The Top 14 Largest Monoliths in the World

Largest Monoliths in the World

There are a number of different meanings to the word “monolith”, but in this context, it refers to one single massive stone or rock. Anyone who has seen Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey will probably have an image of advanced machines built by aliens that encourage humankind for technological development. In reality though – according to its Greek origins meaning “one” and lithos (“stone”), referring to both geological features such as mountains consisting out mostly large stones with no breaks into smaller pieces between each other.

Some may call them monoliths, but these things are actually called inselbergs or the top 10 largest isolated hills and mountains. For example, Mount Augustus in Western Australia is often considered a “monumental mountain” when it’s actually just an exposed piece of rock belonging to its layer beneath (which we all know as “a Geological Formation!).

A monocline is not a single piece of rock. It’s often hard to tell the difference between what people call one, but it turns out that these formations can be made up of many different pieces of stone – some over 100 feet tall!

Top 14: Bukit Kelam

Bukit Kelam

The name of this place is a perfect match for its location. It has an old, traditional feel to it which makes one think they’ve been transported back in time when water transport was more common and people used buckets instead of cars!

The monolith is 900 meters (3,000 feet) high and offers a beautiful view of West Kalimantan. One legend states that it was created when an ugly monster wanted to marry Princess Dara Juanita but could not because her protector cursed him into becoming this huge rock we can see today called “Bukit Kelam” or Black Rock!

Top 13: Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain

A hike up Stone Mountain can be exhausting, but it’s worth every step. The view is like no other and you’ll feel as though your entire body has been cleansed upon reaching the summit!

The top of Stone Mountain provides a beautiful view of Atlanta and its surroundings. The bas-relief on the mountain’s north face, made up entirely by a sculpture called “The Confederate Memorial Carving Of Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee And Stonewall Jackson,” offers one such scenic spot for visitors to enjoy!

Top 12: Stawamus Chief

Stawamus Chief

Stawamus Chief is a must-see for any adventurous soul who wants to experience British Columbia’s outstanding coastlines. The views are stunning, and day trips can be taken from this mountain top lookout point that offers incredible 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding area!

The stark granite monolith that towers over Squamish is not only an impressive sight but also provides hikers with breathtaking views. The Chief can be reached by taking one of three trails on its backside and offers visitors access no matter what their skill level may be in climbing or hiking!

Top 11: El Penon de Guatape

El Penon de Guatape

Standing on top of a mountain, you can see for miles and miles. The view from up here is something that will never be forgotten as the land spreads out before us in all its glory- green forests covered with snow-capped mountains – it’s worth every step to reach this point!

The Piedra de Penol is an ancient rock that rises out of the ground in Guatape, Colombia. The stone has one long crack and was climbed for centuries by climbers who made use of this one-way staircase up its side to reach what they called “the top.”

Top 10: Pena de Bernal

Pena de Bernal

Pena de Bernal is not just a wine. It’s more than that, it has the power of transporting you back in time and making your day an adventure!

The massive rock, Peña de Bernal (“Bernal Peak”)is located in the state of Queretaro and was formed some 100 million years ago during the Jurassic period when it reached an elevation of 350 meters (1148 feet). At this time three times higher than today-this formation served as a refuge for plants that could survive unburned after an eruption destroyed most other areas around them.

Top 9: Rock of Gibraltar

Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar is a symbol of England. Located off the coast near Spain in Europe, this rock has been standing strong for centuries because it’s so well fortified with cannons to repel invasions from underwater swimmers or boat pirates looking to steal valuable goods on ships passing close by.”

The Rock of Gibraltar is a jumping-off point for some serious Mediterranean adventures. The 426 meters (1,396 feet) high limestone monolith provides 27800 Gibraltarians and 250 Barbary macaques to explore this unique land with its rich history in Greek mythology that marked it as one of the Pillars on Hercules’ side which meant no matter where you went-beyond here there would always be more adventure waiting!

Top 8: El Capitan

El Capitan

One of the most famous sights in Yosemite National Park, El Capitan rises almost 910 meters (3,000 feet) vertically from its base. It is a favorite challenge among expert rock climbers and has been climbed by men as old as 60 with ease! In 1958 Warren J Harding, Wayne Merry George Whitmore were some who took up this task using ropes; pitons -rigid metal stakes used for protection on vertical surfaces such as walls or ceilings which can also be expanded into place like bolts-and expansion joints/bolts without fear that you will lose your grip because these items come equipped with pads made specially to cushion against impacts wherever there may exist cracks).

Top 7: Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine

In the South of Patagonia, you will find a truly unique natural landmark. Torres del Paine National Park features three granite monoliths known as “The Towers” that were shaped by glacial ice over thousands of years ago and stand tall at 2,500 meters each (8200 feet). The tallest peak can be found in this area which tops off around 8600 ft., making it well worth visiting if only for its scenic beauty!

Top 6: Ben Amera

Ben Amera

The Ben Amera is a place for all travelers to come and share their stories with others. You can find anything from food, hotels, or travel guides at this site!

Mauritania’s beautiful and ancient Ben Amera lies in wait to be discovered by mass tourism. The second-largest monolith after Uluru, it can be found about 5km from Tmeimichat where you’ll find a small village on the route between Nouadhibou and Zouerate.

Top 5: Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Standing tall and proud at a height of 386 meters (1,267 feet), Devils Tower is one-of-a-kind. This ancient volcano has been carved by time into what you see today through erosion from windblown sand which covers much less than other nearby mountains do in this area where it stands guard over the Black Hills within Crook County’s northeastern Wyoming landscape as part of national park land designated in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt to honor those who fought for United States independence or became veterans during wars dating back centuries before America’s independence was declared.

Top 4: Sigiriya


The city of Sigiriya is a spectacular 1214 foot high ‘Lion Rock’ fortress that overlooks green jungle surroundings. It has been one major tourist attraction for centuries, with its features including the volcanic rock known as “Sigiriya.” The site offers visitors chances to see both old ruins and thriving nature alike in this beautiful area!

Top 3: Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain is likely one of the most photographed mountains in all of Florida. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to take that perfect picture by this iconic landmark?

One of the most popular sites in Rio de Janeiro is Sugarloaf Mountain. Located on a peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean, this 396 meter (1,299-foot) mountain has an observation deck where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views including Copacabana beach and other beaches along its coast line. To get there you take one of two cable cars that bring passengers up close to their perches for spectacular photos or panoramic overlooks!

Top 2: Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock, also known as “Nigerian Uluru” is a large rock formation that can be seen from many miles away in northern Nigeria. Zooming into this spectacular geological site reveals its impressive height of 725 meters (2378 feet). Some claim you’ll even recognize your own face when looking at the white center section!

Top 1: Uluru/Ayers Rock

Uluru/Ayers Rock

Uluru or Ayers Rock is a fascinating place for travelers to visit. Located in the Australian deserts it’s absolutely massive with many Native Australians coming from miles away just seeing this enormous rock!

Uluru (Ayers Rock), the largest monolith in Australia and one of its most recognizable natural icons, stands 348 meters high. The rock undergoes dramatic color changes with its normally terracotta hue gradually changing to blue or violet at sunset then flaming red as the sunrises behind it each morning before your very eyes!