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Motorola Moto G9 Plus Overview

If you’re looking to buy a phone that’s not too expensive, then there are tons of options out in the market. You can choose from Moto G9 Plus (made by Motorola) which joins its siblings -MotoG 9 play and 5g plus at affordable end-to-market with room for everyone!

The Moto G9 Plus has a big and bright screen, long-lasting battery, but it’s only $325 (around £230). The camera is decent in quality as well with a 13MP rear shooter. If you want to save some money for other things or just don’t need these upgrades then consider looking into another phone that better meets your needs

You don’t get any fancy extras like wireless charging or IP68 waterproofing here, but performance is still mediocre. The camera holds up well against the competition but can’t match some of today’s best phones when it comes to image quality, and there aren’t many features that you won’t find on cheaper models with higher specifications at comparable prices. There isn’t 5G either so be prepared for slow internet even if your provider offers this new technology!

The Moto G9 Plus is the perfect balance of cost and quality. For years, Motorola has been making high-quality low priced phones like this one that doesn’t let down on its tradition for a long time now. In terms of competition they have lots: not just other expensive models such as i) The Motorola Edge which retails at around $450 or higher; ii), More affordable ones like Samsung Galaxy A51 ($220-$300). There’s also Oppo A9 2020 ($350 – 450 USD),

For a little bit less you can get the Nokia 5.3; for just slightly more than that, there’s always Google Pixel 4a available to choose from! There are plenty all around and they’re not bad by any means – but if we had to pick one of them out as our personal favorite? Well…let us recommend Moto G9 Plus. It offers good value in every area (besides price) so consider it seriously before buying anything else 🙂

Price and availability

The Moto G9 Plus is out and available now in the UK, SIM-free from a variety of retailers. You can expect to pay around £250 for it at the time of writing but check this page’s widgets if you want live updates on your search! As yet there are no indications that Motorola plans on releasing their phone here in America or Australia either so remember those deals while they last – we’ll let folks know when availability changes once more information surfaces (and trust me: something will).

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The Moto G9 Plus is a big, bright phone that doesn’t mess with the formula too much. It has thick bezels and sturdy construction to match its price point of under $300 USD–the kind worth getting if you want higher quality (and longer battery life). The back cover on this device feels like plastic but also comes in glossy varieties which makes it look sleek despite being made for consumers who aren’t afraid about spending money on technology as they know how important these things can get during emergencies!

The Motorola Moto G9 Plus is a well-built phone with an appealing design. Its large display means one-handed operation isn’t always possible, but it’s not impossible if your hands are fairly big and you like holding onto phones for longer periods of time while watching videos or reading articles on their screens. The 3.5mm audio jack still remains here which makes wired headphones compatible (but beware any future updates may remove this feature), as does the dedicated Google Assistant button – perfect if all else fails!

The Motorola Moto G9 Plus has a ton of features for those who love tech. It’s got the standard USB C port and speaker at the bottom, as well as volume control buttons on either side with power right next door in case you forget what the button does! The fingerprint scanner is also found here underneath where your index finger will rest when pressing them all together (pressing just one detects but Leaves us wanting more).

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We aren’t huge fans of embedding a fingerprint sensor in the power button. It makes it harder to find and hit with your fingers, while the actual scanning always seems more fiddly than sensors on other phones or even under displays. The Moto G9 Plus’ embedded one works quickly enough though!

The rear camera is a Galaxy Note 20 style, located in the top left corner. It won’t be any problem for most people to access since there’s no prominent bump and you can place your hand right over it when holding the phone naturally without feeling uncomfortable or uneasy about what might happen next!

The gold version of the phone is pretty, but because the back is so shiny it looks a bit plain. The only color option available for this model appears to be navy blue – no rose gold or other colors have been seen in stores here yet though as far as we know!

The IP68 rating is a little misleading. Unlike other phones in this price range, the phone isn’t actually waterproof or dust-proof and you’ll want to be careful not to drop it into baths pools so make sure you know what kind of environment will expose its vulnerable parts when using these features!


The Moto G9 Plus boasts an impressive 6.81-inch screen with HDR10 support that can fit plenty of text at once and is perfect for watching movies too! The resolution in this phone’s IPS LCD panel is 1080 x 2400 pixels, which makes it one of the largest around right now – but don’t worry because there are no higher refresh rates or resolutions available either so you won’t have to worry about all those fancy technologies breaking your bank account anyway 😉

It’s a shame there are punch-hole cameras in the top left corner to interrupt display, but that is something we’re all just going to have live with until the screen-invisible camera arrives. The surrounding bezels aren’t as thin and sleek like mid-range or premium handsets; however, they’re not obtrusive enough for me at least.

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The Moto G9 Plus’s display is pleasingly bright and sharp for just about any task: watching streaming videos, browsing the web, or flicking through photos. This clarity in contrast combined with an excellent level of detail makes it easy to see what you’re doing even when there are shadows on screen-something HDR10 can help out with!

The Moto G9 Plus has one of the best (and biggest) displays you’ll get at this price. It’s not on par with Samsung or Apple phones, but it still looks very good for what we’re paying. A faster refresh rate would be nice though – maybe in future models?


The Moto G9 Plus is the epitome of cameraphone perfection. It packs four cameras into its back: a 64MP main, 8 MP ultra-wide, and two macro mics for superior close-up shots; as well as 4K video recording at 30fps with HDR processing built-in on both front AND rear-facing lenses!

