Container Jars

“Even the tiniest jewelry container you can find is still too huge for me,” adds Xu, who prefers Muji plastic pots instead. These from Satinior are similar. He inserts a cotton swab inside each piece to absorb moisture and preserve it. Because of their adaptability, she finds them particularly useful: “Being able to select the kind and size of containers for varied schedule and stay lengths is really handy.”