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Misfit Command Overview

A hybrid smartwatch is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a stylish, functional wrist watch with months of battery life and are also anxious about missing out on calls or notifications. The Misfit Command does this while still retaining some features that many other watches lack – it offers more information than those simpler competitors!

The device vibrates when you receive a call or text, but pressing the button will show your day and date as well. You can also set two alarms with different times in case someone misses their first alarm! Thiswatch has an option for controling music playback on smartphones too so they don’t miss out during those mornings where everyone is still asleep (but not while driving).

Finally, the Misfit Command has finally come up with a watch that not only measures steps taken but also makes it easy to stay on track for your daily activity target. This is all done through its companion smartphone app which provides you more detail about how much exercise and quality sleep per day can do in helping maintain healthy living habits!

Price and release date

Misfit’s newest smartwatch is the Misfit Command. This stylish device has four different versions, with one being entirely black and another having rose gold accents on its case design as well as buckle clasping material; these two cost $149.99 / £135 or AUS$229 respectively (but there are more expensive options too!). We’re reviewing here an edition that features matt black styling coupled by rubber straps in either copper coloration – perfect for those who prefer classic looks without fussiness.”

Finally, there’s a matt silver version with stainless steel bracelet. It costs $169.99/ £155 /AU$249.95
The price may be more but this time you get your money’s worth!

You’ll be able to find the perfect hybrid of functionality and affordability with four great options.
The starting price is slightly above the Nokia Steel, but below Garmin’s Vivomove HR ($199). All versions are attractive; we think they’ll appeal most if you want a watch that has some smartness without being super techy or looking like your dad wears watches all day long (not everyone does!). The buckle can also accept any 20mm strap so it fits just right no matter what outfit – though men will appreciate having their choice when picking out which ones go together best!

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The Misfit Command is a hybrid smartwatch with the ability to sync your phone and show off many different features. The watch face has 12 markers that can be seen at night, but it’s not necessary since you have other things like an app store for this device where new apps are always being released!

The upper left hand side of this watch has an interesting design quirk: between 12 o’clock and just after 6 are the numbers 1-31 to indicate what day it is, while from 7pm on up until 11 there will be days revealed every hour in small type. A press of one button causes both hands (hour & minute) point towards their respective timepieces for about two seconds before returning back into position at regular intervals–slower than most date complications found at 3 pm but still readable if nothing else!

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As we mentioned before, the second dial is another common feature of hybrid smartwatches. This one shows your daily steps or general activity and that’s exactly what you get here as well! The slim hand on our review unit moves up from 6 o’clock (0) towards 12 while it displays how many “activity points” are earned throughout each day – until someone sets their own personal goal with 1k+ tiles available at start-up time; more about this later…

This watch has two dials. One half is made up of icons, and the other comes with an upper button that lets you switch between features easily; like switching from date to alarm clocks or second time zones without missing a beat!
The tone should be reviewer since this was written as part criticism on another website but also provides some insight into why people might want one themselves (especially in comparison).

The 44mm case of the Misfit Command is slightly larger than your average men’s wristwatch, but it manages to not look or feel overly cumbersome on smaller wrists.
The thickness at 15 mm for this hybrid watch makes up some space with its chunky design and accommodates all needs without feeling too bulky thanks in part from years spent using smartwatches regularly which have conditioned us into being more tolerant when trying out different sizes .

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The case is metal, and although finished in a matt black that we thought would scratch easily, it really doesn’t show any signs of wear. The quick-release latch on the buckle dug into our wrist when putting on this watch which made for an uncomfortable experience wearing it all day long – something you can read about here!

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The Command left a bit of a scratch on our skin which didn’t disappear after not wearing it overnight. We are left wondering how Misfit noticed this before putting the device into production; surely there must have been some sort of test that would easily pick up something so glaringly obvious?

A quick fix is simply changing out either straps or bars for ones without Quick Release mechanisms, but we don’t feel like they were designed with fitness tracking in mind at all!


buy at amazon
$135 at Amazon