LIFX Beam Review: Stunning Modular HomeKit Smart Lights!

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LIFX Beam Overview

If you want to make your home look like something out of a sci-fi movie, the LIFX Beam is what’s up. This customizable set of color-changing strip lights can be arranged into many different patterns and come with an array of dimmable control options so that they’re just as easy on energy usage in any installation situation – whether it’s smart lighting or not!

Price and availability

The LIFX Beam is a new and improved smart lighting solution that costs $199.99 (£179, or around AU$300). You could purchase four color-changing Philips Hue lights for the same price but they wouldn’t have as much design-led impact whereas this light will replace your entire home’s dimmer switch with its sleek design. Just don’t expect it to be cheap considering how many bulbs you can get per dollar spent on other brands such as Lifx which offer better value than competitors like E plumb wore.

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Design and features

The LIFX Beam starter kit is perfect for those who want to create an LED light show on their wall. It includes six plastic strips (300 x 35 x 20mm) and one corner connecting unit that allows you to add angles, as well as magnets at either end so all of them can snap together easily with just a little pressure from your fingers or another metal object such as the included magnetically-connected strip into power supply wires near it if necessary!

With magnetic connections, you’re able to arrange multiple different lighting patterns and then affix them on your walls using the provided (and strongly securing) Command Strips adhesive pads. A word of warning – have a spirit level handy unless you want some off-kilter placement because it can be difficult for me to reattach my failed project if I make any mistakes while installing these lights!

The LIFX app is straightforward and easy to use. You simply download it onto your phone or tablet, connect the lights with Wi-Fi (802.11n, 2.4GHz) following their instructions in order for them to work best together as a system of sorts–and you’re good!

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The device has 16 million color options, light temperature (2,500k warm to 9,000k cool), and dimming range which you can control with just your voice. You’ve also got the ability for incredible effects on any lights in the house!


The LIFX Beam is perfect for giving your space a futuristic, light-up look with its many customization options. Whether you want to create a sci-fi neon sheen or warm fiery glow -the beam offers enough design potential in one starter kit! The app can be fiddly at times but when combined with all of these different modes and presets it becomes really interesting.

With over a thousand different colors to choose from, the LIFX Beam is an absolute dream for those who love experimenting with new hues. Not only can you change individual lights on your floor or home screen but also their saturation and warmth! The best part? You don’t have to be in front of them anymore as these glowing hot spots are always right where you left off thanks to its remote control capabilities- anywhere at any time across any device imaginable.

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The Beam bar has ten individual color customization points – these can be set to any number of combinations, either as defined blocks or blending from one shade into another. You paint each shade on with your fingers by using a little representation of the starter beam set in-app (though not it presents them as straight lines).

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The fires of imagination flare up with this app, where you can set the light to flicker like a flame or pulse at a time for music picked up by your phone’s microphone. You also get options such as random colors and more!

The LIFX Beam is a smart light that can be programmed to fit your needs. There are four different modes, and you even have the option of setting up an intense strobe effect for those who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy!

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The Beam is a set of LED lights that can be customized to your liking. Although not intended as an all-inclusive replacement for standard bulbs and traditional fixtures, its features make it excellent in drawing attention or serving as the centerpiece at parties where you want people milling around looking at something unique!


The Beam is a well-designed device that can be made part of your home’s smart lighting system, through group settings on Alexa or IFTTT. For instance, you could have it turn on ‘Living Room Lights’ and Philips Hue bulbs in response to motion notices from our Nest thermostat as well as messages received via text message!

The Beam has been a great device for us, but we did run into some connectivity issues. After initially working well and being discoverable by our Alexa speakers without any problems at all, over time it became apparent that the Beams were not able to communicate with either ourselves or other devices on our network – even when they were in range!

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The LIFX Beam is a fun and captivating addition to any smart home, letting you add some artistic flair in whatever room it’s placed. However, be prepared for temperamental voice assistant control as well as an often fiddly app; these drawbacks are negligible though if one looks past them-the beam comes highly recommended!