Choose Your Lawn Mower: How to Deal With Different Landscape Situations

lawn mower use

Lawn mowers are a lawn’s best friend, but they’re not always the perfect lawn care tool. The right lawn mower for your lawn depends on what kind of terrain you have to deal with. There are three main types of lawns: flat, sloped, and rough. Flat lawns can be tackled easily by any type of lawn mower; sloped or rough landscapes may require an additional step or two when cutting the grass.

Decide what type of grass you have

You may want to plant some grass if you have a backyard, but it’s important that the type of green in question matches your yard and climate. A few factors worth considering are sunlight needs for optimal growth as well as the amount of rainfall or irrigation needed per year; this will help reduce water consumption costs! What do you think?

Determine how often you want to cut your lawn

The days of spring cleaning are finally here! When you’re ready to clean up your lawn, have a plan. If possible cut down on the frequency that you mow and/or use edging tools so it will look more manicured than if done too often because this can cause taller grasses or weeds which could be harmful when ingested by people who don’t know any better (elderly).

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Consider the size of your yard

Some lawn mowers are made to handle yards of all shapes and sizes, but it’s important that the lawn mower actually fits on your lawn. If you have a very small yard or an oddly shaped lawn, consider getting one with multiple settings so you can adjust the blades as necessary for optimal cutting power and ease of use!

Think about whether or not your home is in a neighborhood with restrictions on lawn care

This lawn mower is great for lawns that have a good amount of debris in them. If you live in an older neighborhood with lots of trees, then your lawn probably has more grass clippings and other yard waste than anything else. That’s when this lawnmower will be able to work its magic! It can mulch lawn debris into smaller pieces that will not only decompose faster but also feed lawns with nutrients for healthy growth.

Choose the right features for your needs, including blade size, bagging vs mulching capabilities, and more

There are lawn mowers that can cut in reverse while others cannot. There are also lawnmowers with blades that spin at different speeds, so if you have a very large lawn and need to get it finished quickly then this may be the right model for you! Make sure that your lawn doesn’t become overgrown again by checking out our lawn mower buying guide.

If you need lawn care help or lawn maintenance service, contact us today! We can make sure that your lawn is the best around and also get rid of any pesky weeds if they should show up.

Compare prices between different brands and models

Husqvarna LTH1738 – Best Riding Lawn Mower

A riding lawn mower is a type of vehicle that has an engine and moves on four wheels. It’s designed to cut grass or other plants with enough precision, so you don’t have clumps towering over your house!

The Husqvarna LTH1738 Lawn Mower is the perfect choice for those who want a lightweight and easily maneuverable machine. It features bucket-style cutting to deliver an even finish on grass as well as mulching capabilities which will leave you with no clumps or chunks caught in your yard’s blades!


  • The reinforced cutting deck on the Husqvarna lawn mower will slice your grass with ease and precision. The heavy-duty stamped steel is very durable, adding strength where you need it most – especially when combined with corrosion-resistant materials for added protection against rusting or other forms of wear as well!
  • A revolutionary air induction system allows the machine to cut grass higher and with more accuracy, creating a superior product for you.
  • The heavy cast iron of the front axle provides stability and a superior balance to mow even rough terrains.
  • Cutting height adjustment is easy with the simple push of a lever mounted on your mower’s fender.
  • A hydrostatic transmission is a type of gearbox that operates without using any clutch or gears. You can operate the Husqvarna just like an automatic car by engaging this system, and it doesn’t need much force either!
  • Dual drag links allow you to fine-tune the wheel track for optimal cornering.
  • Anti-scalp wheels are an excellent safety feature to prevent the risk of scalping when you ride over uneven surfaces.
  • Bio clip kit. Convert your mower to a bio-clipping device and mulch the cut grass into small pieces for quick decompose, which can be used as manure onsite!
  • The manual blade engagement allows you to easily engage and disengage the spinning razor with one touch of a button.
  • Collector accessories are designed to make your lawn look better. They have two or three bin connectors that allow you more cutting hours, so it’ll take less time for them to go through and clean up!
  • The ergonomic steering wheel from Husqvarna is comfortable and well-aligned for the driver to easily turn.
  • The reversing system protects the blades when you’re driving backward, but it also disengages so that they don’t get stuck in your lawnmower.
  • The safety switch under the driver seat automatically turns off the cutting deck when they leave their seat.
  • Front headlights. These unique features of Husqvarna lawn mowers make it one of the top riding lawnmowers that highly benefits users and guarantees desired results with satisfaction to cut your grass into a beautiful landscape!


