Misfit Vapor X review

misfit vapor x

Interested in creating a wearable device with a unique personality? It’s not a simple task to do. Currently, the majority of smartwatches have the same attraction as a sack of white flour when it comes to appearance.

As a result, Misfit does not fall into the trap of over-designing. Comparatively, TicWatch watches are unattractive in comparison to Misfit Vapor X.

GPS, Google Pay, and a heart rate sensor are all included. To be fair, a day’s use will not wow anybody, especially since there are competitors like the Fitbit Versa, Samsung Galaxy Watch and Huawei Watch GT that provide greater battery life in real life. Do you think you should consider the Misfit Vapor X?


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Misfit Vapor X price and availability

  • UK and Australian availability TBC
  • Costs $279 (around £225 / AU$410)
  • Out now in the US

It was revealed in August of this year that the Misfit Vapor X will be released. Seit 2017, this series has been around, and the current model is a little pricey compared to previous generations.

That makes it about $80 more expensive as the original Vapor and around $30 more expensive than the Misfit Vapor 2 from 2018.

The importance of this price increase has also increased. As of today, the Apple Watch 3 costs $199, while the Huawei Watch GT costs $199 (about AU$365), however it may be bought for much less.

There are a number of alternatives to the Vapor, including those that run on different platforms.

At the time of writing, the Misfit Vapor X is likewise not readily accessible in the UK or Australia.

Misfit Vapor X Overview


  • 43.2g
  • 11.4mm thick
  • Part-aluminum case

Numerous major wearables manufacturers, like Huawei and Samsung, have begun developing their own software. Smaller firms like TicWatch, Fossil and Misfit dominate the Wear OS watch market. Even while TicWatch is well-known for its inexpensive pricing, a day with the Misfit Vapor X will have you reconsidering your budget.

Despite its small size, the Misfit Vapor X is a comfortable wearable. Compared to the original Vapor, this smartwatch is significantly smaller and lighter, and it looks far better than any TicWatch wristwatch. In comparison to Vapor 2, Misfit hasn’t modified the appearance substantially.

There are beautiful stems that link the silicone strap to an aluminum casing. As far as Wear OS watches go, this is one of the most stylish ones out. It weighs only 43.2 grams and is slightly under 12 millimeters thick.

img Future

Also, the silicone strap includes tiny lines carved into its back, which function as vents and make the strap more flexible and pliable. If you use the Misfit Vapor X as a fitness tracker, these indents can accumulate salt deposits from your perspiration over time, but a short washing will remove them.

No need to remove the strap for this task as well! The Misfit Vapor X is water-resistant up to 5ATM, making it suitable for showering as well as swimming in a pool or ocean.

Even yet, Misfit hasn’t done anything to change the basic Wear OS watch bezel’s appearance. Approximately 5mm separates the watch’s edge from its end-of-display. The case diameter is 42mm. Smartwatch design hasn’t advanced much with the Misfit Vapor X, but it’s one of the better-looking Wear OS versions.

img Future

It’s a tie between the physical controls and the gameplay. You can browse through menus and notifications without touching your phone’s display with the crown, which alternates between the watch face and applications screen.

Google Fit and Google Pay may be accessed via the two buttons on either side. Paying for goods and actively tracking exercise are two of the more advanced applications for a wristwatch that they make easy to reach. You can’t change the shortcuts that come with Windows.



  • Bright and offers good contrast
  • 1.19-inch 390 x 390 AMOLED screen

In addition, Misfit’s screen technology has remained the same. It sports a 1.19-inch AMOLED screen with 390 x 390 pixels, similar like the 42mm version of the Misfit Vapor 2.

PenTile fizz (produced by the panel’s pixel layout) may be seen if you look closer, but from a regular distance it appears crisp. Because of the OLED’s high contrast, the screen’s blacks merge into the surrounding area, at least when viewed from the front of the device.

There’s plenty of brightness on the Misfit Vapor X’s screen, as well as an ambient light sensor for automated brightness adjustments and a boost option for extremely bright circumstances. While tracking our outside runs at the end of UK summer, we found this feature to be really helpful and convenient. In London, the sun shines on occasion.