6 Tips for Choosing a Lawn Mower Battery

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Lawn mower battery shopping can be a daunting task. With so many lawnmowers on the market, it can be difficult to find one that is both affordable and powerful enough to get you through the lawn care season. In this article, we will discuss some tips for choosing a lawn mower battery that you are sure to enjoy!

Tip 1: Consider the size and weight of the lawn mower

The lawn mower battery will likely be one of the heaviest components on your lawn mower. In addition, it may also serve as a counterweight to make sure that the lawn mower does not tip over when in use. Therefore, you need to ensure that this component is at least equal to or greater than other important parts such as the lawn mower blade and the lawn mower motor.

If you plan to use your lawnmower in a variety of locations such as indoors or outdoors, then it is important that you choose one with similar weight specifications so that you do not strain yourself while trying to move it around. Finally, if possible try to find one with removable batteries. This will make it easier to carry multiple batteries with you if required.

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Tip 2: Choose a battery with an appropriate amp-hour rating for your lawn mower

An amp-hour rating is basically how much power the lawn mower battery can store. This will be especially important if you plan to cut through long grass or tall weeds because it needs more energy in order to get started. However, even if this is not your main use case it is still recommended to purchase a lawnmower battery with at least an amp-hour rating of 40.

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For lawn mowers that are high-powered, it is best to choose one with a higher amp-hour rating so that you can get more life out of your lawn mower battery when in use. This will help ensure that the lawnmower batteries last for years rather than months!

Finally, it is important to note that lawnmower batteries are often sold in 12-volt increments. Therefore, if you have a 36-volt lawnmower battery then it will likely be composed of six cells each with an amp-hour rating between 20 and 30 amps per hour.

Please remember that this article discusses general information regarding lawn mower batteries. If you have any specific questions about lawnmower batteries, please contact your local lawnmower store or a professional lawn care company such as LawnStarter today!

Tip 3: Buy a brand name, not generic

When looking for lawn mower batteries, it is important that you buy a brand name lawnmower battery. By doing this, the lawnmower will be covered by a warranty which protects your investment as well as ensures its safety and quality. In addition to protecting yourself from faulty equipment, buying aftermarket lawn mowers can also help save money.

By choosing lawn mowers that are compatible with your lawnmower battery, you can reduce replacement costs in the future!

For example, if it is time to replace your lawn mower’s lawnmower battery but you have a brand name version then this probably does not mean that you need to buy an entirely new lawn mower. Instead, you may be able to purchase a lawnmower battery that will work with your existing lawn mower and save money!


The same logic can apply in the case where it is time for an upgrade. If you have been using a 36-volt lawn mower but want one with more power then purchasing a 48-volt lawn mower battery can help you to upgrade without needing to buy a new lawnmower.

Tip 4: Read reviews to find out about any known problems with that particular battery type

When looking for lawn mower batteries, you should try to find out if there are any common problems with the particular lawnmower battery that you want. This can be done by reading reviews and talking to friends who may already own a lawn mower of this type. If possible, do not buy the first lawn mowers on your list. Instead, try to go for lawn mowers that have the best reviews and lowest price points.

Tip 5: Get help from someone at your local hardware store if you’re not sure which one to buy

If you are still unsure of which lawn mower battery to purchase, it is a good idea to ask for help from someone at your local hardware store. They can help you find the right lawnmower battery and/or lawn mower depending on what exactly you need!

This will save time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere!

Tip 6: Avoid buying batteries in bulk because they lose their charge over time; instead, buy them as needed

When looking for lawn mower batteries, you should make sure that you are not buying too many at one time. This is because lawnmowers lose their charge over time and may not be useful if bought in bulk. Although it can be tempting to purchase multiple lawn mower batteries at once, there are several disadvantages of doing this. First, lawnmowers lose their charge over time and lawn mower batteries may no longer be useful if bought in bulk. In addition, you will likely spend more money than necessary by buying lawnmower batteries that are not compatible with the lawn mowers that you own!

Finally, it is important to note that lawn mower batteries can become damaged if they are stored for a long time. This can cause lawn mower batteries to stop working and may end up costing you more money in the long run!