The Top 12 Most Beautiful Midwest States

midwest states

The Midwest is a region of the United States bordered by Canada and Great Lakes to the north, east, and west respectively. It also shares borders with Arkansas in Central America for some geographical variety before it reaches yet again another plain area that stretches from Texas all over Iowa as well at least one mountain range – The Appalachians which runs parallel along our southern border (parts are shared). In terms out topography, you can find beautiful sand dunes across Indiana but if it’s not then there are always thousands upon thousands of ponds just waiting around Ozarks Missouri, or both Minnesota & Michigan who each have their own set too!

Midwest States Map
Map of Midwest States

The Midwestern states are a perfect blend of natural scenery and culture. The region has been called “America’s heartland,” with its manufacturing industry playing an integral part in shaping our country as we know it today! In addition to this proud heritage for America’s industrial roots; these places also boast some big cities like Chicago (known locally)

Top 12: Illinois

The Midwestern states of America are a lot like the inside of your own home. Home to some big cities, with Chicago being one such example; it also displays an amazing Native American heritage which you can find all over this area in abundance!

Illinois is home to one of America’s most beautiful cities: Chicago. Home to some fantastic architecture, world-class museums, and iconic sights that are sure not only entertain but educate visitors as well. With sandy beaches also available for your enjoyment make this state an awesome destination!

Chicago is a great place to start your tour, but if you have time for only one more destination before returning home then I recommend that this be Galena. This small fishing village on the banks of the beautiful Missouri River offers visitors many historical sights from days gone by when trading across rivers were a key aspect of life in America! And don’t forget Springfield either; it has plenty of museums relating Abraham Lincoln – Illinois’ most famous son – who served as our 16th president back at White House years ago.

Top 11: Indiana


Indiana is a crossroads of America because it has lots of interstates that pass through the state. But Indiana also offers scenic countrysides and farmland, along with several major cities in addition to lively college towns scattered here and there!

The most popular attraction for visitors? The delightfully adorable Indiana Dunes National Park on Lake Michigan shorelines where people enjoy hiking among other outdoor activities like horseback riding or bird watching–all while being surrounded by such beauty as lovely lakeshore scenery coupled perfectly well with swimming opportunities at your leisure when you visit this part if heaven!.

The most interesting thing about Indiana is that it has a variety of different places. Indianapolis, is the largest and most important city in this state as well as having some of its more popular college towns like Bloomington or Evansville. George Rogers Clark National Historic Park has wonderful murals which are an attraction for many travelers looking to see something new while vacationing on their summer vacations from work!

Top 10: Iowa


Iowa is a state full of great cornfields and rolling hills, where cows can be seen grazing in the pasturelands. Iowan’s love their famous bridges- many are originally built as cattle routes! There’s plenty to do if you’re looking for history or nature; there have been prehistory finds like ancient tools left by Clovis people who lived here over 10 thousand years ago alongside more recent discoveries made just outside Des Moines like Ice Age fossils.

Des Moines is the state capital of Iowa and it has one of America’s most beautiful rivers running through it. The city also offers a great deal to visitors, with its thriving arts scene on top being worth checking out for any culture lover! If you’re looking to enjoy some youthful energy in between all those museum visits or concert halls then head over Cedar Falls or check out college town IOWA CITY–both places make fun destinations that are sure not only brighten up your day but give off an attitude too while doing so too!!

The state of Iowa is an oasis away from the hustle and bustle. It’s home to gorgeous lakes, unique history sites like Amana Colonies, or Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail which offers a snapshot into our past – all in one place!

Top 9: Kansas


Known as the ‘Sunflower State’ due to its endless fields of brightly colored flowers, Kansas actually lies right at the geographical center. While often overlooked by visitors in this region, Kansan has a lot more than just farmland and countryside to offer for your trip- including some really interesting cities with old history like Dodge City or Lawrence which houses what many consider America’s best art scene outside Chicago!

In addition to this, Kansas is also a great place for history lovers. Many towns you come across will have older buildings and monuments dedicated entirely to the Lewis & Clark Expedition with interesting information available at Frontier Museum about them in particular if interested!

Top 8: Michigan


The most beautiful place in Michigan has to be the Great Lakes region. With over 12,000 inland lakes and endless forests you’ll never run out of places to explore! The coastlines are incredible as well there’s more shoreline than any other state apart from Alaska with its 759 miles (1,215 km).

With two large peninsulas, each bordered by water on three sides Michigan is blessed with beautiful scenery. There are loads of great outdoor activities on offer – swimming in the lakes and sailing among them all popular pastimes for locals as well as visitors alike! Places like Isle Royale National Park or Sleeping Bead Dunes National Lakeshore make excellent spots to go hiking while wintertime skiing makes it possible any time you want–even if there hasn’t been much snow recently (or ever!).

