Narwal T10 Review: A Robot Mop & Vacuum That Cares About Itself

Narwal T10



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Narwal T10 Overview

The Narwal T10 robot vacuum is one of the most innovative on today’s market. It has two very distinct features, which make it stand out from all other models: a vacuuming mode and mopping ability for those tough to clean areas you might not be able to access otherwise (such as under furniture).

The T10 vacuum is a great option for those who live in spaces free from carpeting, but it does have some limitations. It struggles with low pile carpets and cannot remove stuck-on debris like the aforementioned personal rugs or area rugs that are often found near doorways where pet hair tends to accumulate due to its long fur lengths being shed onto these surfaces frequently during shedding periods (as most dogs do). On hard floors though this little guy works wonders!

The T10, which has two massive water tanks for mopping purposes is a great flagship feature. Not only does it have this awesome ability but the size of its base station makes up for anything else!

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The T10 is a refreshing change from other robots we’ve seen, who just drag a miserable damp cloth after them in hopes of cleaning. The mopping is also an appreciated addition to this robot’s arsenal as it puts more elbow grease into scrubbing and experimenting with passes can get you on your way towards perfecting the right settings for what type or surface needs attention most urgently!

Hopefully, Narwal will soon address these shortfalls in their software update. In the meantime, you can use our app on your phone or tablet to schedule a cleaning for yourself!

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Price and availability

The Narwal T10 is the most expensive robot mop we’ve ever tested, costing $1,099. But it has a much larger capacity for mopping and cleaner edges than other models do- which means you can clean faster without having to refill as often! Its high price tag might be worth paying if other cleaners leave grime on your floors or don’t work well at all with certain types of surface material (like tile).

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If you’re in the market for a robot vacuum cleaner and have been considering how to keep your floors clean, then Narwal’s T10 may be just what you need. The company has made some changes from their traditional circular designs with this new model that resemble a ‘D’ shape instead. Alongside its LIDAR sensor at back are laser mapping algorithms that allow it to map out obstacles while avoiding them too if necessary!

The T10 vacuums have a simple design with two buttons: one to turn it on and another for pausing or terminating your current cleaning task. The dust bin can be found here as well, but there’s also an unseen brush cutter that lets you clean out any caught fibers or hair from the filters so they don’t end up in your carpet! Flip over the unit and see where all those bristles are stored- replace them when needed using this easy disposal feature of most cordless appliances these days (love ya).

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The T10 is great for scooping up dirt on hard floors and surfaces, but it can’t clean carpets because of its lack of a brush roller. You’ll have to make some sacrifices or buy an additional module with a different type of bristles if you want your floor cleaned!

For mop duty, you simply switch out the cleaning module and snap on two triangular pads. There are a few fibers on them that can get your floors clean in no time! The T10 will do all of that for us though – it is always so nice when technology does what we need without having to lift anything heavy or dirty ourselves 🙂

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The T10’s base unit is one of the largest we’ve seen for a robot vacuum. You’ll want to make sure there is enough space where it will be set up, and that you can easily remove both 1.1-gallon tanks from inside this station without any complications or hassles when necessary cleaning them (or refilling). You’ll never have to worry about running out of clean water with this huge tank capacity. The robot will remind you when it’s time for a refill or cleaning cycle, so there are no more pesky notifications popping up on your phone!

The robot has two buttons and an LED screen that show the status of your current cleaning cycle. It also lets you easily switch from mopping to vacuuming, start or end a clean session in progress as well as recall where it was left when needed! There is even a convenient child lock feature so curious hands don’t accidentally turn on one of these awesome machines at home too 🙂

The sleek design of this base station is what we really like. All you see when it’s in use and not hidden away by an ugly T10, which can be a risk for tripping over during clean up time. The Narwal T10 is not just a vacuum robot but also comes packed with extras. You’ll get an extra set of pads and side brushes, as well as the magnetic strip for placing in certain areas you want to be cleared off; two packs are provided which last quite a while at $19.99 each (forty sheets total). It should be noted that these detergent sheets work better than anything else so if your floors need some tender loving care it might be worth investing in them instead!

The set-up was pretty simple, as long you download the app and follow a few steps. The first thing we did on our phone was connected to WiFi so that it could track where in your house (or yard) things are located using its mapping feature. After getting connected via 2.4GHz networks without any problems at all – despite multiple attempts with different routers/robotics systems over two reboots before finally connecting–I tried pairing this tester through 5ghz only to find out there were no available channels for me whatsoever!

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The Narwal T10 robot vacuum is the first of its kind. It’s not only fast but intelligent enough to map out your home before beginning a cleaning cycle so you don’t have an unorganized mess on your hands after just one pass through!

We took the T10 onto our test apartment to see how it would fare with dirt and debris on a tile floor. We started by vacuuming up all of its mess before mopping, which is something most people do not realize they should be doing! It did well at picking up cereal crumbs from near one door as well as sand trekked in near another corner; however, there were some missed spots because this robot has a wider turning radius than others – especially close corners (a problem we’ve seen time after time).

The T10 carpet cleaner is a great machine for picking up dirt in small areas, but it has trouble with area rugs. Our medium pile rug had some sand and oatmeal scattered into it; however, the rotating brush underneath did an excellent job of getting 90%+ picked up! However, any particles that got deep down into the fibers were not vacuumed due to its lack-of-a sweeper feature (the same could be said about other models).