Despite the quad-lens setup, there’s nothing particularly special about this Moto G9 Plus camera – it does an acceptable job and that’s about all you can ask of a phone at this price point. If high-quality photos are what get your blood pumping then by all means go ahead with one from Motorola, but if not I’d recommend saving up for something more expensive rather than skimping on the resolution here just because they’re so cheap nowadays (especially when most people don’t seem too fussed).

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The phone is still able to take some eye-catching shots despite the weather and does so with a variety of different features. The HDR function helps in capturing both darker areas like shadows or bright lights without losing sight of what you see when looking at your picture as well!

This phone will allow you to take pictures that can be shared on social media. There is adequate detail, noise isn’t a major issue and the shutter speed of this device also makes it quite easy for taking photos quickly without having much blurriness in your picture!

The same average performance extends to shooting in low light – the results are okay, but no more than that. We’re certainly glad that even budget phones have got to a stage where night shots aren’t complete disasters and there’s some improvement over time with new technology coming out every day!

The Moto G9 Plus comes with a dedicated night mode, and provided you can keep the camera still enough while taking your photo it’s able to brighten up dark areas. The processing feels rougher than what we see from Apple or Google but all things considered at this price point I will take any usable shot as long as they are taken on my phone!

The Moto G9 Plus is a great camera for macro shooting, but it can be hit or miss depending on the lighting conditions. We found more good shots when we took our test photos during daylight hours with bright skies outside; however, even then there were only mediocre results.

Camera samples

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Specs and performance

The Moto G9 Plus has been upgraded with the more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, which is paired here to give you 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage. That should be enough power for any kind of Android gamer out there who needs a phone without breaking their bank account! The performance might not always be lightning-fast because this device struggles slightly when playing games that require higher levels or faster loading speeds; however, it will still run them just fine overall – especially since they don’t require much processing time in general at all anyway.

The Motorola Moto G9 Plus has a microSD card slot, so you can store more apps on your phone if needed. We recorded Geekbench scores of 540 for single-core and 1690 multi-CPU with 1129 OpenCL – this is in the same region as other phones using SunSpider numbers that were just released recently such as Oppo Reno 2 handset by them self chipset maker Qualcomm.

The Moto G9 Plus has a very smooth performance for its price point. You may notice some stutters when scrolling through apps or websites, but this is not majorly disrupting your use of the phone and can easily be fixed by installing an apk update if needed! The processing power also helps with a few extra seconds loading time here and there which are minimal enough to overlook considering how affordable these phones actually tend towards being in general without any bloatware installed at all before buying one from Motorola as well (they come clean).

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The 5G connection is not yet available, but it’s a feature you can probably live without in 2020. The future of this connectivity will only become more important as time goes on and it becomes just about every handset by the next couple of years or so!

The phone is running Android 10 rather than 11, which isn’t a bad thing in itself but does disappoint. However the good news here is that Motorola doesn’t mess about too much with their stock version of Google’s mobile operating system- all of its apps and little extras like icons for Facebook Messenger are present without any issues or glitches on board!

When you first turn on the Moto G9 Plus, it comes with a rather garish live wallpaper that seems to be designed specifically for this large device. We weren’t too impressed by its qualities but of course, everyone can easily modify their phone in just seconds if they want something else instead!

Battery life

With a 5,000mAh battery packed in here, you would expect the Moto G9 Plus to last and so it does – on most days we had plenty of charges left by evening. Motorola has done well with minimizing the phone’s usage while not being actively used as this helped significantly reduce power consumption; even when using medium levels our test unit never went below 80% capacity after an entire day’s worth of use (and there were times where we could go two whole days without needing any juice at all).

This phone is great for streaming videos and getting around 10-11 hours out of it. The brightness setting on the screen can be raised or lowered depending upon your preference, but I found that a lower volume with maximum lighting works best in order to get more time using this handset! There are no wireless charging capabilities which you might expect considering its price point–but don’t worry because a 30W fast charger comes included so that should do nicely as well 🙂

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The Moto G9 Plus is a phone that will last you longer than your average smartphone. It’s not as convenient to charge, but if battery life is what matters most to you then this might very well be worth getting for people who need something with good endurance and long-lasting capabilities like business professionals or travelers on the go!

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When should you buy  Moto G9 Plus?

  • The Moto G9 Plus costs £250, which is less than phones in the mid-range of its market. It’s hard not to be impressed by this affordable price for an excellent device!
  • The Moto G9 Plus has the most impressive battery life I’ve seen in a phone. It lasts me two days of normal use, and only needs to be recharged every other night or lunchtime!
  • It’s a big screen, with an amazing display. The 6.81-inch panel is bright and sharp enough to show games or movies off beautifully on this device without any of that pixel-hunting nonsense you find in some other phones for similar size screens!

What we don’t like about this product

  • If you have a couple of hundred extra dollars to spend on the phone, then it’ll be worth your while. You can tell right away when using them just how much better they perform in comparison with other devices for less money – even if Motorola itself isn’t what’s being compared!
  • The performance is zippy, but it’s not as snappy and responsive in demanding apps or games. The 4GB of RAM helps you to run Android with ease; however, there will be some slowdown from time to time due to the powerful Snapdragon 730G processor installed on this handset coupled up next to its 48MP camera!
  • You’re really looking forward to 5G. Whether or not you think it’s too early is totally up for debate, but this phone won’t get next-gen connectivity without a network that supports the technology—and right now there aren’t many out in circulation yet!