  • If you’re looking for a way to cut your lawn’s maintenance time in half, then this might just be the best option. With an electric riding mower and excellent battery life (upwards of 40 minutes), there is no need to stop once it starts snowing or raining – all while being able to cover up those large spaces!
  • Comfortable seat with an option to cover. You can sit on a comfortable lawnmower during its operation and enjoy the ride while it mows your grass! Some riding models have optional umbrella covers that protect you from rain or sunlight, depending upon what is most convenient for you at the time of use.
  • You can attach a variety of different attachments to your riding lawnmower, from aerators for increased engine power and propel the mower through tough grasses all the way down to curious carts that dump their contents onto unsuspecting victims below.
  • Spread grass seed and plow snow with a riding lawnmower. This is the best time to get your outdoor space ready for summer! You can use any type of mechanical seeder, or broadcast behind an attachment that comes on some models like this one – it’s designed so you don’t have to handle turning radius issues while mowing larger areas (and gets right down into those toughest spots).
  • A riding lawn mower is the best choice for hills and bumps. This type of machine has heavy power to move up even slopes in order to give an even cut without any rough patches or uneven edges that can ruin your perfectly manicured grass green look!


  • The riding lawnmower is more than worth the price to get clean-cut grass in your yard. You can enjoy it for years and never have problems with clumps of dirt or leaves sticking up through its blades again!
  • Bulk size. The bulkiness of riding lawnmowers makes it difficult to make sharp turns, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up!
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EGO Power+ LM2000-S – Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Best Cordless Lawn Mower

A cordless lawn mower is a popular choice for homeowners, as they don’t need to worry about running out of power. The batteries in these machines typically last between 30 and 50 minutes on an average charge time depending on which model you get – so it will never leave your yard!

The EGO Power+ LM2000-S Lawn Mower is a high-quality, gas-powered mower that has been designed to provide you with a smooth cut every time. With its two-speed transmission and engine stop system, this product will have your yard looking like the pros when it comes to maintaining their lawns!


  • The lawnmower is a great way to keep your grass looking nice and cut without having the hassle of dealing with cords. It also has storage for when you’re not using it, which can be stored away in an inconspicuous corner or on top of other tools like motorcycles!
  • You will be able to get at least 45 minutes of mowing time from one single charge with the battery kit, and you can select 4.0 Ah if preferred for longer cuts. Having LED headlights on your lawnmower is another plus when working in darker conditions – perfect!
  • The 20″ Power + Lawnmower provides a mowing performance that will make your lawn look like it was professionally manicured. It includes the blade you can sharpen as needed, so there are no more replacements of dull blades every few months! This 3-in1 mulching/side discharge machine also operates with little noise and has nearly equivalent power to gas engines without any fossil fuels or smell associated with them either – just pure cutting efficiency at its finest form for years on end before needing new parts (and nothing else).
  • This product includes a 5-year limited warranty on parts and 3 years of battery kits. Warranty: This item comes with an extended service contract that provides peace of mind, in case anything goes wrong during the life span!


  • The devices are cordless, so you may go virtually anywhere.
  • They’re quiet, efficient, and environmentally responsible.
  • There are no gas, oil, filters, or routine maintenance to worry about with a corded power mower.
  • Batteries with enough power to last up to 2 hours are available.
  • Many cordless driver models include “eco-boost” or other “quick charge” capabilities, which allow for faster charging.
  • They’re comfortable and have adjustable handlebars and blade settings, which make them ergonomic.
  • The lawnmowers are quiet and simple to store/fold up.
  • Every time you push the button, start-up is instant and requires no toggling or cranking.


  • The battery’s power/voltage specifications determine how long you may mow the grass.
  • Even though they’re smaller and simpler to use, electric lawnmowers aren’t as strong as gas ones.
  • Battery life is often a limiting element when it comes to cutting heights.
  • Cutting times are restricted; your lawnmower’s battery capacity and power can’t be altered.
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Lawn Mower’s Pros and Cons


  • You may think that the upfront cost of your lawnmower is what counts, but in reality, it can save you more by not outsourcing and spending less on maintenance.
  • Low maintenance is an essential part of a good lawnmower. Most low-maintenance models require little to no upkeep, with the exception that you may sharpen their blades from time to time – something they all have built-in for!
  • Lawnmower enthusiasts will find the learning curve of a lawnmower minimal, if at all. This very reason makes them effortless to use–a perfect candidate for those who want their hobby and relaxation time in life!
  • You have your choice when it comes to lawnmowers. There are many different models for each type, so the task is not easy and straightforward as well!
  • The ergonomic design of a lawnmower is essential to ensuring that it doesn’t cause any pain or fatigue when used for an extended period.


  • The higher upfront cost of a lawnmower is one factor to consider when buying it. However, if you have your credit card and pay for the machine every month in full then this should not pose an issue! There are many pros that make up for these aspects including its durability which will last longer than other types of equipment or even human power alone.

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If you’re thinking of buying a new lawn mower, make sure to consider the type of terrain your yard is on and find one that’s right for it. This way, when you do need to buy a new lawn mower in the future (whether because yours has had its last blade or just got old), you’ll know what kind will be best suited for your yard.