The Top 14 Most Famous Towers in the World

Most Famous Towers in the World

Towers have been a part of human civilization since prehistoric times. The walls of ancient Jericho, one of the first city walls ever built was complemented by a stone tower and so were watchtowers in other civilizations’ forts to provide high places where guards could observe their surroundings from safety while on duty or just resting up between patrols. In these last two millenniums, there has even come about such things as bell towers, clock/calling stations (like church steeples), minarets – which are usually found at mosques–and communication antennas!

Top 14: Axum Stelae

Axum Stelae

Axum is one of the most intriguing ancient cities in Africa, home to an incredible number world’s indigenous beliefs. This fascinating visit will take you on a journey through time as I show off some remarkable artifacts found at this site which have been dated back over 3100 years!

Axum is a town in northern Ethiopia that has been the original capital of the Axumite kingdom. The major Aksumite monuments in this historic city are stelae, which stand 24 meters (79 ft) high and date back to around 300 BC-500 AD; they may have served as funerary memorials for ancient rulers who were buried beneath them.

Top 13: Galata Tower

Galata Tower

One of the most iconic buildings in Istanbul, Galata Tower is a 3-story lookout point for ships entering or leaving through the Golden Horn. At 125 meters high with its walls covered by murals telling stories from Islamic history – it really has something special to offer every visitor!

The Galata Tower is a stunning stone tower that resides in the bustling district of Istanbul. Built as part of ancient city walls, this 67-meter tall monument dominates the skyline with its cone-capped cylinder on top. Today you can enjoy exquisite food and drinks while taking in some breathtaking views from your table at cafe Christiansborg inside!

Top 12: Svanetian Towers

Svanetian Towers

Svanetian Towers are stunning examples of traditional architecture with their simplicity. Travelers should visit Svaneti, Georgia’s remote northern province. This land of cultivated cornfields and small villages is also home to ancient towers that were built for defense against North tribes or avalanches in times long ago. The famous buildings stand guard over their residents who climb by rope staircases up into these sky fortresses until they can pull it behind them when necessary; sometimes providing safe passage during heavy snowfalls too!

Top 11: The Two Towers of Bologna

The Two Towers of Bologna

The Two Towers of Bologna is a place where you can get true Italian cuisine. It’s not just about eating good food, though; it also has an allure that makes any traveler want to return year after year!

The two famous towers of Bologna in Italy are named after the families who built them between 1109 and 1119. The Asinelli Tower, with a height of 97 meters at its tallest point is not only one of my favorite structures but also right up there as being one of the most iconic images associated with Italy overall!

Top 10: Minaret of Jam

Minaret of Jam

The Minaret of Jam is an architectural site that I’ve never seen before. It stands out dramatically against the red sand dunes and white desert, which are more common in this region than anything else green or brown.

Somewhere in a remote area of western Afghanistan, the Minaret of Jam was built as part of a mosque more than one thousand years ago. It survived both a devastating flood and later destruction by Mongols thanks largely due to its inhospitable climate conditions – it’s hard not to be impressed with how well this 62 meter (203 feet) high tower has lasted that long!

Top 9: Belem Tower

Belem Tower

The Belem Tower is a piece of history. Built-in 1706, this lighthouse was one of the first lighthouses to have an iron framework for stability and power–it also has two large bells that are rung when needed so ships can hear where they’re sailing!

The city of Lisbon is home to many historical landmarks, but Belém Tower stands out as one that has been around for centuries. Built in the early 16th century as part of a defense system designed to protect this region from attack by pirates or other enemies bent on pillaging Portugal’s rich treasures both far and wide across seas then vast continents alike – it still serves its original purpose today!

Top 8: Qutb Minar

Qutb Minar

The Qutb Minar, standing tall in Delhi is a mighty testament to Islamic architecture. It’s so fabulous that locals call it the “Minaret of Doom”.

The Qutb Minar is a 72-meter tall minaret located in India that was commissioned by the first Muslim ruler of Delhi, Qutub Aldin Ayyabk. The project went unfinished due to his death but later on construction continued and eventually ended with only one story incomplete because it had been completed at such a high elevation causing Risk from lack of oxygen leading up until someone reaches their destination safely without feeling lightheaded or having difficulty breathing properly.