Michigan is a state full of wonders, from the magnificent natural scenery to some interesting cities. For those who love art and culture in their city then Ann Arbor should be on your list as it’s home to many colleges with lively arts scenes; Saugatuck-Douglas offers an upmarket beachside resort town for those looking for fun without having too far away travel plans!

Top 7: Minnesota


Minnesota is a beautiful state that has so much to see and do. With ten thousand lakes, it’s no wonder Minnesota gets its nickname “the land of 10k+” This surprisingly350 offers an array of wild areas sprinkled throughout the landscape with forests thrown in for good measure! In addition home t0 America’s northernmost point- Minnestoa also features diverse multicultural populations such as Minneapolis St Paul or Rochester.

The northernmost state in America, Minnesota is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes. From Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Itasca State Park – which offer excellent kayaking opportunities as well as hiking-to Voyageurs National Park with its scenic waterfalls that make for perfect picturesque postcards–this place has something everyone will love!

Top 6: Missouri


Missouri is an overlooked gem in the middle of America, with endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. From hiking and horseback riding on beautiful trails through stunning scenery to fishing at remote lakes or floating downriver under a bridge that spans both watery spaces here’s your chance to get out there!

Photographs are not permitted during guided tours so take as many pictures as you need before we leave – just don’t forget about us when taking them 🙂

The landscape of Missouri is diverse, beautiful, and refreshing to visit. It’s also home to some great cities that have plenty for visitors interested in history or blues music – from Kansas City with its BBQ joints and Blues clubs; St Louis which boasts the iconic Gateway Arch as one must-see landmark among others!

Top 5: Nebraska


When you see the expansive fields and blue skies of Nebraska, it feels like time has stopped. The endless landscape is both captivating but also calming to your senses as if peace was just around every corner waiting for us all – which makes sense considering this state’s slogan: “The Good Life.”

Nebraska has an alluring beauty that is often overlooked. The wide-open spaces and endless sky are enough to keep any traveler fascinated, while the never-ending farm or ranch land makes this state perfect for those looking for more than just big cities in their travels through America’s Midwest region!

Top 4: North Dakota

North Dakota

North Dakota is a nature lover’s dream. From rolling hills and sparkling lakes to endless plains, North Dakotans have nearly 250 miles worth of country for them to explore on horseback or by foot with their own two feet! In winter there’s cross-country skiing as well; not only will you be able to get up-close looks at some truly spectacular scenery but also capture those moments in time because who knows when they’ll happen again?

North Dakota has a lot to offer, and it’s all waiting for you! When I think of North Dakotans in their own words: “We’re environmentally conscious with lots of spiritual sites scattered around our many magnificent landscapes.”

Top 3: Ohio


Ohio is the perfect place to get away from it all. Whether you’re looking for a bustling city or an idyllic town, Ohio has something that will suit your needs and desires- just take some time out of every day (or week)to explore one magical location within this amazing state!

Ohio is a land of green beauty, with Lake Erie as its northern anchor and the rolling Allegheny Mountains southeast. Ohio has so much to offer nature lovers: Cuyahoga Valley National Park for hiking or biking; Wayne National Forest that provides scenic drives through forests perfect for picnicking under trees on dry ground at high elevation- about three hours from downtown Cleveland!

Top 2: South Dakota

South Dakota

South Dakota is a state with much more to offer than just Mount Rushmore, including interesting natural sights and cultural landmarks.

The fantastic scenery and history found in South Dakota make it an excellent destination for travelers. Black Hills National Forest dominates much of the western part, with its scenic forests full of wild rock formations that are worth seeing off-trail if you’re willing to take some risks! The state also has several other popular natural attractions such as Jewel Cave National Monument (third longest cave) or Wind Cave which houses many Native American ruins from centuries ago.

Every South Dakotan has a story to share and is proud of their state. Whether it’s Lewis & Clark or Sitting Bull, they all have something special about them. You can find these places in any town: museums that showcase what happened here throughout history; memorials for important people who made this place so great while living among us- including many famous figures from American culture!

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Top 1: Wisconsin


Bordered by Lake Michigan and Superior, Wisconsin means ‘meeting of the waters.’ Its two long coastlines are riddled with beautiful beaches that offer tons of fun in water sports as well!

The Wisconsin Dells is one of my favorite places to visit because there are so many family-friendly activities and water parks. You can also find Door County on the coast, which has fantastic beaches filled with summer visitors from all over America!

Wisconsin has a lot of great towns, but it’s no surprise that its most popular cities are also some of the best. Milwaukee is known for hosting many festivals and microbreweries as well as being home to one incredible beer-lovers paradise – Miller Park (the home field for the baseball team called Brewers). Madison on the other hand offers an amazing university setting with two gorgeous lakes just waiting their turn next door!