The Top 6 Beautiful New England States

new england states

New England is a region in the States that encompasses Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Each state has its own distinct culture with many historical sites to view as well as beautiful scenic areas!

New England is a place where history feels alive. From the moment you land to your first stop for food and coffee at a historic downtown cafe or museum exhibit on Revolution-era Boston; it never fails that New England will make its mark with some formative event in America’s story–from Plymouth Rock’s footstep all those years ago as Europe began recording what would become their great migration (some historians say) up through The Tea Party movement which started here back when Americans were fighting taxes by drinking lots of expensive tea instead!

map of new england
map of new england

One of the best things about New England is that you can explore this beautiful area’s natural wonders while still getting to enjoy all it has to offer. From hiking through Acadia National Park and taking pictures with Cape Cod in front as your backdrop, or camping by one of those many gorgeous beaches along Narragansett Bay – there will always be something new waiting for travelers here!

Top 6: Connecticut


The Connecticut coast is a candy strip for tourists. It’s lined with quaint towns, beautiful beaches, and serene saltwater lakes that offer plenty to do whether you are looking for an adventure or just want some peace in this kid-friendly state!

Connecticut is a southern state in New England and has an abundance of history. The towns are full of old ports, like Mystic which was one of the first colonies to join America during its Revolution for Independence from Britain. You can also enjoy great scenery as both cities have beautiful harbors that offer up some amazing views while you’re there too!

The open and bustling landscape of Connecticut is home to many educational institutions, making it an important spot in US education. With 29 colleges around this state capital, there’s plenty for students from all over America who want a higher-level curriculum that will lead them towards success!

The history and prestigious reputation of Yale University make it a sight to see for any visitor. The school has so much on its expansive campus that one can never get bored with all they have available to them in this modern city life!

Top 5: Maine


Maine is a wonderful place to visit. Steeped in history and filled with beautiful scenery, it’s easy to see why so many people love visiting this northeastern state!

Hiking, cycling, and camping are all very popular activities in Maine. The coastal region with its myriad of little islands lends itself perfectly to swimming, surfing kayaking, or sailing on the many bodies glasses of water throughout this beautiful state – but there’s also plenty for visitors who prefer less salty experiences! For those looking to get away from civilization while still experiencing nature at its most raw (and stunning), Acadia National Park offers an unrivaled view unto itself; one that will take your breath away each time you witness some new sight like never before seen trees lit up by autumn colors during their annual burst into life.

The beauty of nature is what draws people from all over to Maine, but it’s also home to some really neat towns and cities. The coastal areas like Brunswick or Portland offer plenty for visitors with shopping opportunities as well a variety of restaurants in addition to their great natural scenery! You should definitely take advantage while you’re here- who knows when another state will be so open-minded again?

Top 4: Massachusetts


Massachusetts is a state of many different sides, but it has something for everyone. For history lovers who want to learn more about the American Revolution or holidaymakers looking for an amazing beach destination with fantastic beaches and beautiful scenery; Massachusetts offers all this as well! Boston’s wealth in cultural landmarks like historic buildings museums will delight any tourist visiting our fine city-state too.

A trip to Massachusetts is not complete without a visit to the state’s many historical sites. From Minute Man National Historical Park, which offers insight on America’s Revolutionary War and colonial history; Old Sturbridge Village where one can learn about life in an old village from centuries ago through museums full of artifacts; or Plimoth Plantation for Settler culture with living history demonstrations by actors portraying 17th-century citizens — there are plenty more places that will make your stay enjoyable!

While Boston is certainly a city that shouldn’t be missed out on, there are plenty of other fascinating places to visit in Massachusetts. Call into Salem and see how it was one of the most notorious towns during The Salem Witch Trials with its dark history–home also for Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology), two schools which rank among some top colleges across America! Away from these bustling metropolises near seaports sit charming little fishing villages such as Woods Hole where you can take boat trips along Cape Cod Bay showing off its beautiful scenery while enjoying seafood dinners by romantic candlelight at quaint restaurants overlooking Sandy Neck Beach or watching the sunset over BuzzardsBay.

Top 3: New Hampshire

New Hampshire

From the rugged White Mountains to its many lakes, New Hampshire has an astounding array of landscapes. Hiking and camping are two popular pastimes that locals enjoy with tourists alike in this beautiful state!

Travelers to New Hampshire should visit the capital city of Concord, which is well worth a trip. For when you are not exploring this historic town best known as the home of American Revolutionary War Battle Royale and birthplace for U-Pick strawberries in June (seriously), there’s plenty more from which to choose such as Manchester – currently being revitalized with its mills turning out new products again; or Portsmouth: an old seaport near lovely beaches with some awesome seafood restaurants along)!

New Hampshire is a popular destination for travelers because it boasts both natural beauty and lots to do. One of New England’s most famous features are the White Mountains, with their striking mountain ranges that stretch across much of this state’s terrain; visitors can enjoy fall as they hike through colorful leaves on trails or take advantage when there are fewer other people around by skiing down frozen slopes in wintertime. In addition, Lake Winnipesaukee (largest lake) sits proudly alongside Mount Washington – the highest peak located entirely within its borders!

Top 2: Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Visit Rhode Island for the best of both worlds, with its beautiful coastlines and interesting history. Narragansett Bay has some lovely beaches where you can take in all that salty air while Block Island offers stunning views from its hillsides or coastal cliffs!

Rhode Island is known as the ‘Ocean State’ because it has never been far from water. The Atlantic Ocean or Narragansett Bay can be found on any coast in Rhode Island, and there are plenty of beaches for tourists to enjoy while they’re here! Some areas have more natural beauty than others- you’ll find good ones scattered all across this beautiful state.

Rhode Island is a place of many historical sights and cultural landmarks. Jameston, Rhode Island is packed with old buildings from days gone by that are worth seeing if one has time to spare in their travels across America! There’s plenty else besides this small town though: Newport boasts several National Historic Landmarks, as well as countless other attractions sure, make it worthwhile for anyone who visits when not on vacation or business travel.

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Top 1: Vermont


The stunning fall colors in Vermont can be seen from a distance. From quaint little towns to the green mountains, this state has it all! The Shires of Vermont Byway and scenic Route 100 are favorite destinations for travelers that want some time off from their busy lives during the autumn season.

If you are a tourist in Vermont, then it is no surprise that one of its most famous exports can be found on every corner. From the little villages to larger towns like Montpelier, there will always be something for everyone!

The beauty of Vermont is breathtaking, with landscapes changing so drastically from season to season. Fall is the best time for exploring wooded mountains and enjoying amazing scenery; however, summertime lends itself perfectly to swimming or fishing in its plenty of lakes! Visit this beautiful state during winter when you can enjoy skiing at Stowe ‘the Aspen East’