Tired of messy rugs? The T10 carpet cleaner can do a great job of picking up dirt in small areas, but it has trouble with area carpets. Our medium pile rug had some sand and oatmeal scattered into its fibers; however, the rotating brush underneath got 90%+ picked up! However, any particles that managed to get deep down into the fibers were not vacuumed due to the lack-of-a sweeper feature (the same could be said about other models).

The bin is quite small, and depending on the size of your cleaning space will need to be emptied out after every one or two cycles. The robot can audibly tell you when it’s time for a new filter– but it’s good practice just empty them anyways since these things do wear down over time! As an added bonus I found that Narwal also sells replacement filters – so if yours are close-ish to being due then buy now before they run out again 🙂

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The T10 is a simple robot that takes the hassle out of mop time. Simply swap in any two triangle-shaped pads and press start on your base station, then watch this thing go! It starts by spraying clean water onto its own cleaners before heading off into another room to make sure no dirties are cleaner than what has already been cleaned up by you or someone else who used it recently (ideal!).

After about five minutes of mopping, the T10 will return to its base station for self-cleaning. Water is sprayed onto small pads that rotate inside and rub against grooves in order to remove dirt from around each edge!

When the T10 is done cleaning, a final rinse and air blow dry are used in order to prevent mold from growing on its pads. The process can be quite fascinating as well and there’s no loud noise during it all thanks that don’t last long at most unless you’re close by when things happen quickly!

This unique self-cleaning mechanism is actually what makes the cleaning process so good. You’ll have to manually pull out your pads from time to time and wash them by hand, but even after a few cleans in the base station the dirt was still on there–so you’ll want to make sure they’re cleaned regularly or risk getting an infection!

This mop is not your average, run-of-the-mill kind of cleaning machine. In spite it’s small size and low price point it still managed to clean our floors thoroughly without any issue whatsoever! The dirty water tank was proof enough when we checked after just one use that this thing does a lot more than some other models out there can do – both mopping AND scrubbing if needed so don’t believe those who say otherwise; they may be trying their best but you’ll know better thanks to this little guy right here which has had an excellent track record thus far with us (and at such an affordable cost).

The T10 takes about 40 minutes to clean the entire space with vacuuming, while mopping takes 55 minutes in total. We’d recommend turning on this robot and leaving your house for a bit so that it can do its job! It beats out other robots by 25 or more minutes when we tested them – if not MORE- effectively at swallowing up dirt; impressively perfect timing on such an important task as picking up after pets without you having to worry about cleaning afterward (or ever)!

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Download the Narwal app in order to properly use and configure your T10, or else you’ll be missing out on a lot of features. We were able to specify how many times an area was going to get mopped up with just one tap! It also lets us specifically tell it that we want dampened pads- so there’s no need for guesswork when vacuuming or sweeping afterward because everything will have been cleaned perfectly. The only thing stopping anyone from doing this is themselves – after all; who really wants their floors spotted with dirt again?

Narwal’s app is unique in that it can be used as an indoor positioning device oracle. Unfortunately, the current version of their product still has some limitations compared to other similar devices on the market today and does not work well with larger homes due primarily because there are only eight pre-made names available for users – though they do provide you opportunities through customization options should this prove limiting at all!

The robot vacuum from Dyson is a great option for people who want their floors cleaned without having to do any work themselves. The sensors in this device are able to map out your home and know what parts should get mopped, which means that you can set it up on its autopilot mode with no worries about overlapping zones or forgetting an area altogether because there won’t be anything left behind after the sweeper has done its job! In addition, if someone were feeling overwhelmed by all these new technologies they’ll have access to adipose assistants like Siri at hand (or voice assistant) when asking questions such as “how often should I clean my house?” This makes life so much easier – now we don’t need scheduling software anymore 😉

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Battery Life

The Narwal T10 can run for hours on end with its 5800 mAh battery and mopping mode. I’ve been able to get about three cleanings out of it before needing to recharge, but this will vary depending upon how much vacuuming you do as well!

The T10 is a great robot for anyone who needs to do some cleaning. We found that it was capable of vacuuming and then mopping our 600 sq ft apartment in just two hours! And with its super-quick charge time, you won’t be waiting too long until this amazing machine comes back around again (though if your home has more than 3 levels or so as ours does, we recommend purchasing two).

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Why should you buy Narwal T10

  • The Narwal T10 is a great choice if you hate mopping! Its massive water tanks allow it to be easily maintained and the device does an excellent job at cleaning up any type of mess in your home. With varying intensities, this mop can quickly get rid of stains without having too much difficulty with water levels or coverage areas.
  • The T10 has a great vacuum for getting up pet hair and loose crumbs. It can also be used to quickly clean small spills or paw prints from your floor before they become more of an issue!
  • The T10 is a flexible and affordable robot that can be used to do your household chores. You could easily swap between vacuuming or mopping modules, depending on what you need to be cleaned at the moment; it’s easier than maintaining two separate robots with different abilities! This unit will happily take care of any task put before him without complaint–and there are no worries about damaging anything because he’ll automatically detect which module should run when switched into “clean” mode (versus “scrub”).

What we don’t like about Narwal T10

  • The Narwal app really needs some fine-tuning in order to be easier for users. It can get a bit buggy at times and frustrates most people because only certain options are changeable via the mobile device itself, which makes using the application more difficult than it should be.
  • Scheduling a clean is difficult without the T10. The lack of scheduled cleans and mopping will hold this robot back from being used properly by homeowners, but it should be an easy fix for their team!
  • Unfortunately, the T10 will not be able to get deep into carpets or rugs. You’ll find yourself manually vacuuming certain areas on occasion which is a letdown from owning a robot vacuum cleaner!


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