Top 7: Three Pagodas

Three Pagodas

Three Pagodas is a place of relaxation for all ages. It’s an ideal destination, whether you are looking to spend some time with friends or family members; enjoy first dates & weddings under the stars in one romantic setting – OR want some peace and quiet away from any distractions at home!

The Three Pagodas are a three-story monastery in China that was built from 824 to 840 AD. The middle pagoda, which stands 69 meters (227 feet) high and is one of the tallest structures around today; the other two also stand at 42m(140 ft). It’s not surprising why this site has been able to withstand several natural disasters over time since these temples were completed with stones from sacred mountains close by – making them even more powerful!

Top 6: CN Tower

CN Tower

The CN Tower is a must-see for any traveler. It’s the tallest freestanding structure in North America and was once an iconic symbol of Toronto, Ontario – Canada before it became internationally renowned as one of its most recognizable structures!

The CN Tower is a familiar landmark for anyone who lives in Canada. It’s the tallest structure of its kind, standing at an impressive 553 meters tall and Dubbed “the communication tower that was built from 1973-1976 by Canadian National Railway Company – earning it one of their most famous monikers: The téléphage d’you Wondah!

Top 5: Spiral Minaret

Spiral Minaret

One of the most interesting structures in this ancient city is a spiral minaret. The octagonal shape makes for an immense structure, reaching towards heaven with its steeples at each point on top!

The spiral minaret or Malviya Minarette is one of the world’s largest mosques. It was originally connected to Samarra’s Great Mosque by a bridge – but then in 2005 insurgents blew up much of it! 52 meters high at its peak, this tower stands out among other smaller structures for being unique because not only does it have an ascending design, unlike any other mosque I’ve seen so far…but also contains some amazing carved pieces within its facade as well.

Top 4: San Gimignano

San Gimignano

A walled medieval town in central Italy, San Gimignano is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Smaller than other towns on this list but no less beautiful for it!

The village of San Gimignano in Tuscany is renowned for its 14 stone towers. These fortifications were built at the height of this medieval town’s power when more than 70 structures were protected against enemy attacks and preserved many historic buildings from destruction by plague or abandonment after it became too costly to maintain them.

Top 3: Big Ben

Big Ben

The name of the tower is Big Ben. It’s a well-known landmark because it makes an extremely loud noise at noon every day and night, which can be heard throughout London!

The Big Ben Clock Tower is one of the most famous tourist attractions in London, and it’s hard to believe that this 150-year-old landmark will be turning 200 later this year. The name “Big Ben” actually refers not just to its clock tower but also what lies inside-a 13-ton bell which takes its namesake from Sir Benjamin Hall when he first ordered it around 1781! It stands proudly as the third largest free-standing clock on earth with an impressive height exceeding 300 feet tall (the Eiffel Tower).

Top 2: Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a famous landmark and popular tourist destination. The tower was built in 1190 as part it Palazzo Dei Cavalieri di Sankt Peter, but over time the weight had been stress on pillars causing one side to tilt more than others which led some people not want coming close because they thought there would be an imminent collapse like hundreds or even thousands before us where we can’t stop them from happening again!.

The world-famous Pisa Tower is a medieval structure that was left incomplete for centuries. When construction resumed, engineers compensated by building taller floors on one side to make up for any tilt in the tower- they finally finished it off at around the 14th century AD! Now visitors can ascend this 296 step climb with ease again since 2001.

Top 1: Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is now a symbol of Paris. It was built in 1889 and was originally called the “Montagne de la Liberation” or Liberty Mountain because it was erected for France’s World War II casualties but also hosts many weddings every year!

The Eiffel Tower is an international symbol of France and one of the most famous landmarks in all of the world. Built by Gustave Eiffel, it was meant to serve as both decoration for Paris’ World’s Fair (Exposition Universelle)but also act as an entrance arch with its height at 300 meters or 984 feet – making this structure taller than any other before the 1930s when Chrysler Building opened up due to construction delays on New York City site which had originally planned 2 tower together measuring 1 mile high!