The best Pampas Grass you should buy


That looks like grass from the Pampas. A number of salesgirls from a variety of businesses have answered my questions during the past few weeks. I think so. But it’s not for sale because it’s a decorative item. My first encounters with the tall, wheat-colored feather grass were at Côte à Coast on Bowery, Brother Vellies and Porter James in Greenpoint, and a pop-up market in Bushwick. Another option is to peek inside virtual locations like Glossier Los Angeles, Spartan Shop Portland, and General Store in Venice, California, all of which I’ve been able to visit digitally. As soon as I saw a few stalks of pampas at the home of Dimes co-founder Sabrina De Sousa’s, I was convinced that pampas had come.

According to ex-florist Lisa Przystakup, “Pampas grass is like a pair of white cowboy boots,” like this arrangement for Tio y Tia. When it comes to making fashion, it performs all the heavy lifting for you. As an anthurium would be to a peony, Pampas may be placed in a vase with nothing else in it. Comparatively speaking, it has a rustic, almost “rewilded” aspect, like Cher Horowitz’s feather pen, but larger and from the desert.

Poofy Grass’s prevalence might also be a sign of another shift: the growing urgency to consume less and reuse what we have. It’s worth noting that, according to De Sousa’s own arrangement, the pampas “lasts forever and is zero-maintenance.” As Bianca Sparta, owner of Portland’s Colibri, explains, “dried bouquets are becoming increasingly fashionable in the United States.” “They’re quite popular in Japan right now,” he says. They were used by Malaysian heiress Chryseis Tan during her recent wedding in Kyoto. In addition, Sparta adds, florists are attempting to use less floral foam, which is used to hold arrangements together and hydrate plants. Pampas do not require any water or foam. It’s time to stop dumping plastic into the ocean. A product with excellent drying properties is in high demand.”

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When I told Strategist assistant editor Katy Schneider about my piece about pampas grass, she remarked, “Here’s a hilarious tidbit.” A salesperson at Stems in Katy assured me when I got mine that they would last forever if I hairsprayed them. Even extra life for the grass that is already indestructible Why don’t you try using an eco-friendly hair spray?

Pampas grass to buy online

Dongliflower 60 Pcs Natural Small Pampas Grass

Pampas reeds are two feet tall and come in a 60-piece package.

Dongliflower 50 Pcs Natural Dried Small Pampas Grass

A genuine, tiny reed ( some people like to call it small size pampas grass)
The plume bloom length is 8″ to 12″.
Number of stems/pieces: 50 to 55 It comes in a white color ( little ivory, not pure white)
If you leave the plume in the light for a couple of hours, it will grow back to its former glory quite quickly.

Vases for your pampas grass

Magicpro Flower Vase

You’ll need a tall vase, and you may as well avoid any neutral, sand-colored porcelain ones that will wash out the pampas. That offers a lot of alternatives, like this glass vase by Kindred Black in a sunset-colored glass.

MoonLa White Ceramic Vases Flower Vase

Colorful glass that looks like Tom Dixon’s Bump series, but without the exorbitant cost.

Gelible Geometric Glass